Friday, October 29, 2004


First thing. The interview went really well. I was to have met w/ two different Exec VP Creative Directors. They have two different accounts that are looking for art directors. Unfortunatley I was only able to meet w/ the first one. It went very well, loved my book, said i had great design skills, etc. It's just a matter of narrowing down the prospects and hopefully I will make the final group of candidates. I still don't know if I will be meeiting w/ the second Creative Director. We never met in the first place because he was in a client meeting that ran over and they could not get a hold of him. Rather than make me wait around, they felt bad for keeping me. If the first one (CD) liked me enough, I may not have to meet w/ the second one. We'll see....cross your fingers. I am hoping to receive word from them soon about a second interview...

So, we went to Milwaukee yesterday to pick up Shakespeare. My friend Debbie from college is entrusting us w/ her child for the next week. Shakes is an adorable (yet hyper) Maltese. He's at home right now w/ Rob having a bonding day. I wish I were there instead. I had to take him out for a walk at 5am!!!! He woke up when the drunk neighbors downstairs got he woke us all up. Poor thing. He's in a strange house, he was crying cause I left this morning :( Hopefully this day will go by soon.

Today is Halloween day at my agency and for the firs time in YEARS our group did not participate. We have been so swamped and here every night late that we have had no time, nor inspiration, energy, etc. to do something. Last year we did a Las Vegas casino, the year before an 80s prom (I was the prom Queen naturally) and even Studio 5th Floor (cause we're on the 5th fl.). Needless to say we're all grumpy and pissy today. I still don't know if we're doing anything for Halloween tomorrow. It's my favorite time of the year but this year I just don't feel inspired to do anything...

Enough rambling, I must go and work now. Take care everyone!

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

tues. already...

I've been busy so I have not been able to write 'til today. As you all saw I updated my post on Friday. I am still waiting to confirm when I have to go in and interview, either tomorrow (Wed.) or Thurs. Ideally would be Thurs. cause I have a half day as it is. It's nerve wracking waiting for this call. Ahh!! In the meantime I went out and got a snazzy new portfolio (under $100) for my interview. Rob thought it was too much money, I mean it is, but I think it will be worth it in the long run. If nothing comes out of this job, I will at least be prepared for future prospects. But I'm really hoping this goes well. So cross your fingers, pray, etc. Weekend update...

Friday: We stopped @ Hollywood Grill for dinner, went to Janet & Tina's for a bit for some pre-drinking and then it was off to Lola's. We had so much fun. The drag show was great and there was this new queen, who I had never seen before who was F I E R CE. She was working that crowd, dancing on tables, on the bar, her wig fell off and was just going nuts! I loved it. Makes me wanna perform again. Lol!

Saturday: Spent most of the day cleaning. We did go to the movies to see I Heart Huckabees. It was from the director of Flirting With Disaster (one of my favorite movies of all-time) and starred Jude Law, Mark Wahlberg (grrr), Jason Schwartzman, Lily Tomlin, Dustin Hoffman. I loved it. Very quirky, my type of movie. Unfortunately for the rest of the night I was at the laundrymat. My co-worker swore it was Daylight Savings this weekend, so I was like oh well i have an extra hour of sleep. So when I got home at 4am, I thought it was really 3am. NO! I was a zombi on Sunday...

Sunday: My friend Alex & his on-again/off-again girlfriend Mari came up for the day. We went out to lunch and just chilled. Rob went to go see Ana Gabriel w/ his Mom. So after Alex & Mari left I went over to Alethya's house. We had dinner, drank some wine and just caught up on life. I can't believe I hadn't seen her since May!!??!! Our friend Jennifer just got back fro Mexico City so we picked her up at the airport and then came back to Alethya's. Hence, the dinner & wine. I was exhausted and waited for Rob to get back ; which he finally did around 1am.

As I was writing this I FINALLY got a call from my contact (not FINALLY I was just being nervous) and I am going in tomorrow to interview at 11am. OMG! Everyone wish me luck. Before I forget Happy Birthday to my Dad and my cousin Chuy! I wanted to share this picture of my good friend Bertha's daughter Sara before I sign off. Isn't she the cutest thing? Peace out slags...

