Thursday, September 30, 2004

i'm addicted

I am addicted to reading my friend's blogs/journals/etc. Even strangers'! Every morning the first thing I do when I sit down here at work is check them out. What's overcome me? My favorite to read is Pink is the New Blog. It's created by Trent and he's a sweetie and fellow sayheyer!. I think it's more fun to read the ongoing adventures of those I don't know in person. I guess it's the voyuer in me. Lol. I always follow his blog by reading my friends'. I'll read people who have left comments as well. It's like a new drug. I have to admit the first time I even heard of web journal, etc. was when I was looking for some info on actress (and singer) Tricia Leigh Fischer and came across a journal which was named after her obscure song Empty Beach. So check it out and see what kinda gave me the inkling to start my own: *embtybeach.

Onto other topics, this weekend will be my first w/out my boo boo. I have to go to Milwaukee to help out w/ the show my parents are putting on. It's a tribute to Mexican composer Agustín Lara. I'm hoping they have a good turnout. Personally I think my Dad has these foofy (is that how you spell that word??) ideas that aren't always gonna be appreciated in a city like Milwaukee. Hell I don't know if it would even go over in Chicago. Since I am gonna be running around doing errands from Mums and Daddy, I told Rob it's probably best if he didn't come cause I will not be able to give him my 100% that he so rightfully deserves. Plus I think it will do us some good to be apart for a few days. It will be torture but I am sure he probably needs some time to himself as do I. Even if we don't think so.

Have you guys heard of a new singer Betzaida? She is this new singer who records on Fonovisa. Turns out she used to sing at Lalo's Mexican Restaurant here in Chicago. Not even the good one, the ghetto one on Harlem. Anyhoo...I remember thinking she is really pretty and has great presence. I bet that fag who used to sing w/ her is jealous. The reason I am bringing her up is because this morning I saw the video for her first single Te tengo que aprender a olvidar. I am sitting there thinking, God this song sounds awfully familiar...OMG this song was on Mía's album! So I am checking out the tracklisting on amazon and it turns out Rudy Pérez produced her album, just like Mía's, and recycled four songs from Mía's album on Betzaida's! Talk about lazy. For those of you who don't know Mía, she previously recorded in the late 80's as a teen singer named Ana. Ana was pretty much a no-hit wonder and it was to my delight that I discovered she was recording years later in the latin pop arena. She has got a killer voice! Big, deep, and loud. Rob thinks she sounds like Toni Braxton. I can hear it. Enough rambling.

If you notice there is a picture of a plate of spaghetti. I am planning on making spaghetti tonight for dinner. I have been so busy working on my parents show and work, I have not cooked in weeks! So I promised Rob I was gonna cook for him tonight :)

Song of the day: Te tengo que aprender a olvidar-Mía

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

baby blue

Have you ever noticed that EVERY single business man wears a light blue dress shirt w/ dress slacks??? Is there some kind of uniform or something? They look like clones of one another. I swear if you work downtown and venture out for, say your lunch break, you will see that almost every other guy is wearing a light blue dress shirt! What the f*@#$? Thank god I work in a creative environment. It just annoys me. Is there some rule or something? Maybe it's just a Chicago thing. I don't know.

other people's lives

Having recently finished Traci Lords autobiography, my coworker asked to borrow it. In return she lent me Diana Vreeland's (pictured at left) autobiography. Diana (1906-1989) was "an authentic force in the world of style". My coworker said it's just trashy enough to be fun. Can't wait! So last night I was here 'til 9:30pm. Urgh! I had a little tift w/ Rob on the phone about my staying late. Don't want to bore everyone w/ details but let's just say that he continues to amaze me. After we had words he did three things for me yesterday:

    He taped the Gloria Trevi interview last night. I had completely forgotten about it.

    He made dinner.

    He bid on a DVD I wanted on ebay that I had completely forgot was ending last night. I won. Sigh.

So I feel as if we have a very few hectic months ahead of us. There are birthdays to be celebrated; dogs to be babysat; visitors to entertain; weekend trips to be taken and God knows what else! Let's just hope we have a painless apartment search. So does anyone know how to fix bad credit? Lol!

