Friday, April 29, 2005

At random

So yesterday someone on SayHey! suggested playing ten random songs on your ipod and posting them for others to see. I thought, what a cool idea. You have no idea what you have on your ipod after awhile. this was mine today:

  1. Heartbeat - Stacey Q
  2. You Lied To Me (Sprayed w/ Shep's Attitude Mix) - Cathy Dennis
  3. Quiero - Mario Domm
  4. Go West - Pet Shop Boys
  5. Chica Chica Boom Chic - Carmen Miranda
  6. You Can't Get Away - Shana
  7. Descongélate - Alaska y Dinarama
  8. Still Heart - Cree Summer
  9. Times Are Changing - La Toya Jackson
  10. No seas tan cruel - Timbiriche

In other news my Elan cd arrived today :) So I will be listening to this a gazillion times starting...NOW!

Thursday, April 28, 2005

En mi propia pieeeeeeel

I just sent my Milwaukee Sister an email that I am sure will have his cooch gushing w/ joy! One of my favorite obscure acts en español is back! Meyra Cordova is a dance singer from Guetemala via Mexico who released a killer dance album back in 1998 called Intensamente. I swear to god she sounds like Edith Márquez (ex-Timbiriche)! I got a promo back in the day and I devoured it! I still listen to this all the time, I was just curious to look for her today and what do I find? She has her own website up and is even performing in Anaheim, CA on May 15 at some festival called Festirock 2005! Damn I wish I was in CA right now. If any of you want her trashy dance, you can find her album relatively cheap on

So I leave for Durango a week from Saturday :( I'm sad and happy. Happy to see my Dad but mostly sad that I am gonna be away from Rob for a whole week :( The most we've ever been apart was a day!!! And I am gonna miss my baby Chus as well :( I've been trying to read up on what's going on down there, mainly via one of their newspapers. Though I've mostly been going through the society pages. They make me laugh the crap they print. Con porras y aplausos se llevó a cabo la coronación de las tres ganadoras del concurso “Externa tu belleza interna” que fue organizado por la Coordinación de los Centros de Desarrollo del DIF Estatal. How many crownings do they need over there? Lol! At least our hotel is really nice. They have their own shopping center, and it's in downtown Durango near everything, and best thing is they have internet in all the rooms! So I guess I'll be blogging while there.

Sunday is Chus's 1st birthday (and my sister's 41st incidently) so I am not sure what we'll do. I wanted to get all my friends w/ dogs over but I think I'll just get him a doggy cake, and maybe take him to the dog park or something. I'm sure he'll have a blast.

Ok not much else to say for now. Today's song of the day is by one of my fave acts from Spain (what's with me and Spanish artists??). They are kinda not really that known, but I love them. The vocalist totally sounds like she's gone to the Ana Torroja school of singing (she's an obvious influence), but check out this song by Flores's hot! Quiero verte danzar.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005


First things first...a very Happy Belated Birthday to my Patty Cakes! Gol! Blame my mind not my heart :) Since Meiver posted this picture already, and since it was taken at my old apartment when Patty came to visit...why not?? Love ya! Remember Ramiro???

To continue w/ the birthday wishes, I have to send a special one to my favorite GUARRA, ¡Felicidades Jorge!. Not even sure if he'll see this, but I know someone who will. Please be kind w/ your comments, I was tore up! Lol...

Word has it that we'll be going out on Saturday to celebrate. Fun! Guess who's coming to visit??? None other than Slutty Butt herself, Kelly!!! Oooohhhh....she and weenie are supposed to come over Friday, so I am sure I'll have some stories for you all. And since I know Kelly reads this everyday, I just want to say Lifer! Lifer! What are water sports?.

Great news can know purchase Elan's new release London Express via itunes. I am so tempted to buy it, but I have instead opted to order it through her official store. FYI, this is available in the US and Europe itunes! Buy it now, as well as her debut Street Child. Find out what all my fussing is about for yourselves.