Friday, October 22, 2004

I sent it!

After driving myself crazy trying to get my portfolio in a digital format, I finally sent it off this morning. I'm really excited about the prospect, so I'm hoping something good comes out of this. No the waiting. Ok everyone pray (or whatever you do) that I get an interview and the job! Lol. OMG, did anyone of you watch the VMA's (MTV Latino América) last night? They were horrible! First of all the show opened w/ really cheesy covers of hip hop hits in English. La Ley did "Hey Yeah!" (actually JD Natasha's version is a lot of fun), Julieta Venegas did "Hey Mama" by BEP (though she changed it to "Hey Papi"). It was just bad. Paulina Rubio tried too hard as a host. My biggest complaint of the night? Tizzano Ferro. I can't stand him as it is, but he was absolutely God awful singing live. Probably worse than Paulina Rubio, seriously! I know Meiver is gonna kill me but I totally think he is the new Eros Ramazzotti (just as nasaly and tone deaf). Sorry love. Anyhoo...I have a shitload of work to catch up on because I have been focusing all my time on getting my book together. So I must go. Have a great weekend everyone.

U P D A T E: They want me to come in next week and interview!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2004


I just got a call today about a job lead that my dear friend Janet gave me. I won't go into too much detail because I don't want to jinx myself, but I am hoping it goes well. Sounds very promising and this would be a great career move for me. I sent them my resumé and some samples of my work and today I received a call wanting to see my book. Soooo....I am a nervous wreck trying to whip up a PDF book for them to view my work. Ahhh!!! If they like my book they want me to come in for an interview. Won't write much today because I have to haul ass on this to have it out by tomorrow morning. Hope everyone is well in blogger land. Cross your fingers!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Ma Mer: CRAP! This movie was horrible. It was soooooooo long, went nowhere, and was just sick (and I'm not talking trashy fun sick; just sick sick). The film just kept going on and on. The ending was stupid and abrupt. I won't go into details just in case anyone plans on seeing it. Louis Garrel was hot, so I guess that was the one good thing (and the yummy hotdogs we ate before...we was hungry!). But it was so not worth what we paid for it. The one good thing of the night was we went to Reckless Records before and went through their cheapie LPs. We found so many that we are gonna frame! Cyndi Lauper, Belinda Carlisle, Transvision Vamp, Eurythmics, Gloria Estefan and best of all VANITY 6! Since we were both so dissapointed w/ the movie and Rob felt bad I had spent so much on tickets he suggested we stop at Tower cause he wanted to buy me a cd. Aww! EMI Latin has this line out called Viva la diva. They just released one of Italian singer Mina. It contains 18 of her Spanish language recordings. I'm loving it!

I have to go to a stupid OSX traning in an hour. I've had my ibook for over a year, you'd think I know how to use OSx by now. My company is retarded. I have to clean our house again cause we are probably having company Saturday. Will write later.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Ma Mere

Tonight we are planning on seeing Ma Mere. It's playing as part of the Chicago International Film Festival. It's times like this when I am soooo glad I don't live in boring Milwaukee anymore. Anyhoo here is what the film is about:

Seventeen-year-old Pierre's worship of his mother Hélène (Isabelle Huppert) intensifies in disquieting ways as she introduces him to a world of forbidden desire in this coiled spring of tense sexuality, based on the taboo-shattering novel by surrealist Georges Bataille. The brooding Pierre (The Dreamers star, Louis Garrel) drifts uncertainly between the roles of victim and provocateur, as Hélène gleefully procures a bevy of sexual offerings to indulge his appetites to gross excess. Revealing a sordid underworld of almost ritualized lust lying just beneath society's plastic façade, Hélène demonstrates her own sexual addiction to Pierre, hoping to provoke revulsion and disgust rather than blind devotion... but her startling revelations only fuel his perverse obsession. Fans of Huppert's astonishing performances in erotically charged films such as The Piano Teacher and School of Flesh will not want to miss this bold offering.

Pretty sick huh? Can't wait! It's also playing Wed. and Thursday (closing night of the festival). I'll let you all know how it is. I would have liked to see some other films this year as well, but we've been so busy. I must get back to work. Did I mention I still would like a new job? Lol. Laters.