Song of the day: La cabrona-Banda Jerez

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

only in my dreams

last night i had the weirdest dream. for some reason my childhood best friend, andy baumbach, left his house to me. in actuality it wasn't his house, rather his mom's. i don't know the specifics, all i know is that i was gonna move in. for some odd reason all his family's things were still there. so in my nosey manner i started rummaging through things. it was winter out and i remember i had 2 small dogs who were running around the house like crazy. so i found a bunch of old pictures from when we were kids. at some point my family came over and they were all sitting in the living room waiting for me. i don't remember what the point of the dream is or what any of this meant, but here is the weirdest part. i go back into the bedroom and i see my pregnant coworker lali laying down on the bed, she's pregnant w/ twins fyi. so i am like what are you doing here? she looks at me and says close the f***ing door and let me go back to sleep!. and that was it! i just thought it was weird especially since the house is in milwaukee, wi and for example my coworker is from chicago. hmmm.

not much else to report. we have a new boss here at work. so far i like him. but i am still looking for something new. i have a number for a recruiter, so i guess i better give her a call ASAP. other than that all is well. we are going to be dogsitting for my old roomie's maltese again, shakespeare will be living w/ us for a week at the end of this month :) how fun! i was trying to find a picture of the new gap ad w/ peter krause from six feet under. no real reason, i just think he's hot! lol. hopefully i'll have something more interesting to write about other than my weird dreams.

song of the day: ser de aire-kabah

Monday, September 27, 2004

not again.

Photobucket is down again. Ahhh!!! So the blog's looking empty again. Hopefully it will be back up. In the meantime I think I am just gonna switch over to imageshack once and for all! So this post will be image-less. Oh well. We had a nice weekend though...

Friday: I was here late Friday night so all I wanted was to drink! We ended up going to Spin and I had the world's strongest French Martini! Ouch! We had a couple of drinks it was nice. Some queen started talking to us about Shitney Queers and was astonished that neither of us liked her. Duh! Why like Shitney when you have Xtina!? Trashy and talented! Seriously. Lol.
Saturday: We went to Viva La Música (the best Latin music store in Chicago) but didn't find too much this trip. I did pick up the new cd from Lorca. Remember him? He had that song out a few years ago that went Dame tiempo y dejame la lengua rota.... Something like that. I can't remember the exact lyrics. We stopped @ Nuevo Leon. Great and cheap! I made Rob go see the new John Waters's flick A Dirty Shame. I loved it! It was so trashy. He's back in form! Lol. Selma Blair was classic, as was the whole cast. Johnny Knoxville...grrr. We stopped at Tower after. I know we're addicted. I picked up a UK import on clearance for only $5.99 and Sin dejar huella on DVD w/ one of my fave Mexican actresses, Tiare Scanda. Good flick.
Sunday: I finally did something I've been wanting to do since I moved to Chicago. We went to Maxwell Street. For those of you not from Chicago, Maxwell Street is a market every Sunday. Basically it's lots of crap and great food. But I had fun. We found some stuff we needed and ran into several puppies :) I got a copy of Mean Girls for only $15, brand new. We watched it when we got home. I loved it. Later that night after stopping at Target, we went over to my friend Janet's place to visit her and her girlfriend's new puppy. It was so cute. Still no name. But I like Penny or BeBe. It's a chocolate lab/terrier mix. Can we have a puppy now?

Song of the day: Bad Girls-Mónica Naranjo

Friday, September 24, 2004

Because weekends are made for fun...

Thank GOD it's Friday! This week has been so insane. Yesterday I got in at 7:30 am and was here til 10pm working on the program booklet. It's done! But now I am waiting for the account person from the printer to get back to me so I can messenger him the disk. Why doesn't anyone return my calls? Ahhh! I am pissed about a project that is going on at work because the AE has been sitting on it ALL WEEK! So now they dropped the bomb on us that it has to release to the printer tonight. I don't want to be here all night. It's Friday. Screw them I say! I must take a stand. In other news, I finally finished Traci Lords's autobiography. It was excellent. I have a newfound respect and admiration for her moreso than I did before. It really is a compelling tale of what she went through, how she overcame it and how she continues to do so. I highly recommend this book. Excellent! Now I just need a new album from Ms. Lords. I know she did a cover of Walking In L.A. earlier this year, but haven't heard much since then. BTW doesn't she look hot as a redhead? In other news we are gonna go to a movie tonight. Dirty Shame, the new John Waters film opens today. Can't wait to see it. Can't wait to see Johnny Knoxville on the big screen either. Sigh.