For today's song check out Spain's Chico y Chica, a hot electroclash duo en español. They have some killer songs, and they can all be downloaded for free from their website, but I thought I'd share one here for you all first. Here is Te van a matar. I also highly recommend Lady Olé. TA TA!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Our dinner at Café Ibérico was yummy! Sangría...yummy! The weekend was pretty mellow. Why are they so short? Sunday rolls around and I dread going into the office the next day. Oh well. We found some killer finds at Maxwell Street on Sunday. Did you know that Brenda K. Starr recorded an album before her 1987 self-titled MCA release? Neither did I! I found it at Maxwell Street, and I love it! It's super trashy dance. I'll have to share some of the songs soon. Apparently it goes for $$$, but I can't part w/ it. Plus it was in mint condition and even came w/ a biography, so it's safe to say it was a promo copy. Woo hoo!

Do you guys remember this show?? She's The Sheriff was a bad 80s show I used to love as a kid. I don't really remember what it was about other than Suzanne Somers was the sherrif in some small town. I found this picture and had to post.

So my Denise López cd was deemed lost in the mail. I am so pissed!! I think I get off on finding these old acts and trying to track down their long out-of-print releases at reasonable prices. Uff! Did you ever see the video for her freestyle jam Sayin' Sorry (Don't Make It Right)?? Well if you have you may have noticed the hunk in the video is none other than a young Carlos Gómez. Grrr!

I just found out my favorite awful actress turned singer, Paty Navidad, is finally releasing a new album! She's awful but I love her. She's hot! Now I must get that darn Ninel Conde cd before it gets really $$ and hard to find.

I splurged and bought a bootleg Alaska y Dinarama DVD on ebay. OMG it rocks! It's got old clips from Siempre en domingo and a cheesy halloween special. It was well worth the $30 bucks I spent! Plus, get this, there are some skits of two teen girls admiring Alaska's look and one of them is none other than Stephanie Salas!! OMG I love her!

So for my song of the day I had to share w/ you this nacalicious song sung by none other than Laura León's offspring Santa Lucía!! OMG he sounds just like her! It's camp fun! Enjoy it LA PACHANGA by clicking here.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Boo Boo

OMG! OMG! OMG! Look what's getting a DVD release...

'Cause I'm hot...and you're not! So take that!. Something tells me my twin blogger loves this movie as well :)

I'm actually busy at work, so I can't write much more. But before I do...I just want to wish a very happy birthday to my boo boo. We're going to Café Ibérico to celebrate. Sangría & tapas...yummy :)

I've been meaning to post a song for the last couple of days. This is one of my favorite groups from the 80s. Click, they were kind of like a bootleg Flans but so much more trashy! You might know them from their hit Duri Duri. Check out Amerciano here. Rob was lucky enough to find this song for me on some high energy bootleg they were selling @ the mercado in Mexico City when we were there last May. Enjoy! They rock!

Monday, April 18, 2005

Amor Apache

Wow! Wow! Wow! All I can say is WOW! Gloria Trevi was awesome! It was worth being on my feet for 5+ hours (poor Rob got to the Aragon an hour before me). We had to endure a crappy opening act, her nacolicious chicago fan club (more on them later), but all in all it was so worth it. Unfortunately I did not take my camera (it was too bulky to hide) so all I could find was this picture from a show in Torreón from the Trevolución Tour in Mexico. So where do I start? I felt like I was 15 year old queen again the way I was screaming and jumping up and down, but I didn't care. Gloria was amazing. She's 5 months pregnant and was jumping around, screaming, etc. like there was no tomorrow. She has so much energy and you could so tell she was meant to be up on that stage. She sang material from all her albums and gave a 2 hour show that left me whoarse and my legs sore (I told u we were standing for 5+ hours). I can't remember the setlist offhand but some of my faves of the night were: Hoy me iré de casa, La pasabas bien conmigo, Amor apache, Como si fuera la primera vez. For those of you who still have a chance to see her on the US leg of this tour, do it! You will not be dissapointed. She was genuinely shocked at how hardcore the audience was. At one point she decided to test us by singing 'lesser known' songs acapella. Well she would start and we finished every single one. LOL! She was so impressed that she promised to come back and do a 3 hour show next time she's in Chicago. Here's hoping it's true. What a wonderful night. The only bad thing were her local naco fans who have a Chicago Gloria Trevi fan club. OMG! They kept chanting throughout the show, had on ridiculous outfits (homemade t-shirts, etc., feathers everwhere). They were scurry! Aftewards, we found a cab and we got drunk on margaritas :)

The weekend was pretty mellow. Chus has a new friend. Around the block from us is a gal that has a Lhasa Apso around Chus's age named Cosita. She let us in to her front yard and the two went to town! They were having so much fun chasing one another. It was so cute. I'll have to set up a playdate :) Later that night we hung out w/ my Milwaukee Sister and did damage at the Virgin Megastore and Tower! Oh no! We ate Pizza, had lousy service, and hung out. It was fun as always.

