Thursday, June 30, 2005


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I was so sad yesterday. Wanna know why? Becaue my damn novela wasn't on! They were showing some stupid fútbol game!! Who gives a fuck??? I neeed my teen soap fix! Seriously. I think since I was such a loser in high school, I want to live vicariously through all the fresa characters that televisa spews out. Couldn't you just see me hanging w/ them? I would look hot in one of those lolita-esque prepa uniforms. Hot!

I would have posted earlier...but I was actually busy! WTF! My boss assigned me to work on a small project. Thank god I was about ready to die from boredom.

Can I tell you all about my ride home yesterday? So I get on the train to go home and what do I discover the minute I enter the car? The air conditioning was not working! Holy hot! Another reason why I hate summer. It was the longest ride ever! I even got off a stop early because I could not breathe anymore. Can it be fall yet?


Wednesday, June 29, 2005

No somos números

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So we had a blast @ Donna Summer last night! It was so hot though! Ugh! It was free, and she was fierce! Rob was able to save seats for us, fortunately for me I found Eddie & Jorge. It was so much fun. Eddie and Rob were hilarious, fagging out at every song practically! I don't know what there were more of...homos or middle aged black women? There was this one guy w/ a red do-rag that was hilarious! My only complaint was she really didn't do any 80s material other than She Works Hard For The Money. Come on I was so hoping to hear This Time I Know It's For Real. It was a blast!

So since work is still slow, I've been browing other people's profiles and blogs via blogger. So I come across a blog from this girl in Mexico who was talking about her childhood obsession w/ Micro Chips! Holy shit do you remember them?

OMG I used to love them! They were this cheesy "rock" band w/ all kids. I guess you could say their main competition was Onda Vaselina. Anyhoo...I was just floored that there was this website. Go check it out! No somos números...oooh...aaaah. Some of the members even went on to groups such as Fobia, Moderatto, La Lupita, Aroma, etc. BTW you can download all of their albums on the site I found...on the downloads page!

My Rebelde obsession is growing! It's like I can't wait to go home now so I can watch today's episode! I swear sometimes I am a 13 year old girl.


Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Bored 2.0

Image hosted by Photobucket.comSo today we are going to go see Donna Summer for free at the Taste of Chicago. Should be fun as both Rob and Eddie are such big fans. I've never really gotten into her. I'm hoping this show she'll win me over, because I've been jamming out to her the past few days in preperation for the show. Should be fun! I think it's time I make a Donna Summer mix on my ipod. Hmmm...I think I'll start off w/ her SAW comeback This Time I Know It's For Real. BTW Sista M is back from Puerto Rico and he brought Rob and I Iris Chacón cd's! Yeah! Sorry you had to miss pride. There's always Market Days!

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The above photo was taken of me when I was 19 months old when we lived in Torreón, Coahuila México. I love my swanky top! I notice that so many people post baby pics, so I figured...what the heck! Finally have a working scanner at home so I am sure you'll all be seeing more.

So this weekend I visited my mom before she leaves for a 2 week trip to Mexico. We went to Potawatomi. Holy crap is that place crazy! People are so into it. If you ever go, go up to the non-smoking section, it's a much more pleasant experience. I won $60 btw :) So since I took Chus along *who was such a good boy on the way there and back* we met up w/ Garrota and her baby! Here is a pic! They had so much fun together. Even if half the time Bili was trying to rape Chus! Oh no!

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So I started watching Rebelde. I don't know what it is about cheesy teen soaps that suck me in? It's pretty awful and the characters have to be the most annoying but I can't stop watching. It's been 2 days and I'm already hooked? Uff! I already told you how annoying Anahí is...but that ugly blonde kid. Giovanni...eeeew! The other day I wanted to slap him. I think what gets me is all the cheesy English-language sayings they like to add...Es que soy un loser. Ha ha ha!

I can't think if there is anything else I needed to write about. Hmmm...oh well, if I get bored again I will write some more. Ciao for now!



Work is still slow and since I was bored I decided to post my top 5 most annoying celebrities....drum roll please....

