Sunday, December 23, 2007

Don't Stop The Music

I have to say that for me 2007 was a good year for music. A lot of my faves released new albums, there were a few new singers here and there who sparked my interest and if my overflowing CD shelves are any indication, I can honestly say I enjoyed quite a bit of music this year. Unlike years past, I have decided not to rank my fave albums of 2007. So let's just list them in alphabetical order (by first name...because I feel like it). I even had a hard time choosing just 10 so I added 2 more. Hey this is my blog so why the hell not! So here goes...

Amerie Because I Love It Now in the past I haven't really paid any attention to Amerie. Not because I didn't like her (I admit I liked 1Thing) but rather I didn't really think there was anything that special about her. Out of curiosity I downloaded this album (which from last I hear won't even get a US release) and eventually got a copy of the import. Let me just say this has become one of my most played albums of the year. Some might say she's a Beyoncé knock off, well I can get the comparisons, but she's so not as annoying as Miss B. Musically she is far more interesting and does not have an annoying voice. Now this album has a great 80s funk throwback feel, and it's obvious in my favorite song on the entire album Some Like It. Buy this album for this track alone, it sounds like Amerie raided Pebbles archives. There are some great funked up tracks, some lovely ballads. Other standout tracks include Gotta Work, Hate 2 Love U, Crush, Crazy Wonderful. It's a shame this didn't get a US release, especially since it was such a good album and stands out amongst the cookie cutter female R&B US releases.

Armand Van Helden
Ghettoblaster Now I have never been one for DJ albums. They always come off as too samey or too pretentious. But can we talk about this album for a sec? My only past musical relationship w/ Mr. Van Helden is his wicked remix of Tori Amos's Professional Widow (someone whom I find really boring and only likeable in remix form). I heard about this album on a message forum I frequent ( and was intrigued by people's descriptions. After hearing this album I can not get enough of it. It's like being at a late 80s house party (I was but a mere child so I can only live vicariously through this album)! House, Freestyle, High Energy, Funk, Hip Hop, etc. are all present. I know you must be thinking, another 80s throwback album. What can I say? I love the 80s. It's my favorite era of music (more specifically the late 80s/early 90s). A reworking of Taylor Dayne's Do You Want It Right Now is one of the standout tracks as I Want Your Soul. Who would have thought I'd actually enjoy a song featuring Fat Joe. I'd be lying if I said Touch Your Toes isn't one of the best songs I heard all year. All Night sounds like a hidden freestyle treasure. Cynthia would have given up her Aqua Net for that hook.

Belanova Fantasía Pop After listening to Dulce Beat a nauseating amount of times, I was really ready for something new from Belanova. And while it doesn't steer that clear from its predecessor, there is just something so endearing about this release as well. While some of their music tends to become electro sappy after awhile, when they get a little oh man watch out. Songs like Bye Bye, One Two Three Go!, Por ésta vez, Rockstar show why this group has taken over the Mexican pop scene in recent years.

Elan What Can Be Done At This Point Elan's debut Street Child has become one of my favorite albums of all times. With this, her 3rd release, she continues to entice me w/ her scratchy voice and moody lyrics/music. While nothing has yet to come close to the haunting beauty of her debut, this is a step in the right direction after her sophmore Beatles love fest London Express (sorry they just do nothing for me). Instead we find a happy medium of her first two albums. What is it about this girl that I can't get enough of? Killer voice, intelligent lyrics perhaps? Just listen to songs like Made Myself Invisible, Rolls Like Dice, This Time Around and find out what you're missing.

Kat De Luna 9 Lives Everyone summer comes a song that becomes the summer jam. For me this year it was definitely Whine Up. This dancehall-esque jam had me dancing all summer long. But beyond this upbeat number was quite a talented vocalist who is able to dabble in many different genres (R&B, Reggae, Pop, Opera, etc) all on one album. By bringing in elements of Domincan heritage on several tracks, she even made me a fan of Am I Dreaming by incorporating elements of Bachata (a genre I personaly loathe). Not just another teeny bopper singer, this girl has the vocal chops to have a very long career. I'm looking forward to hearing what this young singer has to offer us in the future.

