Friday, December 31, 2004

missing in action

hello everyone! today is new year's eve. i just finally got my internet back up. so much has happened all week. just a few highlights (as i'll write more later): we got chus!!! he was a little scared the first night but now he has already adapted to his new home :), the move is pretty much over; only one!! i fell down while we were moving our platform bed, i slipped and slammed my back into a stair. i'm ok, a little sore. i have to leave right now to go clean at the old place. first i must go to home depot and buy something to repair some scratches on the hardwood floor. not sure what we are doing tonight. i feel so out of it. i have been sick all week. needless to say i got a 2 week vacation (sin querer). i have off all next week so hopefully i'll be back to normal (*blog, etc.). take care everyone! happy new year! i'll post some pics of chus and of the new place soon! xoxo....

Thursday, December 23, 2004


La mala educación was awesome! Almodóvar outdid himself once again. How does this man keep churning out these wonderful movies? I admit there have been a few duds (Matador, Live Flesh); but otherwise I have to say I am highly impressed w/ his body of work. I am not going to get into details about the plot since I know some of you haven't seen it yet, but I must say I highly enjoyed it. I love how the whole story line is basically a throw back to the character that Carmen Maura played in La ley del deso. Can we talk about how hot Gael looks as a woman? Mamasita! All the actors were wonderful, and though his role was brief Javier Cámara was f*ckin' hilarious! Now I just need to get the bootleg. Yes they already have them here in Chicago. Leave it to the Mexicans :)

Guess which trashy broad has released a new album? LORENA HERRERA!!!! This past Sat. she was on Otro Rollo and was hawking her calendar and performed a dance remix of her new single Abrázame. OMG! I want it so bad. Thus far it's only been released in Mexico. I stole this cover pic from ebay. I figured it deserved to be stolen since the seller was asking a whopping $35 dollars for it! It only costs $73 pesos (which is less than $7US!!!). If any of you know me, I can't get enough of this hussy. Doesn't she look like a man? I love her! Soy tu querida tentación, tu mayor tentación, tu modelo de mujer.... My dearest Salvador says he will pick this up for me when he goes to Tijuana. You rock!

So we have decided to move this Sunday, the 26th. Everyone that can help is available that date. Fine with me. Only shitty thing is U-Haul won't have my truck ready until 2:30pm. I wanted to start in the morning. Oh well. So with the early move we can get Chus earlier :) Now many of you must be wondering where that name came from? Well about a year ago Rob and I were gonna get a Pug. Our trannie neighbor downstairs had one, so we decided against it. We were so gung-ho on a girl dog. See the name Chus is in honor of one of our favorite Chicas Almodóvar, Chus Lampreave. For any Almodóvar freaks like us, Chus has appeared in several of his films. Most notably as Sor rata de callejón in Entre tineblas/Dark Habits and as Leo's mother in Flower Of My Secret. We both think she is adorable and has the cutest little face, just like a puppy. So that's where the name has come. Quite honestly the name is perfect for either a boy or girl puppy. Here is a picture of Chus Lampreave from Flower Of My Secret:

Years ago I came across a picture of Divine sitting on Santa's lap. I've never been able to find it again. I wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas using that visual, but since I couldn't find it I thought this one would do. It's Divine judging some Ms. Alternative Beauty Contest in the 70s. The red lady kinda looks like a Christmas tree. Have a Merry Xmas everyone!

Song of the day: Alegre Navidad-Eydie Gorme

Wednesday, December 22, 2004


I don't think I've been anticipating a movie this bad in years! We're gonna catch the 7:15 showing of La mala educación. My review tomorrow! Buenas noches.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Mar adentro

Jesus Christ is it cold out! I thought my legs were gonna freeze off this morning when I was waiting for the el. I love it! What a busy weekend?! Friday after work I picked up Yesenia and we made it down to IKEA by 8pm, so we had 2 hours to shop! I am very proud of myself. I had a $300 budget and I only spent half! Can you belive that?? I only went to get an entertainment center & bar stools. I thought I was gonna go over. Below you can see what I actually bought. Instead of buying your run-on-the-mill entertainment center, I decided to try something different. I had been debating this one for a bit from it's photo in the catalog but once we were actually in the store, I knew I had to have it. Isn't it funky? It's like your high school locker or something. I also picked up 2 of these swanky bar stools for our breakfast bar. I had my hot dog from Ikea, all was well.

Saturday we slept in. Decided to go to the movies since I wanted to see the new Javier Bardem film, The Sea Inside or Mar adentro in Spanish. Wow! Javier was simply amazing. The film is based on the true story of a paraplegic man who wants to end his own life, willingly. The story was so moving. I really don't want to give away too much about it, but I highly recommend this film to you all. I smell an Oscar nomination for Mr. Bardem.

Yesterday was hell! After not getting much sleep we had to get up early on a Sunday to start moving stuff into our new place. My parents, bless their souls, came down from Milwaukee to help out. Between my Dad and myself, we loaded about 20+ boxes into our respective cars combined. It was cold as hell, but we did it. My friend Alex came down from Milwaukee as well to paint for us. The living room is now avacado green and the dining room is an orange/red. We love it! Our landlord said it was ok for us to move in, so we are gonna take boxes every night this week (except Wed., more on that in a sec) so we can clear as much as possible out of the old apartment. We basically have 2 weeks to move! I can't stand it!

The day we've been waiting for all year has FINALLY come!!! This Wed. La mala educación/Bad Education opens in Chicago. God damn! It's about time I say! That's all for now. Ta-ta!

Song of the day: To Know Your Name-Lindsay Lohan

Friday, December 17, 2004


So last night on my way home I got stuck on the train, again! It took me an hour to go home on the Orange line! Can we move already? This week is draggin'. I think it's because I am so anxious to move out already. If it were up to me, I would have brought everything the night we signed our lease. This weekend we are gonna get started taking stuff over. Woo hoo!

Before I go on, I have a special birthday message to my Soul Sista, aka Lambchop, La princesa polaca, etc.:

I have a plea to all of you out there in blogger-land! Does ANYONE have an mp3 of Hide & Seek by Pajama Party. I need it! Bad! Look at that hair! I have been on a freestyle fix this past year for some reason and now I must find this song. This CD goes for $$ on ebay, etc. Maybe I'll just break down and buy it for my birthday. In the meantime if any of you have it could ya share? Thanks!

Song of the day: The Lover Who Rocks You-India

Thursday, December 16, 2004

All About Eva

I must say I wasn't expected Eva to win last night on America's Next Top Model. Part of me said, they are gonna pick a black girl since no black girls have one yet. I was rooting for Yaya, oh well. I think everyone was shocked to see Amanda go though. When does the next series begin? Lol...