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  1. Renée Zellweger: I can't stand her! She always looks like she's constipated and she's all oily. Eeew! Eeew! She jut gets on my nerves.
  2. Tom Cruise: I know some of you like him out there, but I just don't get the appeal whatsoever. First of all I think he's not attractive, and his movies are beyond dull. Plus he needs to get his head out of his ass.
  3. Jessica Alba: Can there be a more self-hating Mexican? She's such a coconut!
  4. Thalía: Ever since Thalía signed to EMI she's been on my shitlist. I used to love her when she was all campy and trashy in the early 90s. Plus when she covered Alaska's A quién le importa, that just sealed the deal. She's just too full of herself for her own good.
  5. Anahí: My latest addition. I've recently starting watching Rebelde...OMG is she annoying! What happend to her nose? She's just so wrong. Hola Daaaaaaady

Ok enough ranting. Like I said I was bored at work and couldn't think of anything else to write about. I'll post more later.


Monday, June 27, 2005

Holy Drunk

it went something like this "omg biach, estoy bien en pedo, so guey! omg glennys we are so drunk, biach  you need to come to chicago right now, omg my friends want to say hi to you- everyone say hello to glennys" and all i heard was a real loud hello from a bunch of people and then i lost the call. locos.

That is a direct quote from Glennys. I drunk dialed her yesterday at pride. And my cousin Mari, Ricky, J-lola, and god knows who else! It was a blast, and apparently I got really drunk! I mean really! I keep hearing little tidbits from everyone. OMG!

Unfortunately I don't remember a lot of details. Not even the ride home! Oh no! My Milwaukee Sister would have been proud! Poor Rob. I was so wasted that he really didn't get to go out. Sorry booboo :( I'll make it up to you :P

I would write more but so many details are blurry...


Friday, June 24, 2005

Lookout weekend

Tonight I am heading to Mootown to help my Mom w/ some things before she goes to Mexico. Chus will joining me in the overnight trip :) I think we are gonna head out to the casino. The trip will be short because the Gay Pride Parade is this Sunday. It should be a drunken adventure that I am sure you will all hear about on Monday. Don't forget girls...(Glennys & Meiver) I still owe you your drunk calls! Hot! So for those of you who do end up going out this weekend to your respective Pride event...

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Thursday, June 23, 2005

8 o'clock

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I posted the pics from Eddie's going away on flickr. I think I am becoming addicted to it. Thanks twin. Enjoy the pics. Hope this link works.

Not much is really going on. Work is sooooo slow right now. I guess I can't complain. Calm before the storm as they say. Since I've been so bored I've been checking out other's links from their blogs. My twin blogger (wow 2 shoutouts in one post!) had this link and I am obsessed with it! Basically people send in postcards annonymously and reveal a secret. They create their own postcard (that's where the creative part comes in). I so want to do this!

Since so many of you were telling me how much you liked my apartment, I am gonna try and put my wannabe interior design skills to use! My friend at work is having me come over to her condo and give her advice on what colors to paint her place. Fun! I live for shit like this!


Wednesday, June 22, 2005


First of all I am tired, and cranky. Last night's going away for my Milwaukee Sister was a hoot! I made spaghetti and meatballs and spinich salad (and Jorgillo helped). Yummy. It was delicious. Plus we were all fuckin' starving. Anyhoo...after two bottles of wine it was time to go to bed as I had to take Sista M to Midway at 5:30 am! best bring me back my Iris Chacón cd's! LOL! And that hot new cute boy singer! Not sure if you'll be reading this while you are in PR but just in case, have a blast! But I am sure you are too busy gawking at Ricky Martín and Charlie Massó look-alikes...or dancing at Re-GAY-tón night! Ha ha ha! I took pics but I will post them later.

Things are super slow at work right now, with that being said, it's making it really hard to get through the day. I can only surf the net so much. Good new though. Today is the day Chus gets his stitches out! Yay! Now he can have a bath. We have not been able to bathe him because of the stitches. I am sure he's thrilled though. He has to be clean for our little side trip. We are visiting Grandma Friday night and Saturday during the day. Don't worry I'll be home early enough Sat. to veg before my day of drinking and drunken stupidness (aka Gay Pride).

