Sunday, July 31, 2005

Waiting for Harry

I've been meaning to do a proper post all week, but training sorta prevented me from doing so. Until now. Home sweet home. It took awhile to get here though. Let me tell you. We were scheduled to fly out Friday @ 5pm Detroit time. Before we even left for the airport we get a call from the woman who does all out travel arrangements. Turns out the 5 o'clock flight was cancelled. Why? We have no idea. So after a quick stop to Starbucks we headed on out to the airport to beat traffic. Rumour had it we were on the 7pm flight. Turns out that one was oversold and only 1 of my coworkers got on it. The other 2 were flying into Midway at 7 while the rest of us were put on a 9:34 flight to O'Hare. It was about 4 Michigan time and after getting an OK we just decided to drive back to Chicaog. Holy 5 hours! But it was sooooooooo good to be home. Michigan is so BORING. To think I have to go through it all over again for the next 3 weeks.

Coming home was great as CHUS was so excited to see me. He licked my face for a good 5 minutes and really hasn't left my side all weekend. But I think ROB was even happier to see me:P

I forgot to mention last Saturday I drove up to Milwaukee for a baptism and to see my Mom since she had just gotten back from Mexico. Took advantage of the fact that RICKY was in town visiting his mom as well, so he tagged along w/ us. My Mom rocks as she found all the CDs on my wish list :) We also went ahead and ordered some CDs from Mixup and had them shipped to my Dad. Shipping is free in Mexico if u spend more than 500 pesos. Trust me we did. It was nice.

Guess what I finally got???? After never getting it from amazon I finally won one on ebay. DENISE LOPEZ!!! I finally got my copy of TRUTH IN DISGUISE. I have already listened to it a few times. Loving it!

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So the other day I am checking my email and I get a comment left on my blog and I was completely floored! See one of my favorite bands that is no longer, LUNA LIMÓN pretty much disappeared off the face of the earth. I had always wondered what became of them. So I chose them as a song of the day way back in January in hopes that someone would actually know who they were. I thought maybe, just maybe someone would leave a comment about them. Well to my surprise not only did someone know who they are but get this...the former lead singer signed my blog! Here's what she said:

Well it´s pretty good to know that somebody actually listened to that album...My name is María Urtuzuástegui, I am the singer of the second album of that now disappeared band Luna Limón, and fate brought me to this blog...definetely cuídate is one of my favorite tracks...thanks for listening bomitoni

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Wow! I am floored! She has such an amazing voice and it's a shame they never caught on. As it is EL FUTURO DEL PASADO is one of my favorite albums ever and I pretty much listen to it on a regular basis, but after María signed my guest book I find myself listening to it even more! If you can track it down it's a great album and like I said she has an awesome voice. Some of you may remember her when she was a back-up singer for Aleks Syntek back in the early 90s. See María was actually the 2nd vocalist for Luna Limón, and imo much better than the first Norma. Don't get me wrong I like her too, but María is...WOW! If you ever read this again María, I would love to hear from you! Drop me a line @

Wow I am still so geeked :) Sorry to bore you all but it really meant a lot to me. Made my day while in boring ol' Michicagn.

For the next 3 weeks I will be staying in a corporate condo. Oooh. Fancy. So I am bringing along my weeks worth of episodes of REBELDE so I have something to do :) Hope everyone is well. Don't miss me too much! 3 more weeks to go. Let's hope it goes by fast.


Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Day 2

It is only day 2 and I am already bored out of my mind! 3 more weeks to go! Ahhh!!! Though I admit my coworkers are a blast! We've been keeping one another entertained reenacting awful commercials (Eagle Man Insurance anyone?), and taking full advantage of the hotel's happy hour (3 free drinks). Woo hoo! Other than that I'm bored. I'm homesick and did I mention bored? I'm really looking forward to coming home Friday even if it is for a few days only. We shall see. I'm hoping to at least get together and have drinks w/ Trent who lives about 20 mintues from Troy. Hope you're all well and I'll check in later!

