Friday, March 31, 2006

Missing My Baby

I just realized that today marks 11 years ago that Selena was murdered. I must say, as morbid as this may sound, I am grateful for that. 11 years ago my parents opened up their Spanish language record store in Milwaukee, WI and at the time we had barely been open a few weeks. People started coming in and looking for her CDs. It was so awful how some people didn't even know who she was but would come in and say things like the following (no I am not making this up): No tienen discos de ésa, la que mataron. LOL! It's awful I know...I'm surprised her father has not released another compilation to milk her death like he does every 6 months or so. Anyhoo as a result of that business took off. If it hadn't, I would have never met many of the wonderful friends that I made back then because they were customers.

While I was looking for what picture to include I came across this one where she looks like she could have switched places w/ Jeanette Jurado from Exposé.

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I swear Selena must have wanted to be a freestyle singer. My favorite Selena song ever is a pseudo freestyle song from 1989 entield MY LOVE. On the spoken linear notes of the album it came from, her brother (who I swear has to be gay) explains that they were going for a club sound a la Sweet Sensation and Exposé! Hot! In all honesty she was a hell of a singer, and I think to be a freestyle singer you either had to be nasal and tone deaf (Lil' Suzy) or loud and puerto rican (Denise Lopez, India, etc.). Ha ha!

As much as I enjoy Selena's Spanish language music, it's her English lanaguage and Spanish pop songs that I enjoy the most. I just found this live clip of her singing one of my favorite songs she's ever recorded, Missing My Baby. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Stepmom fever

Image hosting by PhotobucketSo the other day my booboo bought the telenovela La Madrasta (the Stepmother) on DVD. First off let me say that these condensed versions of Spanish language soaps are the best! I can totally watch them at my own leisure (I've already watched Rubi & Clase 406) and they cut out all the unimportant stuff and just get to the good stuff if you will. As the BF has already noted on his blog I have become ADDICTED to this! There are 3 double sided discs, the total running time is 11 hours, and I am already on disc 2 side 2! I love it! I totally want to come home and just watch it for hours. If I didn't have to work tomorrow I would stay up and finish the whole thing! LOL! This soap is great as it's über trashy and super addicting. But I have a question about one of the characters for those of you who have watched it. When we first meet Michelle "ass face" Vieth's character in jail w/ María (Victoria Ruffo...btw everytime they say her name I hear the theme song from Simplemente María of which she was also the protoganist), she has a Mexican accent. A few scenes later she has the most bizarre (I'm assuming) Brazilian accent! WTF!?! Can someone explain this to me?? And before you ask Sista M, there is one cute boy...

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José Luis Reséndez as Greco.

Other than watching soaps on DVD I've pretty much been busy at work. I just got put on a new project for the next couple of months, and it's really exciting and I got my raise. Not much but hey, something's better than nothing.

I made a brief trek up to Milwaukee this past Friday to visit my Mom before she left to Mexico for the new 2 weeks. It was a nice night out as we went out for dinner and the obligatory trip to Potawatomi Casino where I won $86! Woo hoo! We bought groceries w/ it. Exciting I know. On the downside, our baby Chus got sick late Friday evening and most of Saturday because I wasn't home. My poor baby. He started to feel better after I got home and eventually was back to his playful self the rest of the weekend.

I haven't posted a vid in awhile. Today I am going to pick one of my favorite songs from one of my childhood idols. By 1993 Deborah Gibson was pretty much a has been but she released her best album to date, Body Mind Soul. It contains some great dance songs as well as her usual sappy ballads. But one ballad in particular stood out, that being the first single Losin' Myself. While it was not a hit, I think it barely charted at #98, it was new sound for Ms. Gibson vocally (she sings at a lower register) and musically. Plus she looks hot as a stripper in the video w/ her then new brunette hairdo. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Dream Virgin

Have you ever had a sex dream about a celebrity? I am sure we all have. But do you remember your first? Who took your dream virginity?

I don't remember how old I was, but I do remember I was in high school and the taker of my dream virginity...

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Fernando Colunga! Grrrrr! I don't remember much of how I ended up w/ him, all I remember was he was ponding my mangina on the bathroom floor at the local swiming pool! Hot!