Being that I am so bored I took this little quiz. Take it. Amuse me.

Which "Saved By The Bell" Character Are You?

Only difference between me and her is that I don't star on daytime soaps now. Mokay! That's all for now.


Tuesday, June 21, 2005


So my twin blog singed me up for a Flickr account. I really have no idea what it is, all I know is that I can post pictures and people can comment on them. To start off I posted a bunch of pics I took of our apartment this weekend (out of utter boredom). Click to enlarge...

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To see the actual pics you must go to my flickr page. Now as to how you actually get to my account? Not sure...let's try this. Let me know if it works! Actually I think it does.

Tonight we are having a slumber party to send off my Milwaukee Sister as tomorrow he is leaving to Puerto Rico. I hope I don't get drunk. Should be fun as our adopted Milwaukee Sister Jorge will be joining us. We are gonna watch slutty Paola e Chiara videos! Hence the Italian meal.

I have to pretend to look busy at work. It's so slow. I'm od'ing on starburst and reading People magazine. Joy. It's only Tuesday.


Monday, June 20, 2005


Again I stayed in this weekend. Chus is doing soooo much better, and we couldn't be more thrilled! Anyhoo I was on house arrest again, watching him. It's ok as it gives me lots of time to get things done around the house, mainly clean, etc. A friend was to have come over...but I got stood up AGAIN. 2 times now. Sorry, enough is enough as Ms. Donna Summer would say.

So this weekend was the Puerto Rican parade/festival/whatever it's called. Damn I have never heard so many ghetto blasters blaring Reggaetón in my life! But I have a stupid question? Why does every Puerto Rican guy in my neighborhood have that awful Daddy Yankee hairdo?? You know the one I'm talking looks like someone licked his head, like a bad ceaser haircut. LOL. To further iterate my rambling, check out the above picture of Mr. Yankee. BTW when are they gonna stop plucking their eyebrows!!! Enough already!! Hope I'm not offending anyone (Sista M)...but damn! As they say...Gay or Puerto Rican? LOL!

So the other thing I did this weekend was watch season 4 of Queer as Folk. It's such an awful show, but whatever I find it to be a guilty pleasure if you will. What I did watch though (and loved to bits) was season 1 of Reno 911...holy hilarious! OMG...I loved it! An old freelancer here at work told me that it would be right up my alley as it's pretty out there. She was right! Can't wait to see the other seasons.

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So I recently ordered some CDs from a CD collector in Mexico City. I was looking for an out-of-print Alejandra Avalos CD and out of curiosity I asked the guy if he happened to have a CD by ex-Locomía Frances Picas. Well I nearly wet myself when he told me he did. Needless to say I almost died when my package arrived last Friday. Holy shit! I've been looking for his CD since 1994! It fuckin' rocks! So since I am sure there are other Locomía whores out there (Patty and crew) I present today's song of the day: LOCOS POR AMOR by Frances Picas. This was his one hit in Mexico (not sure about the rest of the Spanish speaking world). Anyhoo enjoy! The funny thing is this was the very first song I downloaded (and looked for) when I first got Napster years ago. Enough rambling...enjoy the song everyone!

Friday, June 17, 2005

No me extraña nada

Today is Sasha Sökol's birthday! 2 of my divas in one week! She's 35. I'm jamming out to my Sasha playlist. I only wish I was Mexico so I could watch Big Brother VIP. I found this cool fan site that chronicles all that goes down in la casa más famosa de México. Here's hoping she wins!

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Turns out that my Milwaukee Sister and I will get another chance for our Milwaukee Homecoming. As a child I was forced to partake in what is called Mexican Fiesta, an annual festival that takes place every year during the last weekend of August. My parents were on the Board of Directors, and were ultimately in charge of the Entertainment lineup each year. That was years ago and turns out that this year they are actually bringing someone I LIKE! Alejandra Guzmán!!! Now we can sing Lipstick together along w/ her!! About time they brought someone decent. At least when my parents were there they actually brought good people. After they left it turned into a Tejano fest. Eeew...the least they could have done was bring hot ass Bobby Pulido. Grrr.

