Saturday, February 25, 2006

Me parece perfecto

I have been so friggin' busy at work all week that I've had hardly anytime to post here on my blog. Sorry. I know my posts are becoming less frequent. I guess I have to face reality and get used to the fact that I am going to have to start blogging from home. It's just I like to do it at work, because it's a nice distraction from the day. Anyhoo...

Last Saturday we went to see Francis (or as my Milwaukee Sister would say that tranny) @ the Congress.

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Let me just be blunt and say I was expecting a whole lot more. Whenver I hear about his (or is it her?) shows they always go on and about how extravegant they are. Well there were no dancers, no lavish costumes, just one drag queen, a Juan Gabriel impersonator (who did not need to perform 3 times) and Francis inbetween telling dirty jokes and swearing a lot. How much should I really complain? It was free!

The best part though was some friends from mootown came to visit and hang out. We had a nice dinner at Dunley's in Logan Square and after the show we ended up @ Side Track where we met up w/ Sista M, Jorgillo, etc. It was fun but that entire weekend it was colder than a witche's tit! WTF!?!?!

So I have to tell you all that someone has finally come out of hiding...yes peeps...Astrompeta has finally updated his blog! Jesus Christ! It's about time. I've missed his poking fun @ celebrities en español.

I haven't shared a video w/ you in a while, so I found a good one today! In the early 90s I was so in awe of this group that my Grandfather would ask me ¿Por qué te gustan ésos jotos?

Oh Grandpa, if you only knew. How I miss Locomía :( Especially Francesc Picacs. Francesc. Sigh.

BTW we didn't end up seeing Gloria Trevi. Oh well. Maybe next time.


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Chicago radio

Sucks ass. Just stating the obvious really. All the good stations are gone. Energy, Super Estrella, VIVA. VIVA is the most recent victim. It was the last of 3 Spanish language pop stations, when its format switched to reggaetón...insert barf sound here. Who the hell wants to listen to a reggaetón station? Every song sounds exactly alike. I think what prompted this post was we were switching stations and Nuestro amor by RBD came on. When we looked at the dial it said 103.1! La Kalle (ghetto, I know to spell calle with a k), which was formally VIVA, was playing it. I figured it must have been their obligatory y más for the year, being that their tagline is Reggaetón y más. After that the annoying pocha DJ (I say annoying because she can never speak one language, be it English or Spanish, for more than a sentence) played George Lamond's Bad Of The Heart! WTF! Anyhoo...that is my rant for the day. I will post about my weekend tomorrow. Ciao bellos.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Freaky Friday

It's not really Freaky Friday, I just couldn't think of what else to title my post. Haven't posted in a few days as I'm super swamped this week and next! Ahhh!!! Hope everyone had a nice Vday. Wed. was our 2.5 year anniversary. Wow! 2.5 years! That's forever in gay years! It seems like just yesterday I was chatting w/ Rob at the Tiffany concert. It's been very interesting, and I could not thank God for him enough. Words can not express my sentiments. Love ya!

So what better than to share a video with you all of my baby's diva, Daniela Romo:

I just posted this on and wanted to share it with all of you :) I honestly can't get enough of this site!!! I've already uploaded a crapload of videos!

Sorry this is such a short post, but like I said I'm going to be slammed here at work. I have some friends coming in from Milwaukee this weekend for Francis so that should be fun. Thank god the house is clean! Hope everyone is well...


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

war ladies

First of all HAPPY V-DAY to you all.

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Hope everyone had a great weekend. We took a little trip to Milwaukee and visited my Mom as well as made the obligatory trip to Bryant's the best bar in the world! We got in super late, around 5am after hanging out w/ my cousins! I was hurting all day yesterday. I think I even went to bed @ 9:30pm last night as a result. Felt great!

So this morning as I was getting off the train and walked up to the street level at Jackson and Dearborn, I noticed yet again that the war ladies were standing there w/ their homemade signs protesting the war. I can't help but not feel sorry for them. Nobody even pays any attention to them, maybe it's their crayola marker signs. They look something like this.

Oh well. In other news don't forget that Francis is playing 2 free shows this weekend @ the Congress Theater. We'll be attending the Sat. show. Should be fun. I am sure it will be filled to the brim w/ locas and vestidas. Some friends from moo-town are even coming up for it. Fun.

That's all I got for ya. Ciao ciao.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Kiss Of Life

Guess who's coming to Chicago? Ok don't guess just look...

I am so going. Every time they've played here since I moved to Chicago I've been out of the country! What gives? So to celebrate Anything Box's upcoming Chicago show, let us revist their sole hit via youtube...