Monday, October 18, 2004

"Working 9 to 5"

Weekend was relaxing. Friday I made a special dinner for Rob and I. I made manicotti stuffed w/ chicken breast strips. It was yummy! Gotta love those recipe books Mom buys. We drank some wine, and just spent a nice evening together. Saturday was my first trip to the infamous Big Lots. I wanted to get my Milwaukee Sister a housewarming gift. He is now a proper homo w/ plates and glasses. So Saturday evening we went over to his new place and made our homemade blue motherf*ckers. I didn't get too drunk, tipsy at the most. We ended up at Roscoe's where Eddie was told several times to calm down. Hello! What's the point of going out then? We had fun and they played several of our biach's videos. Sunday we ended up going to Maxwell Street again. Are we becoming regulars? Can you guess what we bought? CD's!! I found Thalía's first CD that is long out of print and goes for $$$ on ebay as part of one of those two in one series imported from Mexico. Rock on! That's when she was good campy trashy fun (during her Flower Power days, roughly 90-92). I cleaned out our closet!! I am so proud. As a result the bedroom is actually clean, first time since we moved in. I know, I am horrible. Oh well.

The other day at work we were talking about our Halloween costumes when we were kids. Well everyone was in hysterics when I told them I was Dolly Parton at age 10 (the homo comments can start now). For your viewing pleasure, and so you know I really DON'T take myself ya go:

Friday, October 15, 2004

have a good weekend

Today is mine and Rob's anniversary. 1 year and 2 months. I know we're dorks. Lol. I promised to cook for him (I am gonna attempt to make stuffed manicotti...wish me luck!). Everyone have a good weekend. Tomorrow is a drinking throwdown w/ my Milwaukee Sister and co.!! Ooooh. Hey Eddie...Geri Halliwell has a new video, we have to make sure Roscoe's has it :) See you slags latah.


Frank mi querdia comadre, quiero desearte un feliz cumpleaños. Gracias por siempre ser un gran amigo. Que pases un cumpleaños poca madre. Te quiero un chingo. XOXO.

Thursday, October 14, 2004


So I had heard about this but now I've finally seen the tracklist, and I think I just wet myself!!! EMI Spain is releasing a CD/DVD collection called Alaska: De Alaska a Fangoria!!!!!! It spans her period w/ los Pegamoides through the early days of Fangoria. Jesus Christ!!! There will be 20 songs digitally remastered including: Ni tú ni nadie, Bailando, Descóngelate, Abracadabra just to name a few. Of course it will include the gay classic ¿A quién le importa? (not to be confused with that crap version that c*nt Thalía spewed on impressionable queens...I want to throw up everytime I hear it). Back to Alaska :) The DVD (thank God I have a region free DVD player) will include 29 performaces/videos many from TVE (aka Televisión Española). It comes out next week Monday in Spain. OMG!!! Discoweb here I come; I don't care how much the shipping is! I suppose I should clean myself up now.

1 more day...

It's Thursday. Thank God! Only 1 more day of hell to go through. On a brighter note, last night Gloria Trevi was on Don Francisco Presenta.... I was in seventh heaven. I was so glad he didn't bombard w/ her the obvious questions (not like that orange biach who interviewed her recently). She seemed very happy to be there last night. You could also tell she was a bit nervous. She kinda held back in going into song, but then before you know it the performer let loose! She was wonderful. Her voice sounded great. She sang a bunch of stuff improtou. My fave was an unreleased song called Ingrato. I can totally hear her singing w/ Mariachi or even Banda on this one! They also played some old clips that were a hoot. Needless to say I was happy. Oh and the best part, the new album (featuring En medio de la tempestad) will be released DECEMBER 7, 2004!!!

Before I go on I want to give a birthday shoutout to my friend Emilio. Head on over to his page and leave him a birthday message :) Sapo verde eres tú...

