Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Concerts galore

It seems there is a huge influx of concerts in the next few months that I must attend.

Thanks to myspace I found out that 2 of my favorite drag queens will be performing in Chicago Oct. 26. Spain's La Prohibida:

and Mexico's Ego, aka Supermana from TV's Desge Gayola. It's going to be a very very gay show :)

One of my favorite new bands (well at least new to me), The Gossip will be at the Metro next Saturday!

Speaking of the Metro, Kelis is coming as well Sat. October 7.

But wait they're more shows still! The next two will have to take me back to my hometown of Milwaukee...

First...Cyndi Lauper is doing two shows at Potawatomi Casino!! We're gonna try and make it up there in for the zinger....

Exposé is reuniting and doing their first official show Wed. November 29 @ Potawatomi as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG I can't even being to tell you how excited I am about this show. Maybe this time I can actually see them. When I was 12 my mom took me and my best friend Carlos to go see Exposé at the then Eagles Club in Milwaukee. We got there super early as it was a standing room only show. After waiting in line for hours they finally let us in but much to our dismay there wasn't that much of a crowd. Long story short the show was cancelled because Jeanette was "sick". The day before we were able to meet the ladies at an in-store at the now defunct Mainstream record store. Since the show was a bust, we stuck around a bit afterwards just because and were able to chat w/ Gioia briefly. 17 years later I'm being given a second chance. Ladies don't let me down. 1st row or bust I say!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Pies Descalzos

So this past Friday I went to go see Shakira at the United Center. My buddy T-bags, aka Tracy, came into town and we went together. We weren't going to go because neither of us had gotten tickets at this point but then we figured we couldn't miss it...

So we were gonna get tickets from a scalper but believe it or not we couldn't find any. So we went to the box office thinking we were just gonna get nose bleed $20 tickets. Well to our surprise the guy at the box office was like I have 2 tickets in the 3rd row off to the side! What! Yes we got awesome seats! It was a great show. The last time I saw Shakira was at the Aragon ballroom in 1997 when Pies Descalzos first broke in the US.

Anyhoo...she gave a great show.

She only did maybe 5 songs in English, and the rest of the show was Spanish language hits. She gave a great show, and I had a blast. Uhhhhhhh I had a blast having Tracy in town as well. I hope we didn't annoy Rob too much w/ our geeky banter. We ended up going out for margaritas afterwards and the day after we went for Chinese and walked the streets of Logan Square.

Unfortunately I have had a cold the last few days, and it is finally just going away but it's going to suck because I have 3 days to get a huge project done due Thursday. Ugh.

I gotta go. My boo boo cooked for me. Yummy :)

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Pretty socks

How come all men's socks are so boring? Solid colors, blah blah. I like funky socks. Like these...

I took these of my socks today because I was bored and it got me to thinking...I want some more funky socks! I actually bought these at the Gap in Milwaukee at the Grand Ave. when it was going out of business.

So I'm asking any funky sock wearers (men's that is), let me know of any stores (online or physical) where I can get some groovy socks. That's all.

Monday, August 21, 2006


So recently the Mr(s). and I started watching Noah's Arc. Can we say I love it?

If you don't know about this show, it airs on Logo and centers around the life of 4 gay African-American men (Though I'm questioning the actor who plays Ricky, 2nd from last, cause he looks Pretarican to me). It's rather light-hearted, some might even call it a comedy. What I love about the show are the characters, especially the most fabulous of them all, Alex. Good engaging story lines coupled w/ great acting make this show hard not to resist.

I guess you could say it's everthing that Queer As Folk was not. But that's a different post all in its self.

If you are like me and are cable deprived, you can catch episodes Logo's website!

On a final note, is it just me or does the main character, Noah (played by Darryl Stevens), bear a scary resemblance to late R&B singer Jermaine Stewart?

Oh and if you're wondering why this post is entitled Boogina? Well you're just gonna have to watch Noah's Arch for yourself.

Thursday, August 17, 2006


So Zayra got the boot last night from Rockstar Supernova :( I don't know if any of you remember that I wrote about her back in fall of 2004. Well I thought it was rather odd that she would partake in such a show being that she had her own career. But now that she's gotten so much exposure from it, I can see why she did it. Well she may not have been the best vocalist on that show, she by far had the best stage prescence and really worked the crowd, and that makes her a rock star already. I found this clip of her performing a song off her Spanish language debut, which was recently re-released w/ 6 songs in English...

