Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Buenfil cantaba

Ok so I said I wasn't gonna post here anymore...but I just wanted to let those of you who still stop by from time to time, I have not given up blogging completely.

My other half has started a really cool new music blog!

It is called Buenfil Cantaba and is a Spanish language music blog focusing on the obscure & camp en español. As the tagline says "¡Donde se celebran las carreras o ciertos proyectos que no llegaste a conocer!". Basically we've been featuring a lot of acts who most people don't know or remember because they never had a hit per se, or kinda came and went. We throw in some campy/kitsch for good measure to! Check it out! The URL is buenfilcantaba.blogspot.com.

I've also been contributing to another Spanish language music blog sharing a lot of my 90s-2000 music. There are some goodies there as well. You can visit that at http://frixios-retro-music.blogspot.com/.

I am still working on milkcartonpopstars.blogspot.com. So I may not be blogging about my everyday life (I do that from time to time on my myspace), I'm still writing :)