Can we talk about how much I HATE THE SUN!!! I can't stand it. I hate driving to the train in the morning and being blinded!! Even w/ sunglasses on. It just makes me pissy. You know how some people the dark, or gloominess makes them grumpy, I am the opposite. Maybe I should move somewhere where the sun hardly ever comes out. I love it when it's cold and dark and gloomy. Maybe it's all those years of worshipping Robert Smith?

Song of the day: Mentiras-Daniela Romo

Wednesday, December 15, 2004


I have to give a special hello to my favorite Greek Slutt (Tsoula) Kelly Doukas! She reads me everyday from Athens, Greece. Lifer I miss you! Come back to Chicago! Ooooooooh. Chocolate Kisses!!!!

I would write more but I am swamped and it's lunch time. I'm a starving!!!!!

Song of the day: Desire-Holly Valance

Tuesday, December 14, 2004


I got into an argument this morning w/ Rob and was coming here to vent but then I put my ipod on random and what song came on? Everything by Alanis Morissette. He always dedicates this song to me. I love you Boo boo.

Edit: Since Rob saw this, I've deleted the lyrics now :)

Monday, December 13, 2004

Taco! Taco! Burrito! Burrito!

Weekend was hectic, which is expected when you're in the middle of moving. Here is my weekend rundown:

Friday: I skipped the company xmas party. Had no desire to go. Apparently one of my friends at work got so sh*tfaced she told one of the presidents of the company that everyone thinks he's a dirty old man. God I wish I could have seen that! In my absence I won a door prize! My first time in 5 years! An electric blanket. Aww Yeah! That will come in handy since our current place has the a draft that's bigger that Tara Reid's nipple scar. Later that evening we went to Lola's with my Milwaukee Sister Eddie and eventually Jorge. The show was rather somber. I think someone they were friends with passed away, something like that. I don't remember I was too busy downing Long Island Ice Teas. My fave drunk moment of the night was when I tasted Jorge's drink. Eddie pointed out to me in his equally drunken demeanor that it was some stranger's drink. Oh no!

Saturday: What did we do? Duh! We had to be up and out before 1pm because my landlord had a showing of our place. So I made Rob go with me to put the dining room table on layaway. I am so excited I found my stainless steel table! It's gonna look swanky. We had greasy pizza that was the b-omb. Can't remember from where, somewhere near Affordable Portables. We finally started to take some boxes over to our new place. About 6 or so (whatever could fit in the car). Took some measurements (don't want to go buy furniture and realize it's too big or too small). Stayed in and made Rob finally watch my favorite movie of all-time, Heathers.

Sunday: No Maxwell St. this time. Gasp you say? Didn't have time I had to run errands. Green tortillas are rather hard to find for some reason. Finally tracked some down and we made wraps for my xmas party for my department at work. At the agency I work it we unfortunately have to do all the print advertising for Sears. Dread. So our goal was to find a $10 gift from Sears. It was a hoot. I got a pool stick. What I am gonna do w/ it? I have no idea. I think I amy turn it into a coatrack. Can we talk about how good Desperate Housewives is?? I did not want it to end! I love that show! When Luis got arrested, I was soooo not expecting that.

Don't forget Wed. is the series finale of America's Next Top Model! I am not really excited about the three finalists. But this show is so catty and campy that I can't get enough of it!

Must continue w/ moving crap. We've started to pick out colors for our place. Avacado green for the living room, an orange/red for the dining room and a blue for the master bedroom. Rob is gonna paint his room purple. Oooh. Anyhoo I have a huge announcement....

We got a dog!!!! We had been looking for a puppy and we went to see a puppy last week. Long story short, the woman's husband got laid off and they needed to find a new home for it. She called said she liked us the best and wanted to know if we were still interested. OMG! I am so excited!!! The best thing is he's only 7 months, so he's still young, he's trained, he's been fixed. He is the cutest thing! He's a black shi zhu and is the cutest, sweetest thing. I am so excited!

Now that I got my big news out, we watched the Jennifer López episode of South Park! Hilarious! I am too excited about the puppy so I can't write anymore. Lol...

Edit: I almost forgot to mention that we won't be getting the puppy until after the New Year. That's what we agreed on since we'll be all moved in by then :)

Friday, December 10, 2004


First thing's first:

Can you see the resemblence? Everyone says I am the spitting image of my Mother. God you should see me in drag, it's realy obvious! Lol! The week is over! Thank God! So no Mala educación tonight. Oh well. Tonight is my company Xmas party, but I am really in no mood to go. I've been to too many ABD Xmas parties and they are all the same. Boring. The first couple of years it was fun to get sh*tfaced w/ coworkers, but the bad music usually sobers me up. Instead we are just gonna chill and later go to Lola's with Eddie and possibly Jorge and his new man. Not sure if there is anything else exciting going on this weekend. Sunday I have to go to a Potluck Dinner for my department here at work. I think I am flying solo since Rob already expressed his potential boredem. Uff! Tomorrow I am gonna look at the dining room table. Can't wait! Only 20 or so more days til we are finally out of our current apartment! BTW if you're reading this Dale (aka AmericanDevil) I just got your pacakge! Thanks I'm jamming to the Sequal cd as I type this :)

Song of the day: Sisters of Avalon by Cyndi Lauper

Thursday, December 09, 2004

See below

So La mala educación (aka Bad Education) is not opening in Chicago until December 22! What the f*ck? You think I live a third world country or something. Turns out it only opens in Los Angeles tomorrow, the 10th. You suck Salvador!

But on a happier note I just found out one of my favorite Pedro Almodóvar (and favorites period) films was released on DVD in Spain in November!! I am so ordering it! The picture above should clue you in. Ta-ta!

My new crush

Brazilian actor Reynaldo Gianecchini. Isn't he f*ckin' gorgeous? Jesus Christ! He stars on the new Telemundo soap El color del pecado. Can someone pass me a tissue?

22 more days 'til we are finally moved out. This month is gonna drag ass! Keep packing I say. Next weekend is gonna be insane because I'm going to Ikea w/ Yesy, we want to start moving stuff over, my friend Alex is coming to paint, and my Mom and Dad are coming as well to help move and because my mother is DYING to see our new place.

I am still going through Sayhey! withdrawl. It isn't gone forever. Neil, the owner, has stated the forum will be up and running when they feel it is safe to do so again. The funny thing is I joined this forum as a Kylie Minogue fan. Funny thing is now I don't even really like her as much. Ever since I discovered her younger, prettier sister Dannii. Let's face it, Neon Nights shits allover anything Kylie's ever done. They have this amazing Off-topic section full of the bitchiest queens and they know everything, and I do mean everything. So I miss getting my fix. Damn the person who posted the leaked track! It's not even that good. Anyhoo I must sound like the biggest dork so I shall stop for now.

Song of the day: Call On Me-Eric Prydz (why haven't I heard this before??)