Monday, July 25, 2005


Peeps...I am in Troy, MI as I type. I am on break from day 1. We just ate Thai food. So far all is well. I miss Rob & Chus like crazy, but I am just hoping this week flies by. As well as the following 3. Not much to report. Troy is rather small, very suburbish and HOT! Can't stand it. At least it's not 100º like it was yesterday in Chicago. Talk to you all later!

Thursday, July 21, 2005


Today was the second day this week that the air was not working on the train! WTF! Can't the CTA get their shit together? I also heard it's supposed to be 100º Sunday! My poor dog! Poor me!

Before I start my usual ramblings, I have some news to share. No I didn't get a new job. Well sort of. Those of you who read my blog know I've been bitching and moaning about how unhappy I am at work. A few days ago I was asked to move onto a new account. So techincally it will be like a new job, as it's a new account, new floor, etc. BUT...I have to go to Troy, MI for a month for training and to work on-site! Ahhhhhhh!! Sucks!! Unfortunately it is only a lateral promotion, but still at least I won't have to work on this anymore. Sucky I know. I don't know how I am gonna get through that long w/out ROB and CHUS. The only good thing is that we are being flown in every weekend. But my boo boo works weekends! Ahhh!!! At least Chus and I can rebond. I leave this Sunday and return next Friday to Chicago. So it will pretty much be like this until the end of August. Starting Aug. 22 we'll all be back in the office. I am excited about this new opportunity but am quite sad about having to be seperated from my partner. The worst part is I will be in Troy on our 2nd anniversary :(

Sorry for not being my usual self. I'm just really bummed out. To cheer me and you all up here are some pics of ALEJANDRO FERNÁNDEZ that are in the newest issue of TV Y NOTAS. Get me to a newstand!!!!!

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Ya me mojé. This man is so f'n hot!!!! I wish he wouldn't shave his chest though, chest hair is sooooo sexy. Grrr.

BTW for those of you in Chicago what's up w/ VIVA switching formats to an all RE-GAY-TON format! WTF?? VIVA was the only Spanish pop/rock station left (the other 2 died out early on). Now they are called LA KALLE. Ghetto. As it is VIVA was starting to play 3 reggaeton songs to every 1 pop song. So I guess it was coming. But still. I know it's just a fad and hopefully it will just fade out. As it is Chicago radio sucks. I guess that's what my ipod is for.

BTW I finished RUBÍ. I know some people were bitching about the finale, but I loved it! I can't go into detail because ROB is still watching it. But I was quite pleased. What a great trashy soap! Speaking of soaps, I better start programming the VCR to tape REBELDE while I am in MI.

So as a result of my having to go to MI, not sure how much I'll be writing here or if it will be limited to the weekends, etc. All I know is that we are staying @ The Embassy Suites. I'll check into internet availability, etc. I have some stuff to work on so I must go. Take care everyone!


Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Crush on you

Who was your first crush? My first crush ever was:

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LYNDA CARTER! GASP! A girl! I was obsessed w/ Wonder Woman as a kid. But then there was my first gay crush:

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JORDAN KNIGHT!!! OMG I was soooooo in love with him. Even though back then I thought he was cool and I wanted to be like him. But for some odd reason I had scrapbooks full of his pics! LOL. I think my fave was of him working out, shirtless might I add, in SuperTeen! I did see him when he had his brief comeback in '99 @ a radio station event. OMG he was so hot! I was screaming like a 12 year old! I like him now too as he's gotten beefier. Grrr.

Speaking of crushes I have to admit that I have developed a blog crush on EL HUEVO. I don't know what it is about him but I just think he's so darn sexy! He's not even really cute or anything, but there's something about him. I think it's cause he's just so straight. Us gay boys have a thing for straight boys. Don't we? I just love his sense of humor and his writing is excellent. Plus you have to find out why he won the Mr Kinky award. Excuse me while I have a moment.

BTW do any of you know of any good blog template websites? I know as a graphic designer I should really have a kick ass blog, but web design was never my strong point. Anyone willing to help me out even? Leave me a comment please.