Pride is coming up, and unfortunately Rob is working that weekend. I wasn't even gonna go but at his insistence that I do go, I decided...why the hell not! So I am gonna hang out w/ Jorge and a few of his friends and hit some parties. God knows I don't need to see the parade. What's the point? You've seen one drunk fag gyrating on a float, or a scary dyke on a've seen them all. I don't need a parade to tell me how I'm proud to be gay. Hello...I just want to drink! Should be interseting. Let's see how long I last. 2 years ago all I ate were french toast sticks, and about 3 pitchers of long island ice teas! Maybe now I can return the drunk call favor to Glennys and Meiver!'ve been warned.

Hope everyone has a good weekend! I will be staying in w/ Chus again and watching Queer As Folk, since Sista M lent me season 4. It's not even a good show, but hey it gives me something to do!


Wednesday, June 15, 2005


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So as I mentioned yesterday was Alaska's bday, so I listend to lots and lots of her music. I was bored and took a picture of my Alaska CD Wall. What a dork, I know! Amuse me. Since it's been forever since I posted a song for you all I'm sharing a cool cover that Fangoria did w/ Victor Coyote. It's a cover of Gloria Trevi's Amor apache!!! It's wicked. Here it is!

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So remember how I was going on and on about this hot new actor, Juan Vidal in that bad Mexican movie Desnudos? Well I obtained some hunky pics of him from the movie and just had to share w/ you all. Enjoy!

I have a huge announcement to make. For those of you who read my blog regularly (humor me I know someone must!)...I am sure you have seen me utter the words Milwaukee Sister on many an occasion. Well the fiercest bitch I know has decided it's time he start his own blog! Oh no! I can't wait! You have all been warned, starting July 1st my Hermana de Milwaukee will have his own fierce blog! So in anticipation, I've created this little coming attraction for you all. Remember: bookmark it now...Chicago Sexbox!!! Time to change my Cotex Sista M!

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Te quiero porque eres sucía...

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It's Alaska's birthday today! All hail the Mexican Acid Queen! To celebrate I will listen to all things Alaska today (desde Pegamoides hasta Fangoria). If you're bored check out this awesome fan site!

Monday, June 13, 2005


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With all that's been going on I totally forgot that it's been a year already that I started blogging! I started doing this just for fun, and it's turned into a bit of an addiction. Just spewing out my random thoughts, ranting when needed, meeting new people (like my twin), reading all of your blogs (which has become a daily routine for me). Thanks for all of you who actually read this, and don't make too much fun of me! LOL!

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I was on Chus duty all weekend :) He's doing so much better! He's getting back to his normal old self, a spoiled brat! But I wouldn't have it any other way. He should have his stitches out next week. Let's hope this week goes fast as I am sure he doesn't want to wear that damn lamp shade anymore (actually it's an e-collar...but it sure as hell looks like one.

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Why are all men from Chile so fuckin hot?? One of my crushes is back on some new novela on Univision. I have no idea when it's on...but damn is he hot! BTW his name is Christian de la Fuente. Grrr!

So since Rob has started working part-time on the weekends I am so bored! I guess I am not used to having all this time to myself, I don't know what to do with it! I cleaned the house, I organized the pantry. I watched a gazillion movies. Anyhoo I hate to bore you all w/ my boring weekend (I know they are usually more exciting). So I won't continue anymore. Til we meet again.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Heatwave 2.0

Chus is coming home today! I am so happy!


I am still awaiting to hear from the clinic to find out if Chus can come home today. Cross your fingers. Rather than sit here and twiddle my thumbs, I figured I would catch up on my blogging.