I was able to catchAmerica's Next Top Model last night. I missed the previous week's episode. I love it! It's trashariffic fun! After watching last night's episode I think my favorite right now is Norelle. She's the geeky one w/ the braces, well the braces came off and she's looking hot. Biach needs to learn to walk in heels though. I can't stand the resident bitch, Eva. She makes the show fun to watch, and thank God they got rid of her Salt-N-Pepa hairstyle! One more rant before I go. What happened to my hottie judge Nigel? He looks like he lost too much weght. I liked him better beefy like he was last year. Oh well, he's still hot, just too skinny. Ta ta!

song of the day: Hey Mami-Fannypack

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Last night we watched a bootleg DVD of the Mexican film Ladies' Night. It was good. There were some funny moments, the soundtrack is hot, and I was so pleased w/ the quality. Not bad for a purchase from the Mega Mall. But the whole point of my post today is to talk about a new singer. Her name is Zayra Alvarez. She is a young singer/songwriter from Puerto Rico. I am a sucker for female singer-songwriters, so I had to have this. Her debut album is entitled Ruleta and is quite good. I am really digging her voice. At times she reminds me of Laura Pausini (though at times I hear influences of Shakira and even Ely Guerra). Back to the album it is a solid pop/rock effort and is very addictive. Gotta love itunes. Seriously, I use it to preview albums on the spot. I don't really buy anything because I am a collector and I have to have the physical cd. I can't just settle for a download. So if you're looking for something new, check her out.

Monday, October 11, 2004

La portada

I bring you all the cover to Gloria Trevi's new single En medio de la tempestad. You can actually hear the first single here. For some reason the file is not working for me here at work. I am gonna try it when I get home! Can't wait to hear it. Wow, three posts in one day? I think that's a new record for me.

Drunk Dialers...

Last night I got a lovely call from Glennys and Meiver (at least I think it was the two of Both were totally sh*tfaced at the Zoé concert in NYC! It was so much fun. I hadn't been drunk dialed in a looooooooooong time! Usually it's me leaving the drunk messages so it was well appreciated :) Hope the show was fun gals, and better hangovers!! BTW did Zoé rock??

Weekend update

Feels like I have not updated in ages. It's been busy. Our nightmare of a project is over at work. Friday night our new boss took us out for drinks to thank us. It was really nice. I have a feeling I'm gonna like him. As for the rest of the weekend...

Friday: like I mentioned already, drinks after work. We stayed in and relaxed. Much needed.

Saturday: I stayed in all day and cleaned the house for our guests. That night Yesenia and her hubby Sylvestre came over. I made my infamous Thai cassarole. Yummy. We drank wine, laughed, watched movies (Bend It Like Beckham, Drop Dead Fred).

Sunday: OMG...don't get me started. We work up early enough and decided to go to Maxwell Street. Little did either of us know, the Chicago marathon was in full force in our neighborhood. It took almost 2 hours to get out of our damn neighborhood! After failed attempts we finally ended up at the Mega Mall in Logan Square. How trashy, I know, but we really wanted to scavenger for old cd's. I did find one Angeles Ochoa cd I was looking for. Rob found some weird joystick thing from China that has 7,000 old Nintendo games. He's in heaven. I also found a bootleg DVD of the Mexican film Ladies' Night. We shall view it tonight. I made sure and watch Desperate Housewives last night. All was well.

I wish I had some cool photos to post from the weekend, but alas I don't. Instead here's one of Christina Aguilera who is the spokesperon for Declare Your Vote. This election is really important, it's nice to see Ms. Aguilera urging young people especially, to vote. Plus I just love the photo, it's gorgeous!

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Gloria en medio de la tempestad

Just read this on, Gloria Trevi will be releasing her new single...MONDAY!!! It is entiteld En medio de la tempestad. The song was apparently written and recorded (the vocals) while she was in jail. Producer Armando Ávila will be handling post-production as well as the other tracks. Can't wait to hear it!

bloody mary

So last night I found out that Minnie Driver's album came out. So being the sucker that I am for actors who sing, I went to the itunes music store (this is great for previewing music, which is basically what i do w/ it because i have to have the physical cd not just a download) and sampled Minnie's debut. Needless to say I liked what I heard and today I purchased her debut album Everything I've Got In My Pocket. It's excellent! She's got a great voice, very smokey. Turns out she actually started in music and was in a jazz band whose deal fell through, then was gonna sign a solo deal w/ EMI (I think) but her film Circle of Friends took off and her music career was left in the wayside. I'm glad she's finally recorded. Better yet her tour starts off here in Chicago. We plan on seeing her at the Double Door October 26. While at Tower I also picked up (finally!!!!) season 3 of Strangers With Candy. Last Friday when we were at Tower it was sold out, and last night while purchasing Aladin on DVD for Rob they had none left at Circuit City either. So today I found it for quite a steal at $19.99!

