Monday, January 30, 2006

Sayin' Sorry

This past Saturday I saw Ely Guerra live for the umpteenth time. It was a free show @ the Congress Theatre and what a show. She did an acoustic show and was amazing as always. The opening acts were ok, but I guess I can't complain as the show was free. The first was pseudo goth rock en español band from Joliet (or as Tyra Banks says Juliet) named Crather (prounced like father). The second was Miguel Inzunza whom I understand was spawned from Mexico's version of Operación Triunfo. He was at least entertaining, unlike the first act whose lead singer didn't even open his eyes when he sang. While I enjoyed the show immensely (especially the drunk lesbian next to us), there was this annoying broad who kept screaming Eres mi venus. The couple next to me was equally annoyed and finally I was like No mames ya callate and she called me a fresa. ¡Uff! O sea...

Anyhoo...I took a bunch of pics at the show and this is my favorite.

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So I discovered this website called via Steven's blog. It's like my new favorite toy! I even uploaded some vids to share. To my delight someone posted a bunch a freestyle videos. know I love me some freestyle. So over the last year since I discovered Denise Lopez thanks to my Sista M's bootleg DVD compilation he won on ebay, I have listened to her Top 40 smash Sayin' Sorry (Don't Make It Right) over 65 times on my ipod! In less than a year! Why didn't I discover this bitch early? Holy shit, she is so loud and nasaly I love it! I just wanted to share her video w/ you all and you can also drool over a young Carlos Gómez whom I drooled over in a post last year. Enjoy!

Hope everyone is doing well. I had my review today and it went sooooooooo well! I'm elated! Tootles!

Tammy Faye

I will do a proper post later but for the meantime enjoy this trash we found yesterday on our used cd hunt. My boo boo found this and immediately knew I would want it. I live for crap like this! He ripped it and transferred it to mp3 for me. So I give you all...

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You can download it by clicking here. Enjoy dollies!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Big Boobs

This past Sunday I celebrated my belated bday outing w/ some friends that couldn't make the first outing. As my boo boo already pointed out, they were so relevant that they had to have an outing where they could attend. Of course that include my Milwaukee Sister, Alethya, Jorge and Emily. What a blast we had. We started the night off w/ a sangría buzz from our dinner @ Café Ibérico where a few coworkers had joined us. From there it was on to Roscoe's. See Sunday is my favorite night to go to Roscoe's. Sunday they have the fierce DJ Bobby who plays tons of late 80s/early 90s trashy dance/pop/r&b (and you know that means tons of freestyle!!). We screamed and sang along to the likes of Vanessa Williams, Exposé, Pebbles, Tiffany, Cyndi Lauper, Corina, Michel'le and so much more! It was so fun. Not to mention that we got wasted on 4-5 pitchers of long island ice tea!!! Oh no!!! It was just too much fun. After @ the Pie Hole I drunk dialed I don't know how many people. I did get verification from the following: Tracy, William, Mari, Meiver, Carrie & Glennys! Someone get the phone away from me! One of my drunken calls even was the topic of a blog entry :) I feel honored.

I took Monday off but believe it or not I was not hungover! We started drinking Sunday around 4pm that by the time I was too wasted to stand anymore it was almost 11pm. So I went home, we knocked out and actually woke up early and ran a bunch of errands. It was so nice to actually spend a whole day w/ my boo boo. We even took Chus to the dog park but he really doesn't like it. He gets too intimidated by the bigger dogs. I had to rescue him yesterday from a doggie bombard!

For some odd reason this past week I have gotten so into watching series on DVD. I've been catching some Degrassi Junior High here and there. But there were two shows I could not stop watching!

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First being the now defunct Life As We Know It. It was from the producers of Freaks & Geeks and was really good. Plus I think I now have a crush on the main hearthrob, Sean Farris.

The other show I am hooked on is the telenovela CLASE 406 which was done by the same producer as Rebelde. It was pretty obvious as half the cast of 406 ended up on Rebelde.

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Plus Jorge Poza is in it and I've had a crush on him since I saw Segundo Aire. It's one of those shortened DVDs that Televisa does, but I adore because they cut out all the non important scenes. It's so good (a million times better than Rebelde might I add)! I have a disc and a half to get through still. Don't anyone ruin it for me either.

Speaking of ruining, Patty, no more talking about Alborada! You're ahead of us so don't tell me anything! GOL!

I must get going as I have lots to do here at work since I was out yesterday. Hope everyone has a lovely week!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Boners & Crotchas

Remember I kept telling you all about Four Four? Well now I love this guy even more as he's posted a Freestyle Mix for us all to download! He also rounded it out w/ some booty music! Hot! This puts me in a perfect mood for my Sista M Belated Bday throwdown!!

So I remember as a child one of my friends who was a few years older than us told us something rather amusing. This was around the time we were just discovering what boners (erections for all you scholars) were. So she told us that girls get something too. She said that girls get (I am not making this up) CROTCHAS! So tell us gals, do you get crotchas? LOL!

What perverted children we were. In fact we even wrote a song at age 8 (me and my friend Jessica). We were so dirty for such a young age! Check out the lyrics for yourself:

F*ck your momma
F*ck your daddy
F*ck your bald headed granny
If you wanna f*ck you f*ck like this
You grab his balls
He grabs your ass

Unfortunately that's all I can remember. BTW after momma, daddy and bald headed granny stuff you were supposed to insert a guitar riff. LOL!