Sunday did nothing. It was so nice :) I did however watch some movies. Head In The Clouds was alright. And I watched half of a bad Mexican movies called Desnudos. It was very Televisa acting wise if you know what I mean. The only good thing was this hot ass actor in it named Juan Vidal. He looks like a bootleg Charlie Massó!! Yummy! I must find out more about him.

When I come back from Mexico I have to start looking for a new job hardcore! Or maybe even a new career? We'll see. It's not too bad right now. I have to fill out my self-review today, who comes up w/ these things? Hope everyone is well.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Gloria! Gloria!

Tomorrow is the Gloria Trevi concert! I can't wait! The last time I saw her was when I was 15 at Soldier Field @ Viva México. Wow...I'm old. That was 13 years ago! Gasp! Shock! Rob is super excited since he never saw her before. I personally am going to enjoy this one so much more. I can't wait! Will I be the loudest loca there? It'll be tough w/ all the nocas (remember? naca locas) there.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


So I totally missed the Fangoria chat last night! Ughh! Damn military time always confuses me! However...I did read the transcript! Alaska is friggin' hilarious. My favorite comment was when they asked her about Thalía's cover (or shall I say blasphemous cover) of ¿A quién le importa, they replied: NO lo hemos oido, a Alaska le han puesto un poco esta mañana en la radio y le parece muy Thalia. LOL! I love the last comment...le parece muy Thalia. LOL! Also Milwaukee Sister, they love Moenia's cover of "Ni tú ni nade" :) Since I had a few request for an Alaska song I decided to post one of my favorite remixes. What I love is that they always rename the song when it's remixed. Since Chiringuito mentioned it, I've upload a remix of Mi novio es un zombi. Click here to download ZOMBIS EN LA CASA DEL AMOR. Enjoy!

Not sure about straight girls, but many gay boys I know (I myself am guilty of this) buy CDs we deem cute boy selections. You know what I'm talking about. A cd that you probably will never listen to but you have to have it cause the guy is so hot! I am guilty as this past weekend I won on ebay a copy of one of Bobby Pulido's cds!!! Damn is he hot. If I had a pussy it would be wet just thinking about him! Lol! Grrr...check out that ass!

Not much else going on. But...Friday is the Gloria Trevi concert!! I shall listen to her to get me pumped :)

Monday, April 11, 2005

Huracán mexicano...

Fangoria are doing a chat tomorrow night on! Woo hoo! Maybe I'll stop by if I don't have to work late. They are also releasing Arquitectura efímera in Mexico on April 12...and they will be performing at the 40 Principales concert at the Plaza de Toros México on April 14!! How cool!! It's about friggin' time they release their stuff in Alaska's homeland! I think the last time was when Fan Fatal came out (Alaska y Dinarama's last album from 1989). I wish I were in Mexico for that.

Pretty mellow weekend. It's too sunny out. What's going on? I don't do well w/ heat, sun, etc. I like gloomy weather. Not necesarily snowing, but gloomy. Like when it's raining. I love it when it rains. I know how goth. Lol! Must be all those years of listening to Robert Smith. I did make dinner Friday night. Spinich pasta and meatballs! Yummy! I don't feel like writing any more right now. I have to call Mexico and get a hotel. Until we meet again...

Friday, April 08, 2005

Lookout weekend here I come

Thank god it's Friday! I just had an awful week at work and I am so glad it's over. My boss is totally working my nerves and I have to really find a new job. I think it may even be this industry. Am I sick of Graphic Design? I'm bored is more like it. I thought about dabbling in Interior Design, but now that I think of it, it's probably just the same bs, just in a different format. So it got me thinking, every time I am in a meeting I am doddleing something. 9 times out of 10 it's a woman's face. Maybe I should get into becoming a makeup artist. I think it would be fun. Or would it be too faggy? Lol!

