Thursday, September 29, 2005

blame it on the rain

I am trying to do my best and write more than once a week! This week has been a bit calmer workwise. Earlier this week we took some of our MI coworkers to Café Ibérico. Of course we had fun. I can sangría til the cows come home as they say. Last night we took advantage that Rob had free passes to go see Domino starring Kira Knightley.

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Normally I don't care at all for these type of action flicks, but there is something cool about seeing a bad-ass chick on the big screen. It was good, very entertaining and I loved the photography, the colors were so rich and saturated. Though we almost didn't make it because it was pouring out and Tracy and I hauled ass looking for a cab. After a half an hour, we gave up and took the Red line. We made it (barely) and enjoyed a nice dinner afterward. Oh how I'll miss thee Tracy. Hey that rhymes! Eat your hearts out J.J. Fad!

Not much else is going on. I am excited however for this Saturday as my Milwaukee Sister and I are going shopping to IKEA! Sista M is letting me help decorate his new apartment! I can't wait. As I've mentioned time and time again my inner interior decorator is always ready and willing.

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I have been a CD whore since I got back to Chicago and have ordered countless CDs used online, etc. I am on a huge Shakespear's Sister kick of late. Don't know why. I did find 2 of their CDs @ Flipside in MI and last night bought another import @ the Virgin Megastore. Plus I think it has to do w/ the fact that Sibhan Fahey was and is my favorite Bananarama member (she's pictured on the right) :)

I must get back to work. Ta-ta everyone!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

I can't get no sleep

No I have not been dead. I have just been beyond busy at work. Since getting back to Chicago, I've had a huge project and a short deadline. Needless to say my first week back was a 70 hour work week! Yikes! Don't ask me how I did it. The hard part is over. Thank God. I feel so bad having neglected my blog for such a long time. Moving our new account from MI has been a huge transition, in fact it still is, so once we get into the groove of things, hopefully things will go over much smoother. I'm hoping I can actually sneak some blog time in as well. All I've been able to do thus far is update my music selections.

So now that my work excursion to Troy, MI is over....what can I say about my 7 week stint? I don't think I could ever live in MI even if you paid me to. No offense, but it made me realize how much I love Chicago. While I could go on and an about what I disliked, I thought I'd rather make a top 5 of what I did like. Drumroll please:

5. Trent, yes that Trent. It was our very own mini SayHey meet. Trent is such a sweetheart and I am so mad we didn't get to hang out sooner or on more occasions, but being that it was my last night in town, he made quite the effort to show me a good time. We had a blast sipping martinis and eating pizza @ The Living Room. Such a sweetheart! I promise you'll get your Dannii Minogue drunken medley phone call!

4. Bahama Breeze/Flipside, cheesy chain restaurant but the drinks! The drinks! So good! Yummy. I can taste the Pi�a Colada as I type this :) Big shout out to my peeps @ Flipside in Clawson (did someone say Hand Job?)! The best used cd store I've found in a long time. Check out their $4 clearance bin if you can. How did I buy 11 cds in one trip? Hello they had La Toya!

3. Big Beaver Road, yes there is a road in Troy called Big Beaver. And what's even funnier is it is on EXIT 69! I am not making this stuff up people! The perves that came up w/ the street names in Troy should get some kind of medal. Actually in MI overall. Klymax anyone?

2. My coworkers, for keeping me sane. For keeping one another sane. I have to say if I had to be stuck in Troy, MI for 7 weeks I couldn't have asked for a crazier group of people to be stuck with. Mr. Lover, Bananas, Thunderbird Lanes, etc. Good times.

1. Tracy, last but not least my fellow NKOTB whore and all around late 80s/early 90s whore! Can you move to Chicago already? Now that I know you actually read my babble, I must tell you one thing...You're my popsicle from the very first time I met you girl you captured me. Tracy rocks because she knows all the words to Pebbles's ALWAYS album. Let's sing it together...Alwaaaaays.

So as you can see MI wasn't all that bad. But what's ever better is that I am finally home! For good! If I don't have to see an airport for another year I will be happy! Unless it's the international terminal to Spain or Mexico.

Before I case some of you didn't know this already, one of Rob's broads will be gracing Chicago w/ her presence...

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Amanda Miguel will be @ the House of Blues on Friday, Nov. 4! I can guess a few people that might go (ahem...Twin Blogger???). Be prepared for Argentina's loudest bitch and Chicago's loudest fan (aka Rob). Can't wait! 2 broads in one month. First Fangoria @ the Metro and now this! Good times.

So I have been dying to share this w/ you all. But out of the blue I get an email message from my long lost child hood best friend Carlos! Holy shit! I could not believe it! We have not spoken in about 8 years but somehow he tracked me down. Boy am I glad he did. He gave me his number and we relived our childhood via a 3 hour phone conversation. It was so much fun! We are going to get together next time I am in Milwaukee. I came across this picture and had to share it w/ you. I am 12 and he is 10 (can we be any gayer???) and we were on our way to Great America. Check out my Madonna circa LIKE A PRAYER t-shirt! I told you I've always liked her as a brunette. LOL.

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I swear us along w/ my Milwaukee Sister must have been the founding members of the FFA (Future Fags of America)! LOL! I don't want to bore you w/ more gushy details, but I am just floored to have come into contact w/ Carlos again. Now let's not lose contact for another 8 years!

It's getting late and I have to get going to bed. Another lovely week of work. Hopefully it won't be too crazy. Hope everyone's well. I've missed reading your blogs, though I tried my best to keep up while away. In the words of Dannii Minogue: LOVE + KISSES! (BTW check out her new single it's fierce!)

Friday, September 16, 2005

Yes I'm alive...

I've been BEYOND BUSY @ work and really have had no time for anything...blogging, email, social life, etc. I apologize for not updating. I will attempt to do a proper update this weekend. Hope you're all well.

Happy Independence day to MÉXICO today :)