Thursday, March 31, 2005


OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! Guess who released a new album?? If you didn't guess already, he's pictured to your right. I adore this man (Javier García) and have been wondering what ever happened to him and hoping to God he would record again. My prayers were answered!! I found out accidently by browsing itunes. Anyways I purchased it yesterday and am giving it a spin as I type this. I hope it's good. His debut is gonna be a hard one to live up to. If you're interested in it, click here. This is his first album since his debut in 1997.

I have a trip to Mexico in May. Kind of last minute but I will be in Durango the second week of May. I will be going w/ my Mom but I have to be w/out Rob + Chus for a week :( It's going to be tough. I've only been apart from either one a day at the most. At least I can go CD shopping.

I found some killer finds on ebay and my sales are going well. I got $50 for a Thalía out of print CD and $42 for another out-of-print cd by Yuri!!! Woo hoo!! It paid for Chus's vet bill today! Yes!

Ok as I it is...Chrissy I-eece "You Should Know By Now". Tell me the similarity w/ India is not eerie! Leave your comments and let me know what you think. I personaly love it and can't stop listening to it (all while annoying Rob). Sorry :P

Tuesday, March 29, 2005


I don't mean to delay my updates, but life sometimes presents obstacles. I had some this weekend, but I am not going to get into that right now. Things are better though. We didn't do anything for Easter, but we did however take this adorable picture of Chus with his Easter Bunny! We couldn't get him to stay still so Rob had to hold him because he was more interested in beating the crap out of it :)

Fangoria are touring! Spain only right now, but they are going to México in April to promote the release of Arquitectura Efímera. In Spain meanwhile they are re-releasing the album and redubbing it Arquitectura efímera deconstruida and it will contain the regular CD, a CD w/ remixes and a DVD w/ all the videos and some performaces!!!! Check out this graphic for their new tour in Spain. God I wish I could go! They are fucking amazing live. Just to bask in Alaska's glory again. Sigh.

Since I am in a Spanish mood, I thought I'd post this new pic of Marta Sánchez looking extremely hot in her photo shoot for Maxim Spain. I'm liking the shorter hair. Will we ever see her go dark?

So I have a new freestyle obsession! Her name is Chrissy I-eece and I swear to God her and India must be related. Pictured at left is her only album, a Salsa album from 1992 I believe, and tell me she does not look like India in that picture? That's not all. She sounds JUST LIKE HER!!!! Omg it's scary!! Turns out she only did some freestyle singles (like 12" only) and never a whole freestyle album. I'm obsessed with her now! And to top it off one of her songs, You Should Know By Now was written by Marc Anthony and produced by Little Louie Vega (who is India's ex-husband). Eerie!! I'd upload the song but I don't have access to the mp3 and I forgot my cords to my ipod since I have a bootleg program to extract MP3s. Tomorrow I guess. BTW check cout this site as it's the bomb. Freestyle Divas, they feature all my broads there and it's where I found out more about Chrissy :). TTFN.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


So I haven't updated in awhile. I was out of the office these past two days. I stayed home cause I was sick. Not much going on otherwise, just trying to catch up on what I missed. As for the weekend...

Friday night we went to see Bride & Prejudice. It was alright. I didn't love it, nor did I hate it. I loved Gurinder Chadha's last film Bend It Like Beckham (I swear I know every line by heart), so I guess it was hard to live up to.

Saturday was the bday throwdown for my Milwaukee Sister. We had a blast! I got super drunk! Yeah! I don't remember how many mango margaritas I had nor how many blue motherfuckers I drank at Roscoe's. But I do remember they played all our broads in the videobar :) Hope you had a blast Sista M! I know I did. We even ate drunk pizza at the Pie Hole (isn't that an awful name? Lol!). Yummy.

Sunday we decided to go to Maxwell Street and get some hangover food (aka Huaraches). We had 2 each! Oh no! But they were sooooooooooooo good! So again we found all kinds of deals there. I bought (get this) on DVD She-Devil & Elvira Mistress Of The Night!!!! But my true treasure of the day was finding on vinyl Appolonia 6 the single for Drive Me Wild by Vanity 6 and this Vanity solo single that has an oddly large picture label on both sides. One side has Pretty Mess and the other Mechanical Emotion! Check them out...

After Mawell Street. I started to feel rather icky. Not to metion I was SUPER hungover from Eddie's bday outing. So I ended up staying in while Rob took care of me and I watched all my DVDs I bought plus Wonder Boys. Did I mention these only cost $5 each? Love Maxwell Street!

Monday I woke up really icky w/ a sore throat and just felt all achy. So I stayed home and by Tuesday I still didn't feel any better so I stayed home as well. But we did sneak in some CD scavanger hunting :) Found some cool stores where we got some steals and some long sought titles as well! Kiara for $5! Woo hoo!

Today I ordered some stuff from Spain. Why is shipping so damn expensive?? It was more $$ than the actual items I purchased. ¡Joder! I must leave you all w/ my song of the day. I have been searching for this mix forever!!! I saw a drag queen perform as Bibi Gaytán years ago at Circuit and she did this remix of Mucha mujer para ti. I was finally able to download it on Limewire. So for all of you enjoy this Bibi remix!.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Sista M Day!

So today is St. Patrick's Day, but I've decided from now on Feb. 17 will be Sista M Day!! If you haven't guessed it by now, it's my Milwaukee Sister's Bday! We are gonna go out Sat. to celebrate and get Trashy Kathy! Happy birthday Sista M! May Toy be with you on your special day :)

America's Next Top Model is so good right now! With that one broad fainting last night *thud* and the wrestler revealing she's bi (aka a lesbian)! Gasp! Shock! Horror! Duh is more like it. Anyhoo...last night's pics were fabu. I have to say based on last night's photos my top 3 are Keenyah (love her since ep. 1!!), Lluvy (she has the most unique face of all the contestants) and Tiffany (she looks gorgeous w/ her extensions, reminds me a bit of Naomi Campbell). This season is gonna be good!