Miss Chaos

The other day I got an email from my old college roomate Stacy notifying me that she has some mp3's up for her music! I remember back in the day she did music then stopped, but turns out she's doing it again. Feel free to download some of her music here. Ooooh Eugenia Washington yous still a fierce biach! Tell her Tyrone Bank$ sent ya! Will post more later.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Step 2

Now that we actually found our apartment, I have the task of furnishing the new one. I decided it was time to (gladly) part w/ some of my old furnitire. I do mean old. I've had my futon since I was in high school. My 10 year reunion is next year, you do the math people. As I am always on a budget, I am planning a trip to Ikea w/ my friend Yesenia. Should be fun. Now I am stressing out as to what we need vs. what we can afford. I went to look at sofas w/a friend of Rob's, and I like one in particular, but realistically it is gonna have to go on layaway. In my search for a stainless steel top dining room table, I have found a few online like this one but turns out good 'ol Affordable Portables (here in the city) carries one and it's in stock! Better yet, they do layaway. You are probably wondering why the hell I felt the need to talk about this, let alone here, but it's been frustrating me and I needed to vent, think, share, etc. Somewhere inside me is a frustrated Interior Designer. So being the wonderful boyfriend he is, Rob is letting me do whatever i want to this place! That's why I love him so much :)

It's only the 8th, but I know the next few weeks will fly by. Already contacted the phone company & electric co. I just really want to get the hell out of our current place! What really frustrates me is that I know the other place is ready for us to start inhabiting, but we still have so much to do w/ our current place. Also Sayhey! has been shut down because someone leaked an unreleased Kylie Minogue track she collaborated on w/ the Scissor Sisters. What am I supposed to do people?

While trying to get all the furnishing issues resolved, next comes something that we are both looking forward to. Getting a dog! I can't wait :) Rob said I can have the kind I want first, though he really wants a Boston Terrier, so I am making him stick to his word. BTs are adorable,but I like foofy dogs like a Maltese or Shih Zhu. Sorry to talk everyone's ear off, but I felt like writing. Happy reading!

Song of the day: Rock Show by Peaches

Follow me to América

Rob had been hounding me to make him a mix cd w/ acts who normally record in Spanish, who have recorded English songs. Either original English material or English versions of their Spanish hits. So with what I had in my ipod I made the following mix, Follow me to América (I'm sure many of you can guess what inspired the title). I thought it was funny so I wanted to share it w/ you all. Note that I did not include any singers who were either born and raised (or just raised) in the US. So no India, Soraya, etc. The results are sometimes horrendous (poor Ana Gabriel) to flawless (Tatiana). If you have any other songs to add, please leave suggestions in the comments section. I still have to add something from Shakira. Oh, and no Thalía as I can't stand that biach! Playlist is as follows:

  1. I Can't Live Without You-Tatiana
  2. Lipstick-Alejandra Guzmán
  3. He Gives Me Love (La, La, La)-Massiel
  4. Don't Waste My Time-Lucero
  5. True Devotion-Marta Sánchez
  6. The Uninvited Guest-Mecano
  7. I Believe-Patricia Manterola
  8. A Better Place-Yuri (duet w/ Don Johnson)
  9. Angelito Heart-Ely Guerra
  10. Under the Boardwalk-Ana Gabriel
  11. Surrender-Laura Pausini (ok so she's Italian, big deal! She records in Spanish just as much)
  12. Follow Me Down-Fey
  13. Love For Life-Javier García
  14. Love Maniac-Ambar (70s disco act fronted by María Conchita Alonso)
  15. Mystify-Chenoa
  16. Whatever-Zoé
  17. Redrum-Alaska
  18. I Was Made For Lovin' You-Paulina Rubio
  19. Vaya dónde vaya (English version)-Litzy
  20. If You Leave Me Now-Mónica Naranjo

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Who's The Boss?

Can we just talk about how Tony Danza is the hottest TV dad ever! My God! I think all of this has been sparked by Nick @ Nite's reairing of Who's The Boss?. That man is gorgeous! Still is! He's wopalicious! ¡Dios mío! For your viewing pleasure. Grrrr....

It's raining, it's pouring...

It's really come down outside. I'd love it, if I didn't actually have to trapse through the rain and get drenched (even w/ an umbrella). Anyhoo...weekend udpate anyone? Friday I don't recall much going on. Probably packed more boxes. We really want to get the hell out of our neighborhood so we're trying to get as much done as possible early on. Saturday we went to Milwaukee for Claudia's baby shower :) We had a small detour on the way, I got a speeding ticket! It's been years since I got one. I was going 82 in a 65. So technically I deserved it. I don't mind the ticket, just the fine that kills me. $230!! Damn Wisconsin bastards! Time to request an extension. Ain't no way I'm gonna be able to pay that w/ this move upon us. The shower was a blast, got to see lots of friends. We drank tons of wine, pretended we were Timbiriche and Alaska at certain points. Sobered up and drove back home. Below are some pictures. No Claudia is not a chola. She just did that for sake of the photo.

Sunday we had to get our huarrache fix. We saw puppies galore again @ Maxwell St. Ran into Yesy & her hubby. I found a copy of Shanice's debut album on CD for only $5 so I was ecstatic. Otherwise not much other than continue to pack! I'm throwing so much out, yet still continue to find more things to pack.

Guess what? Yesterday my friend Jorge called to tell me that THIS Friday La mala educación/Bad Education FINALLY opens in Chicago. It's about f'in time! Rob wants to go the minute we get out of work on Friday. I don't blame him. I'm even going to miss my company xmas party for this. I've been to too many of them, and they are always the same. Some dorky older broad dancing to Mambo No. 5 and getting sh*tfaced. I'll pass.

Song of the day: What U Do 2 Me by Boomkat

Monday, December 06, 2004

i got it!

Technically the new Gloria Trevi album doesn't come out til tomorrow, but my Dad had it at his store on Saturday when we went up to Milwaukee! Woo hoo! Actually Rob bought one, and I gave my copy to Martha for her bday. But yesterday I found another one (the Mexican import) @ Maxwell St! I am sooooo loving it :) I am sooooo glad Gloria is back :) I'll write more on our weekend later today.

Friday, December 03, 2004

4 more days!

Ok people. Only 4 more days until Gloria Trevi's new album, Como nace el universo is released in the US! I can't wait!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend. Tomorrow we are going to a baby shower for my good friend, and life partner Claudia in Milwaukee, WI. We'll be back in the evening. Part of me wants to go back to Maxwell St. and see if that puppy is still for sale. But $$, it's tight. Boo hoo! One of the guys in the mail room was super nice and is hooking me up w/ as money boxes as I need for my move. What a sweetheart! I must get going. Didn't want to end the day w/out writing. Again have a good one everyone!

p.s. Did anyone find out when the hell La mala educación *aka Bad Education* opens in the US (other than NYC)? I am dying here people!

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Goodbye Porpoise Spit!