Did I mention I saw the season premiere of America's Next Top Model the other night? Actually I only saw the last 15 minutes or so. Basically I saw here the finalists are gonna be this year. Can't wait!

Song of the Day: Come & Get It-JCA featuring Dannii Minogue

Thursday, September 23, 2004


Let the bitching begin. Last night my ibook clonked out on me while I was working on the program booklet. I am too pissed to even write about it. I'm hoping the IS guy here will fix it for me. Wish me luck. For the meantime try the following (hey I need something to get my mind off my sick ibook):

Your Penis Name is: El Presidente

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

In other news...

I watched L'Aberge Espagnole last night. I forgot how much I enjoyed this movie. It also frustrates me that my one regret in life was not going to study abroad. I would have killed to live for a year in Barcelona or Madrid. Anyhoo...I also watched the new episode of The Real World last night. Willie...he is such a lady! It's to die for. My BF doesn't appreciate reality shows, he in fact hates them, but I like numbless TV. If I want something a little more indepth, there are other outlets. I probably will be bitching in the next few days about having to work on a program booklet for my parents. They are putting on a show entitled Tributo a Agustín Lara, you can find out more @ their website. Fancy shit, huh? Of course they waited 'til the last minute to get everything to me. ¡Padres! ¿Qué se puede hacer con ellos?

"¡La libertad sabe a pura gloria!"

Gloria Trevi, as you know is free! I thought I'd post some quotes she gave to the press yesterday about her newfound freedom:

"No tengo ningún tipo de rencor, no guardo deseos de venganza", dijo Gloria tras salir de la cárcel. "Hubo tantas gentes que me dieron su apoyo, sus oraciones, que me ayudaron de manera tan infinita, que en mi corazón sólo estoy pensando en cómo agradecerlos", declaró la artista de 34 años. "¡Traigo ganas de comerme al mundo! ¡como nunca!", dijo al salir vestida con un elegante traje blanco, escotado, luciendo un maquillaje y un corte de pelo perfectos. Con un vestido tipo halter en blanco, y el cabello suelto, la cantante dijo emocionada, "¡La libertad sabe a pura gloria!".

All these quotes and more can be found @ W/ her newfound freedom gloria trevi is planning on recording a brand new album very soon.

Song of the day-Les diré, les diremos-Gloria Trevi

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

free at last!

yes kiddies, it's true. gloria trevi is finally free! i can't believe it has finally happened! yeah! i just read this on sayhey!, the kylie minogue message board that knows E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G! apparently she was released for lack of evidence. god it took them long enough. to celebrate we pranced around to apartment the minute we found out blasting les diré, les diremos from her debut. of course we had to continue and as i type this la papa sin catsup is probably annoying the f*ck out of our neighbors. who cares? gloria is free at last! the articule is too long to post, so please visit the following link @ to get the scoop on what went down. can you believe it's been four years now that she's been in prison? all i can say is it's about time. gloria trevi is one of the most original artists to come out of mexico in years. seriously. people always disregarded her as la chica del pelo suelto but she wrote some heartfelt songs and sang in a way that just tugged at your heart. ¡gloria te extrañabamos y te queremos un CHINGO!


omg i can not put this book down! as of this morning after my short ride on the "L" to work i have read 165 pages of underneath it all by traci lords. i started reading this last night after work and can't put it down! it's a shame all the shit she went through. i am 65% of the way done with it. hopefully by tomorrow i will have finished it and can tell you what my thoughts are :)

in other news....since we found out one of the gay roomies on the real world: philedelphia was a former child actor, our ghostwriter interest has been reignited. so yesterday in the mail came a video that rob found on ebay of the very frist episode of the show! omg i can't believe how much i loved this show. and i was in high school! loser! whatever it was rather entertaining and i had a major crush on "alex" aka david lópez. now we must find the remaining videos! ebay here we come.