Anyhoo, I've been on such a freestyle kick lately. I just love it. It's so campy and so awful. I was hoping to locate a copy of Shana's debut I Want You. But it goes for a ridiculous amount on!! $80 is the asking price. Holy shit Batman! This genre is gonna make me poorer than I already am. that's possible. Turns out this gal is now doing country music and living here in Chicago! How fun! Maybe we'll stalk her and force her to sing I want you, I want you so bad I need you.... Thanks to the lovlies at SayHey! I was able to download the entire album!! What would I do w/out them??

Before I leave I had to share this w/ you all. My twin blog forwarded this to me and I was laughing so hard and loud here at the office that my coworkers came over to see what all the fuss was about. It's funny, wrong?, but so true. I've seen so many chaches (aka cholas) throughought this city sporting the Sharpie Brows...

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

19 months and couting...

Today is our 19 month anniversary. We're going on 2 years this August. I don't want to sound mushy or anything, but I have never been this happy in my life. Someone who not only understands all my quirks and more but appreciates them! So to celebrate I've chosen to share song w/ all of you that I dedicated to Rob when we first started dating. It still holds true today. Belinda Carlisle "You Came Out Of Nowhere".

Monday, March 14, 2005

Blast from the past

La Garrota, aka Martha sent me this pic last week. It seems like ages ago, but in reality I think it's about 5 years old. Wow! I remember cause I had just moved to Chicago and they (Claudia, Martha, Santi) came to visit me. I think it was at the Palladium. Memories.

Haven't blogged in a few days. Not too much going on. My mom & dad visited on Saturday w/ 2 of my cousins. Was nice but I was exhausted cause I had gone to bed late the night before. Sunday Rob and I went to Maxwell Street. It's been awhile since we've gone (it's been freezing). Found some CDs (I got a Rocío Durcal CD I had been looking for) and after we found another new CD store not too far from our house. I know you must think we have an addiction. Well we do! So what!

Before I forget I am whoring some old used CDs since I have to pay some bills (aren't I always??). If you are interested in what I am selling visit my ebay listings page. I am also selling more of Rocío's postcards & calendars.

Not much going on this week but Saturday is my Milwaukee Sister's bday outing! I can't wait. I know he reads this so I am just forwarning you Eddie that you better bring a mop with you on Saturday. Hint. Hint.

That's all for now. Hope you're all well. I've been trying to catch up on everyone's blogs. Happ belated bday to La diosa dominicana, Glennys.

Thursday, March 10, 2005


I've been meaning to tell you all this, but in case you didn't know, Gloria Trevi is going to tour the US and she comes to Chicago on Friday, April 15!!!! Tickets went on sale like 2 weeks ago and I was not aware :( It was to have taken place at the United Center but today we found out it was moved to the Aaragon (a standing-room only venue as opposed to seating United Center)!! I got two tickets for Rob and I today. I can't wait!!! Last time I saw her I was 15 or so and it was at Viva México here in Chicago @ Soldier Field. So who's going?? It's gonna be a blast. I can just see all the nocas (naca locas) now!

Monday, March 07, 2005

Slumber Party weekend!

Sorry I have not blogged in forever. Lately it's just been harder and harder for me. Laziness? I don't know. Nonetheless, here's my update. Rocío left for Mexico yesterday :( We'll miss her, but at the same time it's nice to have some alone time. For her going away her boss had a dinner party Friday and let me tell you, we drank! Don't ask me how many glasses of sangría I drank! It was a blast!

Saturday we had our postponed slumber party w/ my milwaukee sister. it was fun!!! Eddie came over and we had our traditional Taco Bell meal :) We made Blue Motherfuckers. I don't remember how many we drank, but they always taste better after you've had 4 or 5. Lol! While Rob was making Rocío some mix CDs, Eddie and I got restless and decided to start playing a Freestyle drinking game! We watched videos and everytime they said boy or love we drank! You should have seen us during Sweet Sensation's Love Child! It was a blast! Somehow in our drunkeness we also decided we needed to start our own freestyle drag show (as there are none in Chicago). We finally got around to our official drinking game of the night. We watched several episodes of The Simpsons and each picked a character and everytime our character appeared in a scene we had to drink! What fun!

The day after took Rocío to the blue line to go to O'hare. The three of us headed over to the Mega Mall (how ghetto!!) to look for rare cd's and also went to Disco City, where I finally purchased Daniela Romo's newest. The rest of the day was spent being lazy. It was a goregeous day, like 60º out, but we were so tired we really didn't do much.

That was our exciting weekend. Today I overslept so I was late to work and my whole day feels off. Oh well. Before I forget I wanted to let you know that I am selling on ebay, a calander and set of postcards that Rocío and her girlfriend produced! Check it out HERE.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Got it!

I am not gonna blog much today, but I am going to share something with you all. It's been awhile since I've posted a song of the day. So to make up for lost is the theme song from my favorite telenovela of all-time, MUCHACHITAS!!! I won the cd on ebay last week and it arrived yesterday. For those of you who don't know, it's sung by Lorena Tassinari. If you listen carefully you'll notice the music is a bit different from the one used on the actual show. This one doesn't sound as 80s. Nonetheless...enjoy!!! Muchachitas theme song by Lorena Tassinari!