I've had a crush on him ever since. Even though he's a little too chiseled now, and I'm not digging the über tan. I'd still do him.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Hangover Monday

So Sunday was the infamous outing for my Milwaukee Sister's birthday. Holy shit did we get tore up! It was a blast, the combination of countless pitchers of long island ice tea, über cheesy music courtesy of our fave Bobby (she's fierce! she played Vanessa Williams, Betty Boo, Sweet Sensation, Pebbles, Michel'le, Corina, etc.), and the right people made for a fabu night! Don't ask me how many pitchers we actually drank, I lost count at 7. We met some lovely people from NYC that I befriended and talked their ears off....we ran into Charlie and his fierce boyfriend...they all watched in amazement as I performed the choreography to Deborah 'Don't Call Me Debbie' Gibson's 80s teen anthem Electric Youth...and God knows what else we did.

I don't remember what time we got home, I just remember knocking out and having eaten 3 slices of pizza at the Pie Hole. That place is so good when you're shit faced! We were pretty rowdy, so I think they asked us to leave at some point. Oh well.

I woke up with a nasty headache Monday morning, but after downing some aspirin and about a gallon of water I felt much better after going back to sleep. I think I was pondering how many drunk calls I made! LOL! I've heard 2 so far. Someone should make my greatest hits of me drunk dialing.

Being that I took Monday off in my Sista M's honor, my Boo boo and I spent the day together and took in a movie in the afternooon, Ask The Dust:

Being that I am obsessed w/ all things Salma Hayek and have an über crush on Colin Farrell, it was nice seeing them both on the big screen. My biggest complaint is that the movie was too long. What's w/ movies being 2 or more hours lately?? It didn't get interesting til about half way through, and I still don't know what Idina Menzel's character was doing in the movie. She just came out of nowhere. Enough w/ that.

I am at work awaiting feedback from our client, so I'm taking advantage and writing in my blog today.

I need to start hauling ass on a look for my blog. It's beginning to look as tired as Jay Manuel's fried bleached locks on ANTM...Scurry!!!

Ta ta!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Playas check it out

I'd just like to take a moment and say...

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My Milwaukee Sister is the fiercest bitch I know! It's so funny how we knew one another while living in that shithole, I mean our hometown, via mutual friends but it wasn't until we were both living here in Chicago that we realized how fierece one another was and quickly became sistas! So to all you out there in blog land, don't think of today as St. Patrick's Day, think of today is Sista M Day! To you on your special day, I dedicate the following:

In the words of Debbie Deb, Lookout weekend here we come!. Love ya!


Sunday, March 12, 2006

Mo' Ritmo

So I was looking through some old pictures when I came across this:

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Yes it's real. And yes I actually wrote a fan letter to Gerardo and he send me an autographed picture. Loser! I had such a crush on him! LOL! When did he hit big? 1991 I believe? I must have been like 14. I just can't get over what he wrote.

To my Homeboy Joe. Stay "SUAVE". Gerardo.

Lol! Can you believe I thought he was hot? He had a nice body sure, but that creepy headband and nasty hair extensions. Eeew.

To further our amusement:

I think he's a born again Christian. May the Lord be with him.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

HR 4437

I've been über busy at work and therefore have not been able to blog all week. My knee is doing much better in case you care. But the point of my post is about the march that I viewed from my office window this past Friday. My coworker was in the midst of things and took some pics. She's allowed me to share some with you:

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

It was amazing to see how passionate all these people are about the state of immigration in the US. What was even more wonderful was that so many people from so many different backgrounds all came together for this cause. Corny as it may sound, I'm being completly honest.

I'm ashamed to say that I had no idea this march was even going to occur. Sometimes I am in my own little world. But while I was looking out the window you could see blocks and blocks of people marching all in opposition of HR 4437. This rather hits close to home for me as last year my father was deported. This is something I have never really written about in my blog just because at the time it was all too much to take in. In all honesty it is a very complex and long story that I don't feel like going into right now.

What pisses me off is the pompous attitude that so many "Americans" have regarding immigration, and illegal aliens. Unless you're a Native American than you have absolutely no right to bitch. Somewhere down the line your ancestors came here from another country. Sorry these illegal aliens are taking away such precious jobs. I am sure Miss Lily White Republican really wanted that job bussing tables at the local Mexican dive restaurant.

Anyhoo...I'd like to get off my political soapbox now.

We didn't end up seeing Anything Box last night. We were broke and in all honesty I didn't want to be standing for so long, especially since my knee is just getting better.

I am so looking forward to next Sunday as we will be going out for my Milwaukee Sister's white trash bday throwdown! It's gonna be a blast!

While looking at the Chicago Reader the other day I noticed we're in the midst of the European Film Festival here in Chicago. You can get more info on what films are playing here. There is a film from Spain that I want to see called 20 CENTIMETROS playing March 23. Anyone wanna go? Twing blogger how 'bout you??