While not my favorite AB song, it's still great nonetheless. Besides it's from what I think is the best synth album of all time (Sista M you need to get this already) Peace

Also check out the latest from Tiga entitled Sexor. I can't get enough of it!

I should get going, we're going to have a busy day today.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Ave María

It's Sunday and I rarely post! But I figure...why the hell not? Today is one of my favorite singers birthdays. Stephanie Salas, so everyone celebrate by listening to Ave María in high rotation...

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I'm a big dork and run a yahoo group for her. Loser I know.

So I was going through some old boxes not to long ago and look what I found.

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This is my Milwaukee County ID from when I was 16! LOL! Look at my hair! I had hair! LOL! I totally lied about my weight back then as well. I thought it was amusing and decided to share it with you.

I'm skipping my video for today as I have to get ready. We're going to my suegra's today as she invited us over for dinner! Yummy...pozole :) Tootles!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Turkish Delight

I am trying to get rid of a cold right now. Ick. The other day I woke up w/ a sore throat and it's since gone away but all that's left is a stuffy nose. Double ick. I think it was walking home in the rain from the Ely Guerra concert the other night.

So I forgot to mention that last week I finished watching the Clase 406 DVD my Mom got for me in Mexico. I really enjoyed this soap. It was equal parts trashy and fun. But what I didn't like is that when the DVD ended it did so very abruptly in fact it left me hanging for more. Literally. As the scene ended it said No te pierdas la 2ª temporada de CLASE 406. Hello! Part 2 isn't even out on DVD yet!? Hong long am I going to have to wait?? Apparently there were 4 temporadas, or seasons or series depending on where you live in the English speaking world. I guess I'll just have to wait. The funny thing about this was that practically the entire cast (w/ a few exceptions) were recycled for Rebelde. Who does Pedro Damian think he is? Pedro Almodóvar? The principal from Rebelde was the wife beater in Clase 406, the secretary was Magdalena's mom, the math teacher was the slutty cheerleader Daniela, etc. I must say though that Dulce María was totally not annoying in this one though. She irks me on Rebelde, her voice is so grating. So hurry up Televisa and release the remaining seasons on DVD already!!!

Enough ranting...a couple years back my boo boo pointed out this cd to me:

Wow! It's über trashy turkish dance music! She can't sing for shit but she's totally trampy and the beats are killing!!! This came out in 2000 so God only knows if she's released a follow up since then, or if she ever will. I'm praying for the latter. Anyhoo as my obsession w/ continues I naturally did a serach on Nez, the skanky Turkish singer I've been ranting about for the past paragraph or so. Lo and behold, look what I found!

Enjoy! I must go as my nose is dripping and it's time for me to take my Nyquil and knock out. Til next time...

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

All Night Long

Greetings all. Another site I found to check out is (not to be confused w/ Mexican AC pop group Pandora). Basically you type in an artist or song you like and it will generate a playlist of that artist and similar artists. It's pretty much dead on. Plus I'm discovering some new (or new old acts) in some cases. Check it out!

This is totally not related but am I the only person that thinks urinals are disgusting? I refuse to pee in a urinal unless I absolutely have no other choice. I just find them dirty and smelly, and just plain gross! It doesn't help that I'm pee shy, but I can't bring myself to whip it out in front of a complete stranger. Enough ranting...

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Can we talk about how sad I am that Valentino Lanus was killed off Alborada? I know Patty already ruined it for me, but I wasn't expecting it so soon! Isn't he one of the main stars? Now why continue watching? I mean Fernando Colunga is hot and all, but he's no Valentino. Plus is it me or does he look too chiseled now? None the less I'd still do him. In fact he has me! Not in real life, my first celebrity sex dream was w/ him when I was like 16! How slutty!

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Before I forget happy belated birthday to both Meiver & Matt!

Don't forget that Francis is coming for free to the Congress Theater. They've added a second show so sign up fast! You can do so by clicking here and then filling out the email form. Again it's February 17 & 18! See all you locas there!

So I know I used to post songs here on a regular basis, but since I've discovered, I figure it's oh so much more fun to post videos! Since my twin blogger is obsessed w/ it as well, I'd like to dedicate today's video to her since I know she loves this song so much! So w/ out further ado...THE LOVER WHO ROCKS YOU ALL NIGHT

Yes that's India (about half of her anyway) back when she was a freestyle singer. How I miss those days. I find salsa music to be utterly boring and monotonous. I know her voice was too big/good for the freestyle genre (let's be serious folks, they had some of the worst singers EVER! Lil' Suzy anyone? Johnny O? I can go on for hours here...) but her loud ass was perfect for dance music. Until she stops releasing crappy salsa albums (save her salsa debut which was really good) all we can do is reminisce. Tootles.