Monday, July 18, 2005

Japanese Noodles

I so didn't mean to not write for over a week! Work was so busy and I was constantly having to go to meetings, and reviews, blah blah. So I had no time to actually write! Which is something that believe it or not keeps me sane at work.

Unfortunately work has occupied most of my time so not much has happened. Though I did get my DVD copy of TEEN WITCH. I had to end up buying it at BEST BUY because TOWER did not get any!?! It was a blast. TWIN BLOGGER, we have to reschedule our viewing party :)

Friday night I went out w/ my friend from work EMILY and we had a blast! We finally found some mojitos at Café Bolero on Western Ave. Holy strong! They were great!

The entire weekend I tried to stay in because I HATE SUMMER! I hate it 'cause it's hot, sticky, humid, gross, sweaty, people are outside, sweltering, eeeeew!!!! I guess my hatred for summer was further fueled this morning because their was no air again. WTF? It was packed and by the time I got to work I was drenched in sweat. Eeew!

Anyhoo, Saturday night we ended up going to Club 94 in Kenowhere, WI w/ my MILWAUKEE SISTER to meet up w/ an old Milwaukee fag-hag, JUICY LUCY. I don't think I had seen her since I moved to Chicago! 6 years! She was still same old crazy Lucy, it was fun. Eddie's friend is the DJ there and he played Just Wanna Dance by LA TOYA JACKSON! It was a hoot! Needless to say the people in Kenosha are still homely if you will. LOL!

So Sunday I basically spent the majority of the afternoon running around doing some errands. ROB suggested I make a Thai dish for dinner. I hadn't made it ages, and was totally up for it! Well...I went to Cub Foods and pretty much found all the ingredients...almost. Cub Foods does not have an Asian Food Section. WTF!? So I went to Dominick's. They did. But they did not carry JAPANESE NOODLES! Nor did the 2 other stores I went to! What are there not Asian people on the north side?? When I lived in Shitport I never had problems finding my Japanese noodles! Where can a boy get some Japanese noodles in the Logan Square area??

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I was bored the other day and took this screenshot of my desktop at work! LOL! So I am almost done w/ the Rubi DVD. I am on the third DVD side 1. OMG it's so good!

I was gonna write some more but I have to go to a meeting. Hope you are all well.


Monday, July 11, 2005


Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been *gasp* busy at work! Last friday my twin blogger and I had lunch! It was a blast as always. We had a lovely time and a laugh attack to boot! I think my stomach still hurts from laughing so hard. Poor kid!

Rob and I went out for dinner after work. It was nice. We went to Thai Lagoon in Bucktown. Yummy food, and they have sushi on weekends. After dinner we went out for drinks w/ my Milwaukee Sister and his friend from out of town. It was nice to be out but I must admit I was rather somber, since I had just found out earlier that my friend at work had lost her twins. She was 5 months along. So sad.

Needless to say the rest of the weekend was rather mellow. I had a pleasant surprise from Rob. He bought the DVD set of Rubi for us! OMG I am sooooo addicted!!!

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It's so good. His only reason for buying it is because it's a remake of Teresa starring our obsession Salma Hayek. God knows when and if they are ever going to release that on DVD. So in the meantime this will do. It's bascially a condensed version which is good because u have NO commercials, and u only have to watch the opening credits once. But the best part...Eduardo Santamarina!!! Grrr...

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So you all know what tomorrow is right??? It's the DVD release of Teen Witch!!!

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Awwww yeah!!! I can't wait. Hey twin blogger maybe we should have a viewing this weekend? Hmmm....anyhoo to celebrate my excitement here is one of the many fine muscial numbers from this forgotten teen classic. It's my fave, and what a hoot! 'Cause I'm hot! And you're take that!