song of the day: when you were mine-cyndi lauper

Monday, September 20, 2004

i will control your soul

after lunch my coworker/friend william and i stopped at BAM (aka Books-A-Million). he wanted to get some new anti-bush book. so i figured i would tag along. i was tempted to get the jenna jameson autobiography, but i still think $30 is a little steep for a book i am only gonna read once. i'll be completely honest w/ you, i have NEVER read a book more than once. but while browsing i noticed they had the paberpack edition of traci lords's autobiography! at $13.95 i could not pass it up. i'll let you kiddies now how it is.

song of the day-control-traci lords

new world's record.

so i did pretty much exactly as i said i was gonna do this weekend. i stayed in and rested! friday we did go out for indian food. yummy. we stopped at tower so i could pick up season 3 of JEM and the Holograms on DVD. i haven't watched the whole thing yet but I got through 1.5 discs thus far. is it just me or does britta phillips look eerily like kylie minogue? actually it's not just me. rob pointed it out, so i can not take the credit. saturday, cleaned. i left the house to go to family dollar to buy cleaning supplies (i love $1 stores!!). aside from our venture to little italy to pick up our thai food, that was all we did. stayed in, rested, slept. coughs diminished a lot. sunday again we vegged. i know it was such a lazy and unproductive weekend but we needed it. after some convincing last night we ended up going to the new border's on north and halsted. it was nice and we ended up buying some cd's (big surprise). it was too hard to resist! it was buy 3 get the 4th free! so rob got 3 and i got the 4th free. belinda. i know what you're thinking, but i can't help it. i love her last 2 singles! eres mi ángel de paz déjame volar a tu lado yo por siempre quiero estar.... i also finally got a copy of l'aberge espagnole on DVD. for some odd reason the copy i grabbed was marked as $12.99, while the rest were marked $25.99. i did not ask why i just bought it!

so since we were recovering from our coughs we stayed in saturday and missed the roscoe's drunkfest w/ the milwaukee sister. but i heard about the whole evening. eddie...girl has broken the drunk dialing world record! lol. i got 5 messages from him. they were hilarious. i got a rundown of all the videos i missed: holly valance, emma bunton, paulina rubio, dannii minogue (of course). the last one was the funniest; from "melroach" diner (aka melrose), eddie proceeded to tell me that no one is as fierce as me! lol! milwaukee sister i love ya! i promise we will go out soon. once the cold is ALL gone and rob and i will join you in dancing and screaming drunkenly to our favorite pop twats!

Friday, September 17, 2004

shameless plug

(the above is a banner i designed to promote the yahoo group i started for one of my faves: stephanie salas)
canción del día-corazón - stephanie salas

naked and sacred

you may notice my blog seems a little naked. my horror yesterday i realized my photobucket account had been deleted. what the @#$% you say, yeah my sentiments exactly. as a result all of my photos i had linked have been delted. i contacted photobucket immediately and was given the following reply:

I apologize...we're very sorry, its computers...we hope to have it fixed ASAP, pls be patient.--Darren

there was also a link to an official statement from photobucket regarding this. turns out i was not the only victim. here is what else they had to say: Photobucket has suffered mulitple disk failures in the last week. We chose SCSI disks because it was supposed to be much more reliable. Unfortunately, its just been a string of bad luck. The disk has finished rebuilding fine, but the filesystem was corrupt. Running this check/fix takes many hours. We hope to have the albums back up by tomorrow. This is just the honest truth and we don't want to promise they'll be back tonite. Also, we are flooded with email so please don't email us if you get a "page not found". Your album is not lost and we are apreciate your patience. i hope this is taken care of quickly. in the meantime, i'll be patient.

in other news. well nothing really. cough was driving me crazy last night. i got no sleep. it seems to really hit me when i am lying down. hmmm...this weekend i plan to relax , sleep, do nothing, sleep, relax, and sleep. unless of course i am tempted to go to roscoe's w/ my milwaukee sister and co. i have a busy day ahead of me so i will write some more later. ciao.

