Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Exit 69

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My coworker finally downloaded some of the pics we took when we were in MI for what seemed like forever! Anyhoo I just wanted to share this dorky picture she took of me outside of Big Boy! I was so excited that these restaurants still exist! They haven't had them in Milwaukee since the early 90s! I have no idea about Chicago. I even got a Big Boy bank for my desk! I know what a dork.

I know I've been bad in blogging lately. I've just been really busy at work! It's like non-stop! Since today is the day before a holiday, I figure I would take advantage of it being a bit slow and write in my blog.

Did anyone watch the AMA's last night? I really don't care for these type of award shows but there was one reason we watched last night...

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Cyndi Lauper performed w/ Sarah McLachlan and they were awesome! They did a new stripped down version of Cyndi's classic Time After Time from her new career retrospective The Body Acoustic. Awesome!

But did you see Mariah The Sausage Carey?? Eeeew! Someone shoot her stylist!! My god she looked awful!! Ms. Thang should not being wearing half the things she wore! I mean I'm a big girl, but I know never to be all hanging out like Mariah Scarey did last night (no offence T-bagg...I know that's your girl and all). Photographic evidence to further my case (from last night's award ceremony):

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The weekend was one of sleep deprevation. We drove to Milwaukee Friday night and got in around 2am. Saturday spent the day helping my Mom do some cleaning up and later that evening was a Truly Outrageous event! My friend Juanga celebrated his bday w/ an 80's twist so people were in full blown 80s costumes. As you can see from my bright pink wig, I went as Jem! My friend Emily made me my costume and if I don't say so myself, it came out FUCKING AWESOME!! I'll post a full body pic later. But in the meantime here are some moments from the evening's drunkeness. Keep Claudia away from the liquor! She's evil! As you can see there was an Alaska, Kylie Minogue, La Tigresa, George Michael (The bday boy), Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, etc. It was a blast, but I have to say my fave costume of the evening was my friend Ryan as Joan Collins! Hilarious! Enjoy!

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So everyone enjoy your turkey day. My mom is coming down and is going to cook for us! Yummy! We're actually not doing turkey, it's over-rated and puts everyone to sleep anyway. Instead we are going to have her famous Beef Stronganouf (is that how u spell it?? It's to die for!!). Gobble! Gobble!


Here's my Jem costume! Outrageous!

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Thursday, November 17, 2005

La Rebelde

Winter is here! I love it! I love waking up in the morning and having to put on my hat, globes, scarves. I love the cold! I'd rather be cold than hot/sticky/sweaty and day of the week :) The only brutal thing is my morning walk w/ Chus. But he has a sweater and he's pretty fast now that it's so chilly. Thank god our gas bill is paid off!

Tonight me and Ms. Emily are going shopping to the fabric store to make my outfit for Saturday. I'm soooo excited!

So Rob got some a promo CD of Jerry Rivera's new album. Ask me if I even know any of his songs, rather I snatched it up cause he looks so darn hot in the pics!

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So this has led me to the task of coming up w/ my cute boy CD top 10 list. Us gay boys are so shallow we'll buy a crappy CD just cause the guy is hot. But every now and then, there' an actual good CD underneath the beefcake pics (usually not). I felt obligated to listen to Mr. Rivera's newest release Ay mi vida, but it was very typical AC sappy latin american balladry. Sorry. At least I can say I saw him in concert. I went my a friend when I first moved to Chicago cause he was playing w/ Brenda K. Starr. I know how über prett-a-rican. But anyhoo...he may be like 3 feet tall...but god damn is he a lil' hottie!

Another CD I did finally get my hands on (finally I say because it took forever to actually get into the stores) was:

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Ninel Conde!!! I love her!! She's so über trashy!!! Plus she's soooo hot. Even if her boobs are beyond fake, I still appreciate them. There's a fun song that Gloria Trevi wrote for her called Ingrato and plus the title track which I love (even though the leaked version is better).

I am awaiting some work I should get going. Must look busy! Happy reading everyone!


Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Ice Ice Baby

So the weekend was rather busy, but it was very enjoyable. Friday night some of the gals from work came over and we had a movie/pizza night. We watched Dirty Dancing (insert Nobody puts Baby in a corner!) and one of my all-time films, Shag! We drank tons of wine, played I NEVER and on so much more! Fun!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comSo Saturday evening we went to my friend José's party in our old hood, Shitport (aka Bridgeport). The picture to the left was taken the night we met María Rojo, and our gracious host was nice enough to give us both copies. Anyhoo...the party was sooo much fun. We both got SUPER WASTED and I had so much fun!!! I don't even know who I spoke w/ all evening but I met some really fun people, who enjoyed my drunken obnoxiousness. I hadn't been to a good house party in awhile. Not that it was a house party, that's so high school, it was a housewarming full of homos! The DJ was alright, but he had no freestyle! Hello u are at a house full of latino queens and no Cover Girls?!?! Afterwards we ended up at Huck Finn (what drunkard on the South Side hasn't been there?). I don't remember much, but I do remember seeing some guys from the party and yelling out He looks like Vanilla Ice! Cause this guy did, he had the side carvings in his head and everything. Thanks to Freddy & Mikey for driving us home. Needless to say I had a NASTY hangover the next day. But we ended up going to Maxwell Street where I ate 2 huaraches! 2! It so hit the spot. Sorry to all the people I drunk-dialed. What a night!

I am looking forward to this weekend as my friend Juanga from Milwaukee is having an 80s themed party. He demanded I perform so I am preparing something Truly Outrageous! I'll post pictures.

I know every queen in the land is gushing over the new Madonna album, but I still have to get the new acoustic release from the greatest diva the 80s gave us:

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Even though it's not a new album, there are still some great rendition of some of her greatest songs. This woman continues to amaze me. What a voice! Here's hoping that we get a new Cyndi original studio album soon! Hopefully today I will pick it up, as well as the new Madge album. But I've already had it for weeks (gotta love the net) and to be quite honest I think its' OK, not bad, just not that great. Maybe if she were brunette for this release I would say it's the greatest since Like A Prayer?


Thursday, November 10, 2005

Brimstone & Fire

I've been meaning to update my blog all week but I've been too busy at work! Uff! Just wanted to let you all know how the Amanda Miguel show went! Fabulous! Bitch is fierce! It seems like we waited forever for the damn show to start, much to our sore legs discontent, but once she came out, it was sooooo worth it! We snuck in our camera and I was able to take a few pics. Here's one of my faves:

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The crowd was a blast. 1/2 queens, obviously there to see Amanda, 1/2 housewives there to see Diego Verdaguer. What a show! They took turns for the most part, but it was obvious who the star of the night was. She gave a great performance, and her voice was fierce in person! She did a lot of fan faves including El gato y yo! Woo hoo! After the show was over we found out that for a measly $20 you could obtain a VIP pass and meet Amanda & Diego after the show!

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It was so cool to meet them. You should have seen the look on my boo boo's face when he was talking to one of his divas. Needless to say it was worth the long wait.

What's everyone up to this weekend? We are heading to a party in our old hood. Tomorrow night I am having over a few of the gals I work w/ for a pizza/movie night. Fun! Here's hoping I get drunk on cheap wine!

I've been meaning to post a pic of one of my fave hunks, but I've been to busy to do that as well. Mexican soap hottie Valentino Lanus! Grrr! Can I have a moment to myself???!!!

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So being that I live in Chicago everybody and their momma is going on and on about the Sox winning the world series. Like I give a shit! I can't help but have a slight crush on their coach! He's a sexy guy!

Ozzie Guillen...grrr! He's Venezuelan. Double grrr.

I will try my best and post more often next week! BTW I've added some new links to my favorite blogs sectoin. Check 'em out!


Friday, November 04, 2005

El gato y yo

Tonight is the Amanda Miguel concert @ the HOB. My boo boo is soooo excited. Can't wait. It should be a great show. Her husband is playing as well, honestly I only care for her. But oh well, I guess they are a packaged deal. It would rock if their daughter performed as well, Ana Victoria. She was supposed to release an English language album, but it never came out because her label went under, Arista. We actually have a copy of her never released album as promo advances did make the rounds. Thank god for the net! Her site is still up but doesn't work at all :(

Doesn't she look like her mother?? Hopefully her music will see the light of day, she has a really cool voice as well.

So I found another podcast you all have to check out. It's hilarious!!! It's called CPD which stands for Cock, Dick, Penis. He is a crackhead! Too funny! Check it out!!.

Everyone have a great weekend. Before I go, I leave you with my musical recommendation of the moment. She is from Peru and her name is María Matto. I bought her cd because I thought she was pretty, I know how shallow. Am I glad I did! Her voice is awesome! She reminds me a lot of Tracey Chapman vocally. She has a great style. Her album is called Detrás del amor and you can order it here. See something else came out of Peru other than Laura en América!!

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