So last night I FINALLY got to catch up and watch America's Next Top Model. I missed the last 2 episodes. Of course this is still the most entertaining show on television (other than Desperate Housewives). Unfortunately one of my faves got booted off last night :( Farewell Norelle. Now who am I supposed to root for? Toccara was booted off already, I guess it'll be either Yaya or Amanda since I can't stand Eva.

Last night we went to Pancho Pistolas to celebrate getting our new apartment and for getting the hell out of Bridgeport. I felt like Muriel in Muriel's Wedding at the end when she yells out of the cab Goodbye Porpoise Spit! God I love that movie! Must get it on DVD already. Back to our dinner we had yummy peach margaritas and the to-die-for Carne Asada.

Get this: so morning I come in and I have a message on my phone, my cell phone and an email from the guy who had shown us his condo for rent initially. We loved it, blah blah. But he had promised it to his gf's friend. Turns out they backed out and he wants to know if we're interested still. A week too late! Besides I love the place we got, things always happen for a reason.

This morning on the train I was listening to the Baila Conmigo soundtrack. When I was 15 I became obsessed w/ Bibi Gaytán. To this day I think she is one of the most beautiful women alive. I even saw her in concert in 1992 when she came to Chicago fro Viva México! My room was plastered with her posters, no wonder my parents had some hope of me being straight! Anyhoo I was having a blast jamming to the songs from this soap. Other than Muchachitas this is one of my all-time fave soaps. Probably because 2 of my other broads were also on this soap, Paulina Rubio (my favorite bad singer) and Stephanie Salas (just one of my favorites period). As some of you may or may not know, I actually had to relearn Spanish at age 15, so these soaps helped me out a lot! So for this I chose to reinstate the song of the day feature on my blog with El primer adiós by Bibi Gaytán from the Baila Conmigo soundtrack :) Bibi come back already! The dick can't be that good.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

¡Por fin llegó!

My Alaska y Dinarama LP from Mexico FINALLY arrived! It's their 1986 album No es pecado and it was released w/ a different cover than Spain. The Spanish one has Alaska licking a chainsaw wearing a metalic bikini and jacket. Hot! I won it on ebay and I've been waiting over a month for it. For those of you new to my blog, it was named in her (Alaska's) honor. Bomitoni is the name of the musical group she leads in Pedro Almodóvar's debut Pepi, Luci, Bom... (one of my ALL-TIME faves). Quiero ser santa is my favorite Alaska song of all-time! It's from their 1989 album Fan Fatal (which was also the final Alaska y Dinarama album). Anyhoo I had to share my joy with you all. This is going to be framed and up on our Diva wall in our new place!

World Aids Day

Today is World Aids Day. We must find a cure. It saddens me that our president would rather play war than find a cure for Aids. The above picture is of the lovely Dannii Minogue (yes she's Kylie's sister, but isn't she much hotter?).

I was going to title this post I Hate Summer and talk about how beautiful it was outside, the first light snowfall, etc. But I think the above takes priority. I have to get back to work and look busy. Ciao.

Monday, November 29, 2004


So the Thanksgiving weekend was relaxing and much needed. We went over to Rob's mom's house and there were people galore, drank some stiff Squirts & Tequila that his mom kept making me, and ate some GOOD food! I rented The Iron Ladies, parts 1 &2. I am always going on and on about this movie so I rented the first one so Rob could see it and I wanted to see the second one. Hilarious! If you have never seen this movie, get it. It's from Thaliand and it's based on the true story of a volleyball team made up mostly of gay men. After seeing it again I must say I've developed a crush on the token straight guy on the team played by the hunky Jesdaporn Pholdee. But my favorite character is Jung (played by Chaicharn Numpulsawasdi). You can't get any flamier.

Friday I ran around doing errands. Got some free moving boxes off of, went to Target, mailed off a bunch of crap I sold on ebay, etc. I also started packing. Packed all my CDs (I have over 1,500) and all our VHS tapes. Of course Saturday night was the Ely Guerra concert. It was my 6th time seeing her live and every time I see her she just blows me away. We ran into Emilio and some of his friends and they let us skip them in line. Thank you! Below is my favorite picture I took (I took over 100). I'm on a no-flash kick lately, I like the saturated colors a lot. Hope you like...

Sunday we stopped at Maxwell Street to get Huarraches, as it's become our tradition now. While we were buying churros (ok so they don't have the healthiest foods there) I saw this man w/ a small black puppy. Being the childless one I am, I ran over and asked if I could pet it. Well...he pulls the puppy out and is like I am selling it. OMG my heart almost broke. It was the cutest thing, black and white. Turns out it was a maltese (the kind I am hoping to get) and it was a girl! So he let's me hold it, I turned to mush. He was like She's $400, the last one of the litter. I so wanted to run to the ATM then and there, but realistically we can't do it til after we move in. I kept telling Rob over and over that I had held a baby. I call dogs babies. Don't ask me why. Rob thinks it's cute.

Also forgot to mention we watched El Segundo Aire, a Mexican comedy. I enjoyed it alot. It's a light hearted comedy and highly enjoyable. So with that said, is Jesus Ochoa the new María Rojo? Remember how she was literally in EVERY Mexican movie made during the 1980s and early 1990s. Jesus is basically in every Mexican film since Amores Perros.

So you by now know that we got the apartment in Logan Square. I am so excited. We sign our lease today. I want to give a big thank you to Janet for helping us find it. Above are some pics I took of the place initially. You can see the kitchen, bathroom, living room and dining room (that's Janet standing there). I am so excited about moving, not having to live in trashy Bridgeport anymore. Rent was cheap, but so were the people. To celebrate Rob and I are gonna have a last hurrah at Pancho Pistola's (the only good thing in Bridgeport). As my friend Cutie used to say about dining there...I can feel the succulant carne asada on my lips.... That's all for now. Take care everyone!

Sunday, November 28, 2004

We got it!

We got the apartment in Logan Square! I am so excited! Ahhh!! Best part of all? We don't have to live in Bridgeport anymore! I'll write more tomorrow as I'm too excited to do so right now. We sign the lease tomorrow :)

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Gobble gobble!

Happy turkey day everyone! Don't eat too much. Also must note today is my cousin Briana's birthday. Happy bday!

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Call me, Slacker!

Sorry I've been lagging on my posts. Life has been hectic these past several days. Rob was sick on the weekend, some idiot in Pilsen hit my car and tore off part of the plastic above the tire, etc. We did not get to go to Milwaukee for my friend Juan's 70s bday bash. Money is tight w/ us saving to move. Besides I spent the whole weekend looking at places, I think I saw 6 in total. We went back last night to one particular apartment so Rob could see it and so we could fill out an application for it. Thanks to Janet for showing it to us via her real estate agency :) PRAY we get this one!!!! I really really really really like it. The location is perfect, size, etc. Being the realistic person I am, I've made an appointment to see another place tonight as well.