Did you guys watch the spectacle that was ¡Selena Vive! last night? I had to watch it. It was like watching a carwreck. First of all it was beyond boring. All the acts on there (with the exception of Barrio Boyz) never even worked w/ Selena. At least Bobby Pulido (I'll get to his hottieness later) and Jay Pérez at least came from the same genre/scene as her. Can we talk about the performances? I don't know who was worse Thalía or Ana Bárbara? They both suck ass live, and it was evident as both of them clung onto each and every breath! Dio' mío! I loved India it would have been nice if she would have thrown down w/ a rendition of My Love (my favorite Selena song; did I mention it's so freestlye!! You'd think Sweet Sensation could have recorded it!). A boy can dream. Alejandra Guzmán was great as well. But everyone else. Boring. What's up w/ Soraya's hair? Speaking of hair when did Abrahm Quintanilla get a bad toupe? Getting back to Bobby Pulido...OMG he's hot!! I love me a man in some tight blue jeans. Did you see his package?!!!!? Se mojaron los calzones al verlo. Lol!

I did a list on that I think you'll all enjoy. Since I've been on such a freestyle kick (I've found Pajama Party & Shana cd's for really cheap!) I thought I'd do a freestyle list. At least something to tide me over until my Denise López cd arrives. Here it is...Freestyle Fiesta!. Enjoy!

It's baby picture time! I have been meaning to post this forever, so here goes! Above is my dearest friend Claudia's daughter Celina Jordan. How cute!!!

And the newest addition to Martha's family...Kiko! Awwww! Nice name (hint hint). Have a good weekend everyone! No time for a song today.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

London Express

I have been so busy at work that I have not had time to update my blog (forgive me I do have a job). Hope you're all well! Every morning I still come in and read all the blogs I have linked here, hoping for updates. So I apologize to those that actually do care about mine. Went to Milwaukee this weekend and did mostly family things. Stopped at Bryant's w/ my cousins and their crazy friends. It was fun. Had Rocky Rococo's :) All is well. Trying to save $$ for my trip to Mexico. If only I didn't have all these bills.

Last night my girl Lluvy got eliminated from Amercia's Next Top Model. She's such a pretty girl but when she's in front of the camera, it just ain't happening. Now that she's gone I still am rooting for Keenyah but now I am really digging Brittany as well. She's just so trashy I can't stand it! So yes my Wed. night is taken, don't you dare call me from 7-8pm!

Last night we also watched Spanglish. I really liked it (though it was über long). I love Paz Vega so it was niec to see her on screen again, and I loves me some Tea Leoni. It was nice to see Cecilia Suarez as well (Mexcian actress in films such as Sexo pudor y lagrimas, Todo el poder, etc.). It came from the director of As Good As It Gets so that must explain why I liked it so much.

So I had to share this über tacky image I found of Carmen Salinas and Irma Serrano from the 70s (at least I think judging by their outfits). It's trash-a-riffic!!! Thought all you regulars at Quiero ser santa would enjoy it :)

For those of you here in Chicago, one of my favorites is on the cover of the new Chicago Social: Jeremy Piven! Grrrr! I need some alone time w/ my issue.

Not sure if there are any fans of Wild Orchid out there, but my fave of the three ladies, Stefanie Ridel, has just lent her vocals to DJ Rain's song Just Another Day. You can here it here on DJ Rain's myspace page. With all the focus on Stacy 'Fergie' Ferguson since joining the Black Eyed Peas, it's nice to hear something new from Stef.

Are you ready?? Elan is finally releasing a follow-up to her masterpiece Street Child!!!!!! They've updated her website and added tons of features. You must check it out. Her new album entitled London Express is available for pre-order on her official online store as well as a new version of Street Child containing a previously unreleased track So Happy (though they've omitted Another Woman in its place). I can not begin to tell you all how excited I am about this new album. Over the past year Elan has become one of my favorite singers and her debut has not left my ipod, cd player, etc. ever. In fact she's the most played artist on my ipod. The album will ship on April 28. Better place my order fast! Talk to you all later.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Out of Control

Do any of you remember a show on Nickelodeon from the mid 80s called OUT OF CONTROL??? It starred Dave Coulier(aka Unlce Joey from Full House). No one remembers this show! I know it was on, look there's even a website for it!

We're off to Milwaukee this weekend to help cleanout my parents storefront so they can rent it out. I'm hoping we can stop at Bryant's for a drink (it is the best bar in the world!!!). I hope we also get to eat Rocky Rococo's, it's the best!

I'll post a song later on. Hope everyone has a lovely April Fool's Day.