Can I just tell you how disgusted I am w/ the weather? I H A T E summer! Hate it! Hate it! Hate it!!!!!!! I just can't stand the muggy, sticky, nasty heat. I know there are probably some of you who think I am on crack, i'd take a 10 below zero day over a 90º day! To think it's just starting. Can't it just be fall everyday? How I miss cool nights, sweaters, rain, etc. I think it's time to look into Seattle.

So w/ all that happened to Chus recently I never got around to talking about Memorial Day weekend. As I mentioned previously my cousins from Milwaukee came up. We had lunch at Café Ibérico and had tons of yummy Sangría! My God those girls have livers of iron! They didn't even get a buzz from the fabulous mango and strawberry margaritas! We went to my favorite Mexican restaurant, Puebla, and my Milwaukee Sister and I got super trashed...super fast! OMG it was hilarious. Don't ask me how many times we sang Dookie Shoot at the table. Oh but the fun's just begun! They have karaoke on the weekends, and usually you have to listen to some 40+ year old warble some José José hit or some queen and his fag hag sing Selena. Well since Eddie and I were sooooo shitfaced, we were like "if they have LIPSTICK we should sing it". So Rob, who was probably also tipsy, went up to find out if they had it. Well they did! After waiting forever, and drinking more to get enough courage to sing in front of a restaurant full of was finally our turn. After laughing uncontrolably for about the first verse, I joined my Milwaukee Sister in our ultimate moment of fierceness. It was hilarious!!! Some nasty Juan Gabriel looking queen came up and started gyrating us (as you'll see in the pics below). It was too funny! I think that was the gayest moment that restaurant has ever seen. I can't wait to go back! Now for your viewing pleasure...

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Six Feet Under began Monday. Unfortunately we don't have cable anymore so Janet was nice enough to let us watch it at her place. Can't believe it's ending. Sniff sniff. Not much else is really going on. A trip to Milwaukee on Saturday is pending. We were gonna go to PrideFest in Milwaukee to go see Taylor Dayne and RuPaul. I was really looking forward to it...but in all honesty I don't think I will be able to leave Chus alone even if it's only for a few hours. My poor baby needs me to care for him. So looks like it will be a blockbuster night...err netflix night I should say. Who goes to Blockbuster anymore?

All right I must stop for now as I actually have work to do today!!!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


When I wrote last Thursday, I had mentioned that Chus was home w/ us. Well something told me to stay home with him on Friday. Glad I did. His condition did not get any better, and I had to take him back to vet that same day. After much speculation the vet told me that I would most likely have to take him to clinic out in the burbs. She was recommended that he would have to have a surgery that would involve enlarging his uretha (scary!!). After spending $$ of money at the vet, which I will no longer take him to anymore, we took Monday off (well I did) and drove out to the burbs to a special clinic. There they took an ultrasound, and the vet was speculating that it could be his liver. Turns out he was right. The Dr. said that a blood vessel was not going through the liver and around it, therefore his bladder was filling up w/ blood. Yesterday they performed surgery on him and I have spoken w/ the Vet several times and Chus is doing wonderful! My poor baby! He's gone through so much and has been such a tropper through all of this. Hopefully tomorrow we can bring him home, granted that he is able to pee w/ out his catheter. I can't even begin to explain the stress and anguish we went through. It was the worst feeling in the world not knowing what was wrong w/ him nor that we couldn't do anything to make him better. He has to stay at the ICU where he will be undergoing constant care. For those of you with pets (Glennys), I highly recommend you looking into CareCredit®. It's a wonderful option as vet bills can be very expensive, and unfortunately you usually have to pay up front 9 times out of 10. With their help we are able to pay for Chus's surgery :) Again thanks to everyone for all ur kind words. I'll post more later on. Hope you're all well.

Thursday, June 02, 2005


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We can bring our baby home today! Thanks everyone for ur kind words and good thoughts :) I'll post properly tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Chus is very sick and has been already hospitalized for a day. I won't go into details right now, but we're hoping for a very speedy recovery. We are both heartbroken and I'd appreciate your good thoughts and prayers. When I have some good news I will post an update.