Thursday, September 16, 2004


i almost forgot today was mexico's independece day...¡viva méxico cabrones!

dinner date

i did not see the scissor sisters last night. alethya told me she had 4 tickets, when in turn she later told me "i said i could try and get 4 tickets" (uff!!!). she only got 2 and the other one was for her coworker who actually got the tickets. so marlene and i missed out on ss. instead we decided to go to cesar's and have mango margaritas and some appetizers. it was fun as we chatted and laughed. before hand i stopped at her condo and met her new puppy. i can not for the life of me remember what it's called but it's a french bulldog. adorable! we didn't really stay out too late. i got home and rob and his best friend angélica were watching a bootleg copy of a day without a mexian. i was starving, so were they, so benny's pizza to the rescue! actually i am starting to realize these nights out apart are really good for us. it's nice to spend time apart because it totally makes you appreciate your partner even more!

the cold is doing better. a few last traces of the cough. drinking tons of liquids. hopefully it will be gone by the weekend. actually i just want to stay in this weekend and REST!!! i need it. last weekend we were constantly on the go, so it's no wonder this cold lasted longer than usual.

song of the day-you won't forget about me-dannii minogue

Wednesday, September 15, 2004


see it does pay to sign guestbooks. after visiting samantha newark's website i got this lovely email from her. if you don't know, samantha was the speaking voice for jem, of jem and the holograms. i thanked her on behalf of all the gay boys who grew up watching jem in the eighties. here's what she wrote me:

Hi Joe, thanks so much for taking the time to visit my website and sign my guestbook. I love hearing from "JEM" fans it is soooooo great. Can't believe you saw "Summer Camp Nightmare" how funny!! that movie is gonna haunt me, so are my McDonalds comercials in my polyester uniform that are inevetably to surface at some point- Oh well, good thing I don't take myself too seriously. yes, Jem was targeting girls but there were so many boys who watched, so many who have written over the years and I love that. "JEM" was all about glamor and music and relationships and lessons etc...I say girl's cartoon as I didn't relate to GI Joe and Transformers but it was for every kid really. Thanks again Joe for writing, I would love to keep you posted on my happenings by e-mail.

Have a blessed day!!


P.S. I used to sing in the gay bars when I was about 15 - I had a gay friend and he booked me to sing in some drag shows in West Hollywood - they wouldn't believe I was really a girl - what a great time!!

what a sweetheart! in other news, my cough is still here. will not go away! it's just a dry cough. i think i need a couple of shots of tequila to get rid of it. i am having a girls night out w/ alethya, marlene and jennifer. we are going to see the scissor sisters @ the metro tonight. can't wait to see the show. i'll let u all know how it went tomorrow. ta-ta!

Monday, September 13, 2004


so our weekend in milwaukee was fun. unfortunately rob and i both had horrible coughs so it didn't really make for a relaxing weekend. friday i got out early, but we didn't even leave chicago til 4 pm so needless to say we took a lot longer to get to milwaukee than i had hoped for. friday night was paloma's graduation party from the police academy. i had absolutely NO idea what to get someone as a gift from the police academy. so i went literal and we got her a copy of police academy on DVD. she didn't have it so the gift was well appreciated. as for the actual party, it was pretty lame. bad dj who played songs that were in style 3 years ago, or as rob put it kid-bop music. the food sucked as well. it was from tres hermanos, bad bad mexican restaurant in milwaukee. afterwards we went out to bryants w/ matt, juanjo and renée. it was nice. stopped at out and about, a lesbo bar, for awhile. we didn't stay out late cause i felt horrible.

saturday we had to go a baptism for mara and josé ramón's newest, daniel mateo. we didn't get to the party til rather late, stayed for an hour. the more my friends have kids the more their parties become kids' parties. oh well. it was nice seeing everyone all at once. so we jetted out and met the boozehounds for some drinks and dinner @ la fuente. so we had a table for 8 and mini pitchers of margaritas for everyone (ok almost everyone). rob, myself, bertha, jesus (aka paty), my cousins mari, gina, tania and chuy (first two from mom, second two from dad) got drunk, ate bad mexican food and were just obnoxious like always. it was blast! i don't know why but mari and i decided to steal a telephone book from the restaurant at some point. i know, let the comments begin.

after la fuente, we walked down the street to c20, some new bar. was nice. rather chill, we got a bottle of red wine and drank and drank. paty, bertha's younger sister whom we just love to death, came w/ jesus's little sister (whom i guess is "talking" to my cousin chuy). we had so much fun, got even drunker. i even went up to some girl, on a dare from everyone, and told her how big her boobs were. they were huge! lol! it was funny. i don't think mari was there for that part, she would have pissed herself. so after everyone decides to leave paty, rob and i decided to go to la cage, my old stomping ground, and we run into frank (surprise, surprise), ramón and the newly-back-in-milwaukee efraín w/ his new man. had fun. rob and paty went and danced in the cages while frank and i danced down below and played comadres. sunday we lounged around, got burgers from kopps, and bertha came over w/ her newborn. she is so beautiful! bertha is so happy, and i am happy for her.