So what else has been going on? Not much. Finally got a hold of my landlord to let her know we are not renewing our lease. She was cool, she even asked me what kind of dog we wanted...seeing if we'd stay. Lol. She guarenteed me a good recommendation. I would hope so, I've been a tenant for over 4 years! I have my Chango Macho votive candle that my coworked gave me lit. Everyone pray, chant, or whatever it is you do.

So can we talk 'bout how pissed I am that the new Almodóvar movie has only opened in New York thus far? Rob is ready to have a stroke over it. Hopefully it will make it's way to Chicago soon. I'm ready to buy the European DVD off ebay (gotta love region-free DVD players, get one they are super cheap on eby).

The one good thing is this week is short work-wise. Only one more day of hell to go. Thursday is turkey day and we are gonna spend it at Rob's mom's house. I am looking forward to it actually. My family, love 'em to death, is rather sullen when it comes to holidays like this. But the best thing is that Ely Guerra is Saturday!!! I can't wait. Esperanza you better look out for me!

BTW, I'm adding a new link to my regular blogs I read. It is by Iván from Spain, and his blog is entitled Vida y milagros de un trash-tocado. I happened to stumble upon it while looking for other Alaska fans. Un saludo especial para Iván y para todos mis amigos que hablan español.

I have a lot of work to get done so I will try and write more later. I have to leave by 5pm so I better get a move on it. Ciao

Wednesday, November 17, 2004 Zoé

We had planned on going to see Zoé tonight w/ Lucybell...but tickets are $35! We are on a tight budget, so we are gonna have to pass. Sucks cause I really wanted to see Zoé. Hopefully they'll come back. Besides we just spent $$ on tickets for Ely Guerra. We really have to watch our $$ as we are saving up for a security deposit.

BTW that other apt. was too much. Uff! My lovely friend and annointed life-partner Janet is gonna show us some places via her Real Estate agency! Woo hoo! I'm excited.

So instead of going to see Zoé tonight we are gonna hang out w/ my Milwaukee sister and I believe our adopted Milwaukee Sister, Jorge. Later everyone. P.S. Someone remind me to tape America's Next Top Model tonight!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Hangovers suck!

We had a blast this weekend. On Saturday my cousins Mari & Chuy and friends Sylvia & Jackie came to stay with us. We went to Café Ibérico, drank TONS of sangría; went to Salud (this new Tequila lounge in Wicker Park, it's the old Holiday FYI); then ended up at Lola's to watch the drag show. OMG we got tore up!! It was much needed. Don't ask me how many Long Islands I had at Lola's. Let's just say the next day I was paying for it. Actually Monday I was still paying for it. Lol. Anyhoo here are some pics from the outing :)

The rest of the weekend we were lazy. We stopped at Maxwell to have Huarraches (great for hangovers) and really only stayed for an hour. We ran into Yesenia and her hubby. At night we made molé. It came out good :)

The apartment search continues. We had found this place in Logan Square that we both loved but the guy ended up renting it to his girlfriend's coworker. He was nice enough to give me a lead though, so in the meantime I am looking into that as well as some other ads I have been seeing.

Guess what Friday is everyone? Pedro Almodóvar's La mala educación (The Bad Education) FINALLY opens up in the US. We are beyond ecstatic to go see it. Almodóvar is our favorite. I can't wait to see this! Rob HATES Gael García Bernal but I for one can not wait to see him in this role. He looks HOT as a woman! I'm hoping this lives up to the rest of his work. Though I tend to prefer his 80s and early 90s work, I still can say he is the greatest director alive.

Monday, November 15, 2004


I HATE waiting! Sorry, I just needed to vent. I am waiting to hear back on a place we saw. Everyone but the person I need to hear from is calling me. Lol.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Thursday, November 11, 2004

The search begins.

So last night we went to see what I am sure will be the first of many apartments. It was nice cause it was the whole first floor but the bedrooms were TINY!!! The landlord was a little out there if you know what I mean. Let the search continue.

In the meantime I am hawking more crap on ebay. Figure I can sell some stuff and add to our security deposit fund. So here is the link. Happy bidding!

Just out of curiosity...what were your favorite childhood toys? Someone posted a topic about this on SayHey! the other day. Being the future fag of america that I was as a child, I have to admit that these were two of my favorite toys (yes my mother let me play with dolls):

Image Thumbnail Hosted on
Image Thumbnail Hosted on

Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Sadly we had to take Shakespeare back to Milwaukee on Sunday to his mommy :( I loved dogsitting for him. It was so much fun. I can't wait til Rob and I can FINALLY get a dog of our own. Here are some pics from Shakespeare's visit to Chicago:

Saturday we went to the Double Door so we could get our tickets to Ely Guerra followed by Indian food. In the evening we went out for Janet's bday to Moonshine in Wicker Park. It was fun, but I think this is the first time we didn't continue to party after. Everyone is old now! Lol. We all went home by 10:30pm. Rob and I did however go home and make margaritas and enjoy our last night w/ Shakes.

Sunday we had to take Shakes back, so after dropping him off we went to my mom's house for dinner. She made beef stroganoff (yummy!!!). We came back that same night.

Monday...back to work :( I did however go do laundry. Ughh! I was home after midnight, so I was tired today. As for today, busy at work and I am still looking for apartments online. I found a few I would really like to see. Just waiting for the damn people to return my calls! Wish me luck!

Monday, November 08, 2004

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Chug. Chug...

Now that I have some time to write...I must tell you all of my horrendous morning. Being the good boyfriend I am, I take Rob to work in the morning. I drop him off and park in Pilsen and take the blue line (normally I take the Orange line). Well today all is normal...until the train stops. I kidd you not, we were stuck for 1 hour and 20 minutes!!! Thank god I had the newest issue of In Style with me (and my ipod). Turns out a CTA worker broke her leg on the track and no one could move until the ambulance came. Poor thing. Sh*tty for us because we were between stops. It's not like I could get off and take a cab to the office. Needless to say I got in around 10:30ish. Now for some exciting news...

Ely Guerra is playing @ the Double Dorr Saturday, November 27!!!! Tickets go on sale this Saturday @ noon. This will be my 6th time seeing Ely!! I saw her:

  • 1998 @ HOB (De Diva Voz tour) w/ Julieta & Aurora y la Academia (I shouled out for her to sing Quiero verte for the encore...she did. I melted! It was beautiful)

  • 2002 @ Borders: In-store acoustic performance

  • 2002 @ Empty Bottle (the day after Borders)

  • 2003 @ Metro (opened for Gustavo Cerati in July 03)

  • 2003 @ Hot House (last December. I took Rob as his Xmas gift. He was amazed)

BTW that isn't a real flyer for the show, I just designed it for my blog :) BTW, thanx Meiver for noting my date mix ups!