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I've been to tell you all this since last week but I haven't had a chance, Fangoria are going to perform in Chicago on October 15 at the Metro!!!! I am sooooooooooooooooooo excited!!!! The last time they were here was about 3 years ago at the Empty Bottle. Not sure when tickets go on sale or anything, but this was confirmed by their management after a posting on a fangoria message board. I'm assuming Radio Arte is bringing them again. I'll be there w/ bells on in the front row! For those of you in Chicago you should really try and see them. They are awesome! You'll all find out why Alaska is my diva :) Ta ta for now!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


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Yay! Sasha won Big Brother VIP!!!! Yay!! I hope this means there will be newfound interest in her and they will finally release some of her older material on CD :)

The holiday weekend was pretty unproductive. But in a goodway. File under ghetto...Friday as I was coming back from PetSmart, I noticed that someone had thrown away a coffee table. We don't have a coffee table I thought. So I waited til around 10pm and though, what the heck. I walked over to the alley, and lugged my new coffee table home. It's not really what I was looking for, but it was free and it was really good quality! So my upcoming arts & craft project is to fix it up. Make it a little more "Joe". I just won these stained glass mosaic tiles on ebay. I am going to paint the top of the table blue, and cover it w/ tiles! Coolios.

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Just because. Another picture of hottie Bobby The Package Pulido. Grrr...let me have a moment to myself. BTW...Sista M, this is the pic I was telling u about! Beefaroni indeed!

So on Sunday Jorge & Raymond invited me to a little gathering at Raymond's nephew's place. I happily obliged because a) I was broke and b) our fridge is out (we are using the one in the basement in the meantime). Anyhoo it was nice. So as the evening progressed Raymond continued to share more drunken Joe stories from last Sunday. LOL! So he's like do u remember getting into an argument outside of Circuit w/ some guy? I was like no. Here goes....

So some guy gets kicked out of Circuit, completely wasted. You turn to him and say 'Bitch you need to go home'. He than turns to you and says 'No fuck you bitch, you need to go home!'. In turn you turn around and say to him 'Bitch go change your Cotex!'

LOL! LOL! LOL! Holy shit I could not stop laughing!!! I was so lucky I didn't get my ass kicked. LOL! Figured you'd all enjoy that.

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So since we are on the topic of's been awhile since I've shared a song w/ you all. That infamous line that I kept spewing at everyone at pride comes to us via none other than the ladies of BWP aka Bytches With Problems. If you know me, I love me some raunchy dirty girl rappers! My Milwaukee Sister shared w/ me another one of his Box childhood gems! I've adopted this song as well. Let me forewarn you that it's rather graphic, raunchy, what have you. But it's crap like this that I find absolutely hilarious!!! Enjoy...Cotex by BWP.'s Cotex not Kotex. This is da ghetto!

Friday, July 01, 2005

Sex Box

The moment you have all been waiting Milwaukee Sister has finally posted to his blog! Oh no! Everyone check out the fierceness for yourself! I'm sure it will be a hoot! If you've ever wondered why I am such a freak, it's probably due to the fact that I associate w/ people like him...haha! Seriously folks, Sista M is the fiercest bitch I know! Introducing: Chicago Sexbox! Bookmark him now! BTW I almost forgot to mention that Meiver has a special post about me today! LOL! It's a lovely recap of my drunk dial to her :) Love ya babe! And when are you coming to Chicago?

So my Mom is going to Durango for 2 weeks tomorrow. I give her a small wishlist of CDs I want :) The rest I will be ordering from Mixup and have shipped to my Dad. It's so much cheaper. Anyhoo...speaking of Mexico, I am so excited that Sasha has made it to the final of Big Brother VIP. Rumour has it that if Sasha made it all the ex-Timbiriches would go show their support! I wish I could see it! So for those of you in Mexico....

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I hope you all have a good weekend. I think we're just gonna stay in and chillax. Thank god we don't like in trashy Bridgeport anymore and have to deal w/ all the ghetto children and their fireworks. Being that I am not patriotic in any way, for those of you who are, enjoy it. I must go and pretend to look busy. Luckily for me my boss is out the rest of the afternoon :) Maybe we can leave early! I have to clean my house as my hermana, Robert is supposed to come over tomorrow. Have fun everyone this weekend and don't forget to read my Milwaukee Sister's blog! Enjoy your Monday off (for those of u in the US).