we head back to chicago and got home, chilled and then went over to janet and tina's to watch the season finale of six feet under. i loved it! i am so sad that the season is over. now we have to wait another year! this sucks! why did we not watch it at our house u ask? well i am having drama w/ my cable co. and bank that is too long to get into right now. uff!

but on a lighter note, my cousin in a drunken stupor turns to me and says..."omg the gay puerto rican guy from the new real world was on ghostwriter!!!" omg! as a loser teen i used to watch this show on pbs every saturday, as i had no social life. lol. now i must tune into the real world: philidelphia to see what a lady héctor has become.

Thursday, September 09, 2004


so last night was my girls night out w/ freddy. we had a good time. we went to see garden state which i loved. it was funny and rather quirky (which i love) and my title of today's entry is a reference to the movie. the funny thing about this movie was that this was the first time i had acutally seen natalie portman in a movie. i know that may sound weird. i know who she is, and i think she is absolutely beautiful, i had yet to actually see any of her movies. i usually don't like mainstream stuff, so i obviously wouldn't have seen her in any of her star wars efforts. i liked her. the lead actor, zach braff, was great. he also directed the movie as well. i think he's from that tv show scrubs, i could be wrong. i found him rather sexy. it was have been his big schnoze (is that how u spell this word??) and juju lips. after the movie we ended up going to falco's for pizza. yummy.

my sore throat is still bothering me. i bought some dayquil and orange juice, so i hope it makes me feel better. last night rob felt sick and woke up in the middle of the night. my poor boo boo. i hope he feels better today as well. i really hope we both feel better as it would ruin our weekend otherwise.

one thing i was gonna note about seeing garden state was that before hand they had previews like always, but before the previews they show commercials. well they had a commercial for a new telemundo soap but the commercial was in english. i just thought it was interesting as i have never seen them do any advertising for the english language market. ok i have to get back to work. i don't have any pictures to post here (sorry glennys) with this post. i'll see what i can whip up later. ciao.

song of the day: call home-elan

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

sore throats suck.

i have a sore throat. i've been busy at work, so i haven't really been able to write much these last two days. i really hope it goes away soon because i have to go to milwaukee this weekend. my comadre paloma is graduating from the police academy and the other comadre is baptizing her newborn. ahhh!! plus i HAVE to go to bryants. bryants is the coolest place in north america. who would have thought the coolest bar ever would be in milwaukee, wi? i thought i would post this image to support the kerry campaign. anything to get that twat out of office! why on earth would anyone vote for this man? apparently my sister is, and her homophobe boyfriend.

in other news america's next top model premieres september 22!! let the bitch-fest begin. i've posted my fave from last year who did not win, sara, but the girl that won was a great choice. but i must say a girl of colour must win this year!

i just felt the need to post a picture of my current crush mark ruffalo. sigh. i even rented 13 going on 30, it was pretty dumb, but seeing mark was worth it!

song of the day walk away alanis

Sunday, September 05, 2004

my first at-home blog

up until this point i have only written in my blog from work (it keeps me sane and entertained...i imagine myself saying that in a jerry blank voice). the 3 day weekend is off to an ok start i guess. i say ok cause yesterday i woke up w/ the nastiest headache in north america. it lasted all day. probably had to do w/ the fact that i drank no water for the entire day. tried to sleep it off. finally just gave in and took two aleve w/ about a pitcher of water. h20. yummy. we went for indian food. yummy. the evening was fun. had drinks w/ janet (& tina) and juan (aka bleaces & his man memo). it was fun. hadn't hung out in ages.

friday we did go to the virgin megastore and i spent $80!!! i bought björk (loving it), olé olé, 3 cd singles (emma bunton, sonia & selena, seiko) and i got rob 3 cd's to make up for the money i owe him for groceries (jill scott, tears for fears and donna summer). twas fun.

tonight we are supposed to hang out w/ milwaukee sister. it's always a diva throwdown when we get together. roscoe's doesn't know what they're in for!! since i know my milwaukee sister reads this regularly (yet he doesn't post comments), i just want to tell him that he is the fiercest person i know! we should have been best friends in milwaukee. who knew?? he probably just thought i was the weirdo in 7" stacks! lol. "better think, think, better think twice"!