Cho, how I love thee...

Margaret Cho is not only my favorite comedian, she is also one who always speaks her mind. If you have done so, check out her blog. Here are her thoughts post-Election day:

I know that we would like to question the whole of democracy. I can't believe Bush won either, but there isn't time to despair. What is needed now is action, not hopelessness. What is important is that there has been tremendous progress in mobilizing people to create change. Remember, more voters turned out this year than in the last three decades. Although it might be said that we can't expect change overnight, there really was a very rapid shift in the way we view politics. We have become unafraid of voicing our opinions, using our power, pooling our resources, and allowing our differences to aid us instead of keeping us apart.

These new ways of looking at ourselves politically redefine what it means to be an American. It takes what used to be a very passive identity and turned us all into revolutionaries. In a short time, we activated activism, something that lay dormant in many of us and had not been awakened until now.

The Bush administration will be sorry they won this battle, for they now look forward to losing the war. Ultimately, a government cannot defeat its people, no matter how much power they assume or how corrupt they are. Even though today feels like a defeat, there is no loss. There is only opportunity. Now we have the chance to challenge everything, fight everything. The possibilities are tremendous. All the polls, all the posturing, all the opinions that we endured during months leading up to the election provide us with a valuable education on how we think and act as a country.

There are a huge number of us that are on the same side. We had no idea how many of us there were before. We constitute roughly half of the nation, probably more. If we refuse to concede to apathy, then we can roll up our sleeves and get dirty. This is merely the third act break, when it seems like our hero is down for the count, but it just isn't possible, because there is still half an hour to go before the movie ends. We have a lot more of our story left to tell. We need to wipe the blood off our lip and get up again for the last time.

My friend years ago had this joke, where he was talking about how he'd tell his girlfriend that he thought she was being a bitch, to which she'd reply - "Oh you'll KNOW when I'm being a bitch." Republicans don't even know how nasty we can be. You think people are pissed off today, just wait until the inauguration. Can you imagine all the boos and jeers during Brooks & Dunn's set? Just the radical uncoolness of their musicians compared to Democratic rock stars is fairly awesome to consider. Brooks & Dunn vs. Pearl Jam. Charlie Daniels going toe to toe with Bruce Springsteen. Leann Womack against Moby. Britney Spears facing off the entire Hip Hop Summit. If it wasn't so ridiculously sad, it would be funny. If 'these colors' don't run now, they will soon.

I think Bush is probably really scared, if he is smart enough to be. He should be, because he has an enormously difficult task in front of him. There is no way he will regain public popularity. All he can manage to do is not fuck up too badly, which will probably prove to be impossible, as he is the rare maestro of the fuck up. Look at it this way. We might have some fun. Life is a tragedy for those who feel, and a comedy for those who think. It is vital to mourn for the victims of this government but not at the expense of losing our sense of humor. Our ability to laugh coincides directly with our ability to fight. If we can make fun of it, we can transcend it. Just imagine the incredible storm of shit that Bush will have to endure. It will make Hurricane Jeanne look like a humidifier. The polarizing of the population has been a wondrous gift to debate, and we are more politicized and aware than ever before. With all this caution and attention focused on our 'elected' officials, we have a moment where we can grasp the brass ring of self-government. In the immortal words of DMX, "They don't know, who we be." but they will, and they will be sorry.

Well they tell me of a pie up in the sky
Waiting for me when I die
But between the day you're born and when you die
They never seem to hear even your cry

So as sure as the sun will shine
I'm gonna get my share now of what's mine
And then the harder they come the harder they'll fall, one and all
Ooh the harder they come the harder they'll fall, one and all

Well the officers are trying to keep me down
Trying to drive me underground
And they think that they have got the battle won
I say forgive them Lord, they know not what they've done

And I keep on fighting for the things I want
Though I know that when you're dead you can't
But I'd rather be a free man in my grave
Than living as a puppet or a slave

Yeah, the harder they come, the harder they'll fall one and all
What I say now, what I say now, awww
What I say now, what I say one time
The harder they come the harder they'll fall one and all
Ooh the harder they come the harder they'll fall one and all

-Jimmy Cliff
The Harder They Come

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

What a sad day.

I would much rather have the doll in the above picture as our president. I am sick to my stomach at the thought that we have four more years of hell. Just goes to show what a corrupt MF George Dubya is. The last two elections I voted in, my candidates both lost now. Maybe I should move to Canada. I guess they are still waiting on Ohio, but is that really gonna do much? Today is such a sad day, and an even sadder future for our country is upon us. I've never been one to be patriotic or any of that BS, in fact I can't stand this country, but if I must live here I'd rather not have Dumb-ass running it.

In other news I went to the dentist for my cleaning (actually it's my gum specialist; she kinda looks like Amy Sedaris now that I think about it)...all was well. I still haven't heard anything about my interview last week. Shakespeare is doing wonderful. It is going to be so hard to give him back on Sunday :( I have a lot to get done today, so I shall sign off. Laters.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Monday, November 01, 2004

Halloween was a bust!

This was the first time in years that I did absolutely nothing for halloween. If any of you know me, you know that Halloween is like, literally my favorite day of the year. For some odd reason, I just was not feeling it. The past couple of years we (my friends and I) always planned parties and went all out but this year that was not the case. I have been so busy the last couple of weeks (work, my interview, dogsitting, etc) I just did not have time to do anything. I had a great costume planned too. We just ended up staying in and chilaxing. We spent the whole day w/ Shakespeare. We took him over to Janet's to visit w/ her baby Roxy. That was interesting. Shakes isn't used to other dogs, but he was fine after awhile. Janet is too sweet and is always cooking for us. I feel like she's our mommy in that sense. Lol! We also took him to PetSmart. It was so fun. Back to ' I said we just stayed in and did nothing. Bummed around. Around 1am I decided to go to Dominick's and buy some Tequila & Margarita Mix and we drank, smoked and watched Sixteen Candles. It was nice. Since I don't have any pics to share since we didn't do anything I thought I'd share one from last year. I went as Stuart from MadTV. Here I am w/ my friend Ramón from Milwaukee at a party we threw last here at Freddy and Juan's:

Sunday we ended up going to Maxwell Street again (gosh is this becoming a pattern??). We only really wanted to go and eat Huarraches. They are so f*cking good! I don't even care if there are onions on them! Lol. Of course we ended up looking around and how did we buy more cds? I swear we are addicts. But I paid no more than $2 per cd. I found (don't laugh) 98º's last album (I have a crush on them..especaily Nick Lachey), Terrence Trent Darby's debut, Bobby Brown's Don't Be Cruel (I am trying to recuperate some lost childhood cd's that I sold when I went alternative in high school), Milli Vanilli (I wanted the original one cause I sent in my back when their scandal hit for a refund), a Taylor Dayne remix single, some imports and God knows what else. But my special find of the day? A Mexican blanket!!! I've been wanting one forever! You know those tacky looking furry blankets they sell w/ some ugly animal on them? Well I got an ugly blue one w/ dolphins. That thing is so warm!!! The stupid Bears game was on (I hate football it is so dumb...sports in general do absolutely nothing for me), so my show wasn't on 'til like after midnight. But Desperate Housewives was great last night! Lupe Ontivieros was great as Luis's mother. Can't wait for next week! I just wanted to share this flyer for an upcoming Santa Sabina concert. No it's not in Chicago but in Mexico, I just thought it was a cool poster. God I hope they come back. Last time I saw them was 2002 (??) at Joe's Sports Bar (don't ask!). Rita Guerrerois a goddess!