Ok, I have to share a gross story w/ you all. As I was rushing to the train yesterday I stopped by the bathroom near where the old receptionist station was. It's a one-holer. So I go in and relieve myself when I notice something floating in the bowl, it was a used tampon that someone tried flushing down the toielt! Eeeew!!! So of course I try to flush it down the toilet...and it didn't go down. There is a waste basket clearly marked for sanitary napkin disposal. I did not need to see the remnants of some mystery coworker's cooch! With that said, I must get back to work.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

La mano en el fuego

Fangoria's new single, and third from Arquitectura Efímera is going to be La mano en el fuego. No word on who is doing the remixes as of yet, only that all the mixes will be done by Spanish remixes. At right is the cover for the single. Being that my blog name and title were inspired by the one and only Alaska (my name bomitoni is the name of the group that Alaska performs w/ in Pedro Almodóvar's first film Pepi Luci Bom y otras chicas al montón and Quiero ser santa is my favorite song from Alaska y Dinarama) I figured I should share the love w/ you all. You can find out even more about Alaska and Fangoria by visiting Club Salto Mortal.

¡Se nos casó la PERRA!

So yesterday Glennys announces that she has something very important to tell us all. Glennys is my diosa dominicana. I met her and her partner in crime Patty via AOL eons ago. I got very close w/ the two of them and to this day I consider them very good friends. Years have gone by but I still do my best to keep in touch...anyhoo so la perra has an announcement to make. First thing I do this morning is check her blog. If you haven't guessed it...she got married! OMG! Congratulations perra! In honor of her new announcement I thought I'd share a blast from the past...our prom picture! It was my first meeting of the Dominican Duo, my first trip to Rhode Island, my first Frappe (or whatever the hell it's called), greeeeeeeeeen, goss, etc. Check out the stacks and the hair!

In other news, I just found out that one of my favorite new bands Zoé is finally coming to the US! I had heard that they were coming to NYC so in my rage of jealousy, I went to ticketmaster and discovered they are in fact coming to Chicago! They will be playing w/ Lucybell (from Chile) @ the Double Door on November 17, 2004. To purchase tickets go here. Rob and I will be there!

In honor of Glennys's marriage, instead of a song of the day, today's album of the day is Bocanada by Gustavo Cerati.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Piensa en mí

So this weekend was my first without my boo boo. It was hard but I got through it. We called each other constantly. In some ways I think it was good because we both needed some space. But on the other hand it's hard because you are so used to having the other person attached to your hip. We spoke every chance we could. I did get to go out w/ some friends while in town and check out this new bar Art Bar which was really cool and of course the obligatory visit to Bryant's. The whole purpose of the weekend's visit was to help out w/ the show that my parents put on at the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee, WI. The night's event was a tribute to Mexican composer Agustín Lara. It was a beautiful show and many talented people contributed their time and effort to help make the night a success. The performers were incredible and I was highly impressed w/ Beatriz Montes both as a performer and as an individual. She was a sweetheart and I am sure we'll be hearing good things from her in the future. Of note she also peformed my favorite Agustín Lara song of all-time, Piensa en mí. Below is a collage of photos from the show, backstage, onstage, after, etc.

So our reunion Sunday was great because I didn't even tell Rob when I was coming in and I surprised him w/ my early arrival. After having breakfast w/ my Garrota I stopped by Kopps and picked up burgers. Milwaukee should be known for their burgers as well because they are the size of a frizbee! He was quite pleased w/ his burger for he was full for the rest of the day, as was I. In the evening we stopped at Tower (but of course) and then Jamba Juice. Yummy. I made it home in time for Desperate Housewives. OMG this is my new show! I know it's just started, but it's off to a very good beginning. It's trashy, yet smart, fun and addicting. The cast is great as well. I have a new Sunday show to watch.