Speaking of my Twin Blogger, her URL has changed. Visit her blog at

Btw I am soooo excited that America's Next Top Model premiered last week! Nnenna all the way! Jade needs to go down!

I'm out.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


So this past Friday I was getting up after having snoozed seven thousand times. As I extened my leg to get up something snapped. Literally. For some reason I could not move my knee, I was in an awful lot of pain. About 3 years ago I stretched a ligament in my knee and had to wear a brace on my leg and use crutches. Needless to say my knee is feeling a lot better. But it still doesn't feel fully healed. Soo...I am going to try and see if my Doctor can see me this week, just because I don't want this to become something worse that it really is. Wish me luck.

So one of my favorite 90s relics has finally emerged via a new group! Betty Boo was a UK rapper that had some fabu music in the early 90s that combined dance, hip hop and all that is cheese! I was a big dork and I think I was one of 4 people in the US who actually bought her albums at regular price upon their release (because they were always in the cut-out bin). She took some time off to take care of her sick mother, but now she is back after writing some hits for some UK teen acts. She's hooked up w/ Alex James of Blur and formed a new band called Wigwam! They have a hot new video and Ms. Boo looks f-ing fierce!

I've been singing this song for days! Before I forget I wanted to wish my favorite MI broad, Tracy a happy belated birthday!

I'd write more but I've been out the last 2 days and have way too much to catch up on! Take care everyone!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Last night we went to see Moenia @ the Metro. I enoyed the show, though it was rather short. But I have to admit (and don't hate me Sista M), after awhile alot of their songs sound a like. A song would start and I'd be like didn't they just sing that one?! LOL. That tends to happen w/ electronic music sometimes. Overall I enjoyed it other than this guy that pissed me off (he wouldn't let me go through and I didn't feel like dealing with it; so I went off to side and joined everyone after being coaxed by Rob and Jorge), sorry for my drama queen time out. Sorry guys. But the most annoying thing was this NASTY straight couple next to me that were practically fucking. He was the size of Big Pun and she the size of his leg! I kidd you not. Towards they end they were pushing one another and I felt like I was smack dab in the middle of an episode of Laura en América.

Speaking of concerts I just found out that my all-time favorite rock en español band is coming to Chicago....

FOBIA!!!!! OMG!!!!! I adore them!!! They reunited a year or two ago for a greatest hits album/tour in Mexico and last year released a new album entitled Rosa Venus. The last time I saw them was probably 1996. I was like 19 and it was at the House of Blues. I remember we went for Alethya's birthday. They actually did a show here like 2 years ago but hardly anyone knew about it. I was soooooo pissed that I didn't know about it. Anyhoo I am so geeked that they are coming. OMG! Only bad thing is it's my boo boo bday weekend! Though we are going to see Ladytron for is bday. BTW...the show is Saturday, April 22 @ the Aragon.

So guess who just got tickets for RBD at the AllState Arena? I got great tickets! 19th row Section 3! Woo hoo! I know I'm such a homo. LOL. It's May 20 and I am sure it's gonna be full of fags and 14 year old girls.

So this weekend I did something that I hadn't done for 1.5 years. I listened to Martika. It's been awhile since the whole incident occurred. I've been having withdrawls lately if you will. Plus I kept seeing all these signs everywhere. Enough with that. I must say I missed hearing a lot of those songs. I'm not saying I'm gonna become a geeky fan again, I'm just saying at least I can go back and enjoy the music of my childhood again. Besides that first album is über trashy dance pop fun!

Speaking of pop music I purchased 2 cd's recently on used. One is from ex-Miss Universe (and ex-Mrs. Marc Anthoy) Dayanara Torres and the other by Cita y sus muñecas rotas. First off let's start w/ Ms. Torres. Holy shit! This album is F I E R C E! It's über gay dance. Think late 90s dance (Minerva, Sentidos Opuestos, Meyra Cordova). The other is from a goth pop/rock group Cita y sus muñecas rotas. Some of you may remember Cita from the Mexican soap Alcanzar una estrella. She played Cecilia and her hair was really short and bleach blond, kinda like that psycho workout lady from the 90s, Susan Powter or whatever the hell her name was. Anyhoo I've been looking for their one and only album and I finally found it for decent price used. Loving it! In facct here's a song for you all....

Cita y sus muñecas rotas En las calles obscuras

I feel like I've blogged enough for today. Must get back to work. Ciao bellos...