All for now, hope everyone is well. I'm adding some new links to other blogs. Check them out. First is my dear friend and fellow putz Ricky Ramón! Also check out my SayHey! buddy Salvador's journal. have a good one everyone!

Friday, October 29, 2004


First thing. The interview went really well. I was to have met w/ two different Exec VP Creative Directors. They have two different accounts that are looking for art directors. Unfortunatley I was only able to meet w/ the first one. It went very well, loved my book, said i had great design skills, etc. It's just a matter of narrowing down the prospects and hopefully I will make the final group of candidates. I still don't know if I will be meeiting w/ the second Creative Director. We never met in the first place because he was in a client meeting that ran over and they could not get a hold of him. Rather than make me wait around, they felt bad for keeping me. If the first one (CD) liked me enough, I may not have to meet w/ the second one. We'll see....cross your fingers. I am hoping to receive word from them soon about a second interview...

So, we went to Milwaukee yesterday to pick up Shakespeare. My friend Debbie from college is entrusting us w/ her child for the next week. Shakes is an adorable (yet hyper) Maltese. He's at home right now w/ Rob having a bonding day. I wish I were there instead. I had to take him out for a walk at 5am!!!! He woke up when the drunk neighbors downstairs got he woke us all up. Poor thing. He's in a strange house, he was crying cause I left this morning :( Hopefully this day will go by soon.

Today is Halloween day at my agency and for the firs time in YEARS our group did not participate. We have been so swamped and here every night late that we have had no time, nor inspiration, energy, etc. to do something. Last year we did a Las Vegas casino, the year before an 80s prom (I was the prom Queen naturally) and even Studio 5th Floor (cause we're on the 5th fl.). Needless to say we're all grumpy and pissy today. I still don't know if we're doing anything for Halloween tomorrow. It's my favorite time of the year but this year I just don't feel inspired to do anything...

Enough rambling, I must go and work now. Take care everyone!

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

tues. already...

I've been busy so I have not been able to write 'til today. As you all saw I updated my post on Friday. I am still waiting to confirm when I have to go in and interview, either tomorrow (Wed.) or Thurs. Ideally would be Thurs. cause I have a half day as it is. It's nerve wracking waiting for this call. Ahh!! In the meantime I went out and got a snazzy new portfolio (under $100) for my interview. Rob thought it was too much money, I mean it is, but I think it will be worth it in the long run. If nothing comes out of this job, I will at least be prepared for future prospects. But I'm really hoping this goes well. So cross your fingers, pray, etc. Weekend update...

Friday: We stopped @ Hollywood Grill for dinner, went to Janet & Tina's for a bit for some pre-drinking and then it was off to Lola's. We had so much fun. The drag show was great and there was this new queen, who I had never seen before who was F I E R CE. She was working that crowd, dancing on tables, on the bar, her wig fell off and was just going nuts! I loved it. Makes me wanna perform again. Lol!

Saturday: Spent most of the day cleaning. We did go to the movies to see I Heart Huckabees. It was from the director of Flirting With Disaster (one of my favorite movies of all-time) and starred Jude Law, Mark Wahlberg (grrr), Jason Schwartzman, Lily Tomlin, Dustin Hoffman. I loved it. Very quirky, my type of movie. Unfortunately for the rest of the night I was at the laundrymat. My co-worker swore it was Daylight Savings this weekend, so I was like oh well i have an extra hour of sleep. So when I got home at 4am, I thought it was really 3am. NO! I was a zombi on Sunday...

Sunday: My friend Alex & his on-again/off-again girlfriend Mari came up for the day. We went out to lunch and just chilled. Rob went to go see Ana Gabriel w/ his Mom. So after Alex & Mari left I went over to Alethya's house. We had dinner, drank some wine and just caught up on life. I can't believe I hadn't seen her since May!!??!! Our friend Jennifer just got back fro Mexico City so we picked her up at the airport and then came back to Alethya's. Hence, the dinner & wine. I was exhausted and waited for Rob to get back ; which he finally did around 1am.

As I was writing this I FINALLY got a call from my contact (not FINALLY I was just being nervous) and I am going in tomorrow to interview at 11am. OMG! Everyone wish me luck. Before I forget Happy Birthday to my Dad and my cousin Chuy! I wanted to share this picture of my good friend Bertha's daughter Sara before I sign off. Isn't she the cutest thing? Peace out slags...

Friday, October 22, 2004

I sent it!

After driving myself crazy trying to get my portfolio in a digital format, I finally sent it off this morning. I'm really excited about the prospect, so I'm hoping something good comes out of this. No the waiting. Ok everyone pray (or whatever you do) that I get an interview and the job! Lol. OMG, did anyone of you watch the VMA's (MTV Latino América) last night? They were horrible! First of all the show opened w/ really cheesy covers of hip hop hits in English. La Ley did "Hey Yeah!" (actually JD Natasha's version is a lot of fun), Julieta Venegas did "Hey Mama" by BEP (though she changed it to "Hey Papi"). It was just bad. Paulina Rubio tried too hard as a host. My biggest complaint of the night? Tizzano Ferro. I can't stand him as it is, but he was absolutely God awful singing live. Probably worse than Paulina Rubio, seriously! I know Meiver is gonna kill me but I totally think he is the new Eros Ramazzotti (just as nasaly and tone deaf). Sorry love. Anyhoo...I have a shitload of work to catch up on because I have been focusing all my time on getting my book together. So I must go. Have a great weekend everyone.