Before I forget here is the cover of the new Dannii Minogue single You Won't Forget About Me! Doesn't she look hot? I had planned on writing yesterday but things got hectic here at work. Uff! Went for Indian food last night and I picked up a used cd for $2.99 by Lauren Christy called Breed. So far me likes. Work is calling and so is lunch! Have a good day everyone!

Friday, October 01, 2004

Everyone else has why can't I?

100 things about me:

1. I was born on January 11, 1977

2. I am in love

3. My boyfriend's name is Roberto

4. I call him Rob

5. I love Indian food

6. I hate my job

7. I wore braces for 6 years

8. I had to relearn Spanish when I was 15

9. I have never thrown up from drinking

10. Peanut butter gives me gas...real bad

11. I had a Debbie Gibson birthday cake when I was 11

12. I have two older sisters

13. Heathers is my all-time fave movie

14. I probably own close to 2,000 cd's

15. I have a crush on Mark Ruffalo

16. I also have a crush on Alejandro Fernández

17. Dannii is better than Kylie

18. I have no idea what time I was born

19. Alaska is a goddess

20. I am a Capricorn

21. I love XXX female rappers; especially Choice

22. I am from Milwaukee, WI

23. I think tatoos are tacky

24. Therefore I have none

25. I have a slew of faghags

26. I have a BFA in Communication Design

27. I have known my best friend for 8 years

28. I lived in Mexico as a child briefly

29. I have never been to NYC

30. I have been to Europe 4 times before the age of 23

31. I am in debt

32. I hate white bread

33. I met my BF at a Tiffany concert last year (May 2003)

34. I suck at math

35. I could microwave a hotdog at age 3

36. I refuse to wear white

37. I love the word pussy

38. I laugh when people fall down

39. I drunk dial

40. Absolutely Fabulous is my all-time fave TV show

41. I moved to Chicago in August of 1999

42. My first crush was Lynda Carter

43. My first gay crush was Jordan Knight

44. I can not do a summersalt to save my life

45. I need to lose weight

46. I can't balance my check book

47. My job title is Art Director

48. I played w/ Barbies as a child

49. I still like to play w/ Barbies every now and then

50. I went to Catholic school

51. I have performed in drag more than once

52. I hated high school

53. I like to paint

54. I am a frustrated interior designer

55. I love British accents

56. Pedro Almodóvar is a genious

57. I am a Mac guy (as in computers)

58. My middle name is Héctor

59. I love trashy music

60. Sometimes I think I am stuck in the 80's

61. Fall is the best season

62. I love to cook

63. I still don't have a dog

64. I cry easily

66. the Misfits were better than the Holograms

67. I have a dirty mind

68. I am afraid of birds

69. I own too many shoes

70. I worked at Chuck-E-Cheese as a teen briefly

71. I want to learn to speak French & Italian

72. I like to drink

73. I hate summer

74. Halloween is my fave holiday

75. The first time I saw a Frida Kahlo painting in person I cried

76. I have the most amazing group of friends

77. I am social butterfly

78. I love to dance all night

79. I think Middle Eastern men are hot

80. I have a Hello Kitty toaster

81. I am addicted to HGTV

82. I am addicted to reading people's blogs

83. I wear glasses even though I don't have to

84. I never went to my prom

85. I did however go to my friend Glennys's prom when I was 22

86. Gay Porn rocks

87. I used to play the Ouija board

88. I love Cinnamon Toast Crunch

89. I used to wear shoes w/ 3"-7" platforms

90. I hate Bachata

91. My favorite Timbiriche is Bibi Gaytán

92. Muchachitas was my fave soap ever

93. I believe in ghosts

94. I am pro-choice

95. Sometimes I think I have ADD

96. Did I mention I hate my job?

97. My favorite bar in the world is Bryant's in Milwaukee

98. I love to sing loud in the car by myself especially to Mónica Naranjo

99. My only regret in life is not studying abroad

100. Ely Guerra is the most amazing person I have seen live