I just thought I'd share this lovely ditty w/ you all. I must get back to writing my self-review.


Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Greetings & Salutations

Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes :) Had a lovely bday dinner w/ my boo boo. Indian food. Yummy. I could eat it everyday!

Thanks for the gifts too! Rob got me America's Next Top Model - Cycle 1 on DVD! I started watching w/ Cycle 2 so I never saw the original series. How did I watch the whole thing in 1 day? It was great!

So glad Adrianne won. She was by far the best! Plus those HOLY ROLLER broads got on my nerves.

Saturday morning I got a surprise in the mail. Salvador sent me all the way from CA the following...

I was so floored! I've already thanked him a million times over the phone, but now I am doing so publicly! Thanks sweetie! It meant the world to me. Come to Chicago soon!

So Sat. night a group of 10 of us went to eat @ Buca di Beppo. We had fun. The waitress was über bitchy, but nonetheless it was a good time. Thanks to those who made it! I love my gifts btw! After that we headed over to Cocktail for a drink and then to Roscoe's to drink the night away. Freddy made them play Holly Valance for me and I even drunk dialed Salvador & Sista M! It was a nice night out, didn't get too drunk.

I've gotten so behind on Alborada! I have 2 more days to catch up on. While I enjoying watching my man's diva (Daniela Romo--she is fabulous as the evil Doña Juana), my main reason is this:

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Grr! Grr! Grr! Valentino de mi vida....

The more I watch I am starting to find Luis's henchman hot as well. I can't remember his name but that's him shirtless next to Lucero. BTW are her boobs not huge in this novela? Motherhood was good to her!

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This Sunday is my belated birthday get together for those who didn't make it on Saturday. We are heading over to Café Ibérico and then back to Roscoe's for their 80's night! It's gonna be a Freestyle throwdown! I can't wait!

Before I forget Gloria Trevi is going to be performing @ Circuit Thursday, Feb 23!!!! See ya there. Thanks Emilio for the heads up!

Sorry for the lack of udpates. Will work on posting more often! In the words of Choice, PEACE IN YO' MIDDLE CREASE

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


So far my day is starting out good. I got a bday greeting all the way from Greece. Love you Tsoula!!!!

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Don't ask about what salad boy means. I'm sure you can figure it out for yourself. So being that it's my bday, celebrate by doing things I love.

Listen to cheesy freestyle!!!

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Watch lots and lots of cheesy 80s tv shows. Misfits rule!

Image hosted by

Again thanks for all the wishes. Thanks to Salvador for my birthday post at SayHey!

Tonight my boo boo is taking me out for my favorite, Indian food! I think we had that last year as well but it's just oooooh soooooo goooood!

Happy me day!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I remember back in college hanging out w/ my friend Alethya. We were drinking and began pondering one of life's big questions. How the hell do you say Bloody Mary in Spanish? Somehow in our drunken stupor we decided that it must be called María sangrienta. Sounds appetizing huh? To our dismay one day we were watching a film from Spain and one of the characters said the following to the bartender: Quiero una bloody mary. Of course it was said w/ a huge accent but we were so dissappointed that our translation of María sangrienta was not correct!

I had a lovely weekend in Milwaukee. Saw my Mom, got some goodies she brought us back from Mexico and attended my first ever White Elephant Party. I must say it was a blast, and was rather pleased that a certain friend got the gift I brought. I unfortunately got a huge box full of used light bulbs. Yeah. Exciting I know.

They are now sitting in a garbage can in Milwaukee. Could have been worse. Someone got used dental floss.

So tomorrow is my bday. I'll be expecting comments galore! Lol!

My coworker just informed me that Ely Guerra is coming to the Congress Theatre as their continuing series of free concerts! So get your ass to their website and sign up for free tickets! That's Sat. Jan. 28. Doors open at 7.

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But it gets better. Not only is Ely coming but so is Francis. Yes that Francis.

Image hosted by

Probably Mexico's most famous travesti. She was one of the host of the über naco Hasta en los mejores familias. So you know I can't miss it! It's Saturday Feb. 11 @ the Congress Theatre and is free as well. I'm so digging all these free shows.


Someone must really want to wish me an early birthday! The Colin Farrell sex tape has linked! If you love me people you will send this to me! OMG! Pass me a tissue!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Eyes & Lips

Eyes & Lips
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So I've done one thing already on my list. I started uploading more pics on my flickr account, check them out.

I forgot to mention that I also want to work on creating a new template for my blog. This one is awful and I've had it for over a year now! twin blogger we have to work on it!

Ta ta for now!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

All is quiet

...on New Years Day. New Years was mellow this year, as we stayed in and watched movies, drank, and ate. Unfortunately I have had a cold that I just can't kick. I finally got around to renting Degrassi Junior High on DVD and stayed up til almost 1am last night watching! OMG I love this show! It was so corny yet it had a heart. Is that even cornier?

So I usually don't make new years resolutions, but this year I am going to buck that tradition and start some. Here goes:

• Get my finances in order!
• Lose weight/exercise.
• Use my flickr account more.
• Spend more time w/ friends/family

I think that's it. If I think of anything else I am sure I'll post it. Next week is my bday. 29. I'm not sweating it. I know some people freak out about their twenties ending, but I think I've done a lot during my twenties. I partied (a lot), traveled, met some amazing people, met the love of my life, moved to a big city, etc.

Enough about that. Have to get back to work.