U P D A T E: They want me to come in next week and interview!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2004


I just got a call today about a job lead that my dear friend Janet gave me. I won't go into too much detail because I don't want to jinx myself, but I am hoping it goes well. Sounds very promising and this would be a great career move for me. I sent them my resumé and some samples of my work and today I received a call wanting to see my book. Soooo....I am a nervous wreck trying to whip up a PDF book for them to view my work. Ahhh!!! If they like my book they want me to come in for an interview. Won't write much today because I have to haul ass on this to have it out by tomorrow morning. Hope everyone is well in blogger land. Cross your fingers!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Ma Mer: CRAP! This movie was horrible. It was soooooooo long, went nowhere, and was just sick (and I'm not talking trashy fun sick; just sick sick). The film just kept going on and on. The ending was stupid and abrupt. I won't go into details just in case anyone plans on seeing it. Louis Garrel was hot, so I guess that was the one good thing (and the yummy hotdogs we ate before...we was hungry!). But it was so not worth what we paid for it. The one good thing of the night was we went to Reckless Records before and went through their cheapie LPs. We found so many that we are gonna frame! Cyndi Lauper, Belinda Carlisle, Transvision Vamp, Eurythmics, Gloria Estefan and best of all VANITY 6! Since we were both so dissapointed w/ the movie and Rob felt bad I had spent so much on tickets he suggested we stop at Tower cause he wanted to buy me a cd. Aww! EMI Latin has this line out called Viva la diva. They just released one of Italian singer Mina. It contains 18 of her Spanish language recordings. I'm loving it!

I have to go to a stupid OSX traning in an hour. I've had my ibook for over a year, you'd think I know how to use OSx by now. My company is retarded. I have to clean our house again cause we are probably having company Saturday. Will write later.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Ma Mere

Tonight we are planning on seeing Ma Mere. It's playing as part of the Chicago International Film Festival. It's times like this when I am soooo glad I don't live in boring Milwaukee anymore. Anyhoo here is what the film is about:

Seventeen-year-old Pierre's worship of his mother Hélène (Isabelle Huppert) intensifies in disquieting ways as she introduces him to a world of forbidden desire in this coiled spring of tense sexuality, based on the taboo-shattering novel by surrealist Georges Bataille. The brooding Pierre (The Dreamers star, Louis Garrel) drifts uncertainly between the roles of victim and provocateur, as Hélène gleefully procures a bevy of sexual offerings to indulge his appetites to gross excess. Revealing a sordid underworld of almost ritualized lust lying just beneath society's plastic façade, Hélène demonstrates her own sexual addiction to Pierre, hoping to provoke revulsion and disgust rather than blind devotion... but her startling revelations only fuel his perverse obsession. Fans of Huppert's astonishing performances in erotically charged films such as The Piano Teacher and School of Flesh will not want to miss this bold offering.

Pretty sick huh? Can't wait! It's also playing Wed. and Thursday (closing night of the festival). I'll let you all know how it is. I would have liked to see some other films this year as well, but we've been so busy. I must get back to work. Did I mention I still would like a new job? Lol. Laters.

Monday, October 18, 2004

"Working 9 to 5"

Weekend was relaxing. Friday I made a special dinner for Rob and I. I made manicotti stuffed w/ chicken breast strips. It was yummy! Gotta love those recipe books Mom buys. We drank some wine, and just spent a nice evening together. Saturday was my first trip to the infamous Big Lots. I wanted to get my Milwaukee Sister a housewarming gift. He is now a proper homo w/ plates and glasses. So Saturday evening we went over to his new place and made our homemade blue motherf*ckers. I didn't get too drunk, tipsy at the most. We ended up at Roscoe's where Eddie was told several times to calm down. Hello! What's the point of going out then? We had fun and they played several of our biach's videos. Sunday we ended up going to Maxwell Street again. Are we becoming regulars? Can you guess what we bought? CD's!! I found Thalía's first CD that is long out of print and goes for $$$ on ebay as part of one of those two in one series imported from Mexico. Rock on! That's when she was good campy trashy fun (during her Flower Power days, roughly 90-92). I cleaned out our closet!! I am so proud. As a result the bedroom is actually clean, first time since we moved in. I know, I am horrible. Oh well.

The other day at work we were talking about our Halloween costumes when we were kids. Well everyone was in hysterics when I told them I was Dolly Parton at age 10 (the homo comments can start now). For your viewing pleasure, and so you know I really DON'T take myself ya go:

Friday, October 15, 2004

have a good weekend

Today is mine and Rob's anniversary. 1 year and 2 months. I know we're dorks. Lol. I promised to cook for him (I am gonna attempt to make stuffed manicotti...wish me luck!). Everyone have a good weekend. Tomorrow is a drinking throwdown w/ my Milwaukee Sister and co.!! Ooooh. Hey Eddie...Geri Halliwell has a new video, we have to make sure Roscoe's has it :) See you slags latah.


Frank mi querdia comadre, quiero desearte un feliz cumpleaños. Gracias por siempre ser un gran amigo. Que pases un cumpleaños poca madre. Te quiero un chingo. XOXO.

Thursday, October 14, 2004


So I had heard about this but now I've finally seen the tracklist, and I think I just wet myself!!! EMI Spain is releasing a CD/DVD collection called Alaska: De Alaska a Fangoria!!!!!! It spans her period w/ los Pegamoides through the early days of Fangoria. Jesus Christ!!! There will be 20 songs digitally remastered including: Ni tú ni nadie, Bailando, Descóngelate, Abracadabra just to name a few. Of course it will include the gay classic ¿A quién le importa? (not to be confused with that crap version that c*nt Thalía spewed on impressionable queens...I want to throw up everytime I hear it). Back to Alaska :) The DVD (thank God I have a region free DVD player) will include 29 performaces/videos many from TVE (aka Televisión Española). It comes out next week Monday in Spain. OMG!!! Discoweb here I come; I don't care how much the shipping is! I suppose I should clean myself up now.

1 more day...

It's Thursday. Thank God! Only 1 more day of hell to go through. On a brighter note, last night Gloria Trevi was on Don Francisco Presenta.... I was in seventh heaven. I was so glad he didn't bombard w/ her the obvious questions (not like that orange biach who interviewed her recently). She seemed very happy to be there last night. You could also tell she was a bit nervous. She kinda held back in going into song, but then before you know it the performer let loose! She was wonderful. Her voice sounded great. She sang a bunch of stuff improtou. My fave was an unreleased song called Ingrato. I can totally hear her singing w/ Mariachi or even Banda on this one! They also played some old clips that were a hoot. Needless to say I was happy. Oh and the best part, the new album (featuring En medio de la tempestad) will be released DECEMBER 7, 2004!!!

Before I go on I want to give a birthday shoutout to my friend Emilio. Head on over to his page and leave him a birthday message :) Sapo verde eres tú...

I was able to catchAmerica's Next Top Model last night. I missed the previous week's episode. I love it! It's trashariffic fun! After watching last night's episode I think my favorite right now is Norelle. She's the geeky one w/ the braces, well the braces came off and she's looking hot. Biach needs to learn to walk in heels though. I can't stand the resident bitch, Eva. She makes the show fun to watch, and thank God they got rid of her Salt-N-Pepa hairstyle! One more rant before I go. What happened to my hottie judge Nigel? He looks like he lost too much weght. I liked him better beefy like he was last year. Oh well, he's still hot, just too skinny. Ta ta!

song of the day: Hey Mami-Fannypack