Friday, September 03, 2004


working on a hectic project so last night i was here at the office til 9pm. PLUS i have a freelance project that i need to have ready this morning. so instead of staying up last night and doing it, i came in this morning @ 7:11am. ahhhh! i'm almost done, and it's actually quite nice if i must say so. it's for a bank, i hope it's not too out there. but thank god it's friday! this week has dragged ass like no other. today is payday. i promised rob we'd go to the virgin megastore so i can get the new björk cd and the new jill scott for him. while i am there i also want to pick up some imports. there was an olé olé import from spain w/ my name on it. i hope they still have it. surely there can't be another olé olé freak besides me in chicago? i must get back to this project, which will be followed by another review of my real work project. i shall blog later. ciao.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

i'm so jealous!!!

my friend emilio just emailed me telling me that he went to see alicia machado @ vivia chicago this weekend. omg i am so jealous! i didn't even know she was coming. i guess it's my own fault cause i had no idea who was coming at all. they always bring some lame ass merengue groups. i love alicia's self-titled debut cd. it's great! i highly recommend it. it will surprise you. i didn't know what to think at first, but once i heard it i was greatly surprised. so many people have already written her off because she is the ex-miss universe. hello...this is latin america we're talking about! the land of actors who sing, etc. i highly enjoy her music and think she has a cool voice. reminds me a lot vocally of maría conchita alonso. anyhoo i am pissed that i didn't know.

i guess this will cheer me up... paris hilton has written an autobiography entitled confessions of an heiress. why wasn't it called that's hot. my bf loathes her but personally i can't get enough of her. i was addicted to her and nicole ritchie's antics on the simple life. i will be getting this as it looks über trashy. you can pre-order it now. it will be released next tuesday, september 7.

"hold on for one more day"

today is thursday and only one more day of this hellish week! ok hellish is a strong word, rather long droned out week i feel is much better. i don't know why this week is draggin' ass? anyhoo we have a three day weekend ahead of us. woo hoo! which reminds me that i have to call vagina cochina aka yesenia to confirm saturday. as i wrote this i am listening to my namesake mix on my ipod, jotafina. long story. really.

so last night were the latin grammys. i didn't watch 'em because it's always the same people. juanes, etc. but i am upset i missed paulina rubio singing perros w/ six dogs! she is my favorite singer who can't sing for shit. she's has the worst voice (ok not as bad as latoya jackson) but i love her. so i instead opted to watch mona lisa smile which i rented from netflix. now i hate julia roberts and the movie was über sappy. but i like julie stiles and love maggie gyllenhaal. is it me or does she look creepily like her brother's on-again/off-again girlfriend kirsten dunst? kirsten was also in this movie. like i said it was really sappy; total chick flick. but whatever i am a sucker for chick flicks. besides there was one highlight of the movie: dominic west....grrr!

song of the day: "oculta realidad"-obk

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

la la la la...

i know it's rather late in the day. been busy at work. gasp! busy you say? yes busy. i have this project that has to be out the door by the 15th of september, so i have to try and figure out what new photography has to be done. yeah! new photography! that means joey gets to go on photo shoots. anything's better than sitting in front of this computer all day.

i feel weird cause we don't have a concert to go to this weekend. we've had like 3 big ones in a row (alejandra guzmán, cyndi lauper, gloria estefan). monday is no work. thank god! unfortunately today is only wed. i guess i should be glad there is only 2 days left and we have a 3 day weekend. saturday yesenia (vagina cochina) and her hubby are supposed to come over for dinner and drinks. reminds me i have to give her a call and confirm. other than that not much going on this weekend. just want to relax! i have to go to virgin megastore on friday though. i need to get the new björk cd! i am broke so i couldn't get it yesterday when it actually came out.

i had to share this w/ you all. my boyfriend made this to use as his new signature for sayhey. it's iris chacón! she's super taquí-taquí!!! j-ho ain't got nothing on this woman's ass!