Thursday, May 27, 2004


When I was 6 years old I discovered Madonna. Like any other future fag of america I became obsessed. Years passed and she was replaced w/ my current reigning diva, Martika (1989-present). That's not to say I still don't like her. Ever since Justify My Love I've had a love/hate relationship w/ the woman. Her last album American Life has it's moments. Now that it's flopped she's touring. And a greatest hits tour at that! Ticket prices are outrageous and she's sold out 4 nights here in Chicago. Now the Madonna-bug has hit the bf and I. So in our determination to get tickets (she's doing Burning Up for christsakes!!) we are having an ebay sale. I love ebay! Already one of my cd's I deemed junk has garnered $29 in bids! Woo hoo! Madonna tickets are all over Wish us luck in raising money for our cause :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Waiting for Alaska...

Fangoria's new album was just released in Spain. Being the impatient mofo I am, I was not about to wait for a domestic release (God knows when that will be??). A friend I made via the Kylie Minogue message boards from Spain has been kind enough to send me the new CD+DVD combo as well as the first single w/ remixes. The first single is wicked! It is called Retorciendo Palabras and if it's any indication of what the new album is like I am sure I will love it. As it is I am a big Alaska whore, so I am sure I will not be anything but satisfied. You can hear samples of their new album via their brand new website (due to the fact they are no longer w/ Subterfuge and now part of Dro) Below is what the cover looks like. Juanix, my Spanish friend, said he sent them off this week so I should be getting them shortly! I hate waiting! I must get back to listening to my loud bitches mix I just made on my ipod (Mónica Naranjo, Cyndi Lauper, Pattie Labelle, Tina Turner, Anastacia, etc.).

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

CYNDI live on DVD !

Today the new live Cyndi Lauper DVD came out. I've seen her live 3 times and she is simply amazing. I just saw her last February 13 @ the Cadillac Palace here in Chicago. The setlist is pretty much the same setlist. A few tracks from her latest album At Last and tons of hits like some of my personal faves Shine, Change of Heart, All Through The Night, Sisters of Avalon, I Drove All Night, etc. So get your copy today at

Monday, May 24, 2004


My boyfriend and I just got back from Mexico City. It is simply amazing! I live in Chicago and now it seems like such a small place compared to Mexico. It gets such a bad rap. People go on and on about how dangerous it is and what not. Blah blah. I have nothing but good things to say. With a population of 24+ million, it's a very happening city. Lots to see and do. So let's start...with the ANGEL DE LA LIBERTAD...

We stayed in la Zona Rosa which is a great neighborhood in Mexico City. Our hotel, Posada Viena Hotel was in a great location in Colonia Juarez. Pretty much close enough to public transporation, you've never experienced a train system 'til you've taken the metro in Mexico City. Not only is it dirt cheap (by American standards), it's incredibly fast and efficient. We pretty much got around everywhere on it. Below is a picture of us taken at el Templo Mayor in el Zócalo.

El Zócalo is located in the centro histórico. It is a slew of people, markets, shops, etc. As you can imagine we were in heaven. While there we visited el Templo Mayor which are the old ruins that are in the middle of this metropolis. Quite a site to see. Below are two photos. The first in the mercado, and the second of the ruins.

One of my favorite stops was Coyoacán where we visited La Casa Azul, otherwise known as Frida Kalho's house. It was amazing. To be in the very house where the majority of her masterpieces were created was an experience that can not be described.

Another site of interest that has to be seen when visiting Mexico City is the Museo de Antropología (Museum of Anthropology). It contains the original Aztec Calendar, artifacts from the Aztecs and the Mayans and so much more. The trip alone was worth seeing the expression on Rob's face when he saw the Aztec Calendar in person :)

Believe it or not we did not get to experience much nightlife in Mexico City (gasp! shock! horror!) It's a long story. But we did get to go out w/ some new friends. My best friend Alethya is originally from Mexico City so she gave us the hook-up w/ her cousins. So we went out bar hopping and drank tons of tequila. All to my delight :)

So what did we do the majority of our time? Why shop I tell you! Since Rob and I are both CD whores, we were in heaven in Mexico City. Between the two of us we bought at least 100 CD's (that's not including pirated music!!). Let me tell ya about the pirated music in Mexico City. Every corner you go there are bootleg CD's, DVD's (which we bought plenty of), etc. It is bootleg galore! Bought some nicknacks, etc. The one thing I did want but was not able to find were shoes. Everyone in Mexico City has tiny tiny feet! I am a size 12. Granted it's a big size, but it's pretty common here in the States. Well not in Mexico City. The biggest size I could find most of the time was 9 or 10. Needless to say Imelda didn't get to expand her shoe collection this trip. I did find one pair however :) Below is a picture of me in Mix Up the biggest CD chain in Mexico. Holding a copy of Sasha's Siento album. Speaking of Sasha for those of you who cared, I found a copy of her debut on CD the day before I left!

Of course we did not want to come back. But alas we did. Mexico City I will miss you greatly! I hope to go back soon. If I found a job there I would move in a heartbeat! I leave you with some more final images. First is La Zona Rosa where we stayed and the last a view from our cab on the way to the airport.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Virgin Blogger...

I AM A BLOG VIRGIN! This is my first post. I've always seen blogs online and wondered what the hell they were. So as the Cranberries once said: "Everybody else is doing it, so why can't we?" Ok so in this case it's just me. But you get the point. So what exactly will I write about? God only knows. To start off let's start w/ my title...QUIERO SER SANTA. For anyone who knows me they know I have several musical obsessions (we'll get to the others in later posts...TRUST ME!) and one of them happens to be the Mexican Acid Queen herself, Alaska.

Alaska was part of Spain's Movida Madrileña during the post-Franco days. She's fronted several groups since the 80's from Pegamoides to Dinarama to her current act Fangoria. I love this woman! She's not much of a singer but she just exudes this fabulousness that I can't explain. Anyhoo, "Quiero ser santa" is a song from Alaska y Dinarama's 1989 FAN FATAL. It's a really funky trashy new wavey song and it fits me to a tee! Thus when deciding what to name my blog, I thought..."Hey why not Alaska!"

Hopefully I will not bore everyone to death w/ my rantings, opinions, suggestions, etc. So I hope you'll join me in upcoming rants via...QUIERO SER SANTA.