Speaking of the re-release...

you can purchase it here.

I'll write more later. I need to pay my bills right now. Ugh.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


today is rob's and my 3 year anniversary :) i am making lasagna.

let's hope it doesn't suck.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Latinos In Milwaukee

Since Milwaukee seems to be such a hot topic on my blog right now, it's funny that I meant to post about the following a few weeks ago.

Last time my mom was in town she brought me a copy of a new book entitled Latinos In Milwaukee (Images Of America):

My family has always been hugely involved w/ the Latino community through the years. As I child I was obliged to volunteer at Mexican Fiesta year after year, festival after festival. But I must say I am glad I was exposed to all this community work at a young age, as it makes me appreciate what it takes to put on such events.

Enough about that...back to the book. It's a real great book and it's a chronicles, via pictures, the people, familes, events, etc. that the Latino community of Milwaukee has built.

My mother is featured in the book as are my grandparents. Pictured is a picture of mom holding the book, and in the background is a poster size shot of my grandparents from their wedding day that is featured in the book as well.

It's nice to know that after all these years my family's contributions are still appreciated and celebrated. I think the best part was going through and realizing how many people I knew and have interacted w/ during my young life.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Little Francis From The Neighborhood

I had to share this clip w/ you all. Even though I am cable deprived, I am able to catch clips here and there of one of Mexico's funniest comedy shows, Desde Gayola.

Recently I found this clip where they imitate one of my favorite trash divas of all-time:

So check out this clip, it's hilarious!!!!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Today is seven years ago that I flew the coop and moved to Chicago. I left behind the land of bubblers and Tyme machines, aka Milwaukee.

Holy crap does time fly. I remember before I was about to graduate from MIAD I made up my mind that I was going to move to Chicago. Seven years later I'm still here. Unfortunately it's also 7 years that I've been at my job. Yikes. I know I've bitched about it in the past, but now I really need a new job. I've come to discover how underpaid I am. Don't get my started.

Seriously, thank you Chicago for being my second home.

August seems to be a month of anniversaries. On the 15th my boo boo and I celebrate our 3rd anniversary :)

I am so glad I don't live in Milwaukee anymore. Don't get me wrong it's a nice city and all, my family is there, I have some wonderful friends back home but I think I would go nuts if I ever had to live there again. I might as well live on the South Side of Chicago (if you want a comparison). Oh wait I did that for four years. You get my drift.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Crash and Burn

As many of you know I have a cd buying problem (well depending on who you ask, it's not a problem). I usually tend to buy several cds at once and listen to maybe one or two religiously. Well that's the case w/ this next cd...

I am sure some of you might remember Swedish singer Robyn, aka US 2 hit wonder (Show Me Love and Do You Know (What It Takes)). Normally I would probably follow careers of these types of has beens, but quite honestly I never cared for Robyn's pseudo pop/r&b sound. I guess I just don't like [Swedish] wiggers. Maybe ten years from now I'll like JoJo. Tee hee.

But...I had read a bit about her recent album on the now defunct SayHey and most recently on fourfour where he posted a remix of Crash and Burn Girl.

Needless to say I loved it! I finally got around to purchasing a copy of it (used on

Holy shit is this album hot! It's a fun mix of dance, r&b, electronica, new age, pop, etc. There's something really quirky about her that I can't enough of. In fact I can't stop listening to it! Especially Konichiwa Bitches, Who's That Girl, Bum Like You and of course the song that started it all...

So if you're looking something new might I recommend a little Robyn to liven up your day?

Friday, August 04, 2006

Ooh la la

This is what happens when you are bored in a meeting:

It's my ode to Perfect Gentlemen. The group who had one hit Ooh La La back in 1990, I believe, and were produced by Maurice Starr (his son was also a member) the man behind New Edition and New Kids. Also note someone must have said "wiggle" so I began jotting down lyrics to "wiggle it just a little bit".

I finally found the song online (you may hear it yourself). Have a good weekend everyone.

Oh yeah, don't ask me why he has no eyebrows. Maybe I was going for a Whoppee Goldberg thing.