LeAnn Rimes Family By far one of the most talented & versitile vocalists around, LeAnn has a voice that is full of such passion and life, and she's barely 25. Transending genres, country, jazz, pop, dance, etc. she can sing it all. But I have a soft spot for LeAnn's country albums of late. This is the genre where she truly shines, and that's a pretty major thing when you take into consideration Country is one of the few genres where vocal skills still matter. Probably her most mature effort to date, LeAnn continues to build an impressive catalog of recorded material. Standout tracks include the stomper Nothing Better To Do, Family, Fight, Doesn't Everybody. Basically the whole album.

Mandy Moore Wild Hope Who knew the same girl who uttered the infamous lines "I'm forever yours, love always, Mandy" would still be releasing music even after the teen pop phenomenom of the late 90s/early 2000s faded away. I think Mandy has found a genre that really suits her sweet voice, adult pop. A very melodic pop album there are some really amazing songs on this album such as Slummin' In Paradise, All Good Things, Most Of Me, and my personal fave Looking Forward. Here's hoping we don't have to wait another 4 years for her next album.

María Daniela y Su Sonido Lasser Juventud en extasis After releasing one of the funnest and fresh sounding albums in the last 5 years, I didn't think it could be done. But María Daniela has released an album that is as good (or maybe even better) than their debut. While some people don't get this group, for those of us who do we can indulge in their fun so bad it's good pop music. Harking back to an era when pop music was carefree and silly, María Daniela is a breath of fresh air on the Mexican music scene where too many sappy crappy cookie cutter bands like Camila or Reik are stuck in an eternal coffee shop. Campy, electro and oh so fun. Standout tracks include Yo asesiné a mi novio, Pecadora normal, 100 x hora and their cover of Mexican 80s high energy girl group Click's Duri Duri.

María José María José Kabah was one of those groups your either loved or loathed. Personally some of their music was pretty crappy, and some of it pretty good. I never really thought any of them were spectacular singers...except for María José. 2007 finally saw the release of the ex-Kabah's self-title debut album. After a so-so first single, ¿Quién eres tú? (trust me it grows on you), I purchased the import and instantly fell in love w/ the fresh and fun album she put forth. I probably listened to this album more than any this year (ok almost...more on that soon); and why not? This is a fun, slick pop album w/ some of the most of the most addicting melodies I've heard in ages. Mixing elements of current R&B, pop electro and 80s, this is one of the best debut albums I've heard in a long time. Stand out tracks include Detrás de tus palabras, Ya te dije adios, It's A Party! (w/ Plastilina Mosh) and my personal favorite Habla menos.

Marta Sánchez Miss Sánchez Oh Martita. She's been one of my faves since the mid 90s. Apart from her sophmore effort Mi Mundo she's always released albums that were pretty hit or miss. 2 or 3 good songs and the rest filler. Well not this time. In 2007 Marta fagged it up and released a full fledged dance album. The first single Superstar sampled Depeche Mode's Just Can't Get Enough and it pretty much set the bar for the rest of the album. While some anti fans accused her of copying Madonna (but seriously when has Madonna released an album this good?) she made a slick pop dance album w/out taking herself too seriously. Levántate, Si me cambian los recuerdos (a duet w/ Alaska...can life get any better??), Reina de la radio, Frida y sus flores, etc. make this album worthy of my best of list.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor Trip The Light Fantastic After a lacklust sophmore effort, Sophie returned in 2007 w/ her third and best album. I just love Sophie, not just because she's drop dead gorgeous, but because I just can't get enough of her. I love her snobby English voice, something not too many British singers do for fear of not breaking international markets. But this album was a fun return w/ catchy songs such as Catch Me, Me & My Imagination, If You Go, and Supersonic (not to be confused w/ the JJ Fad classic).

Tiffany Just Me I didn't intentionally save the best for last...but I guess I did so anyway. As you all know I have been a HUGE Tiffany fan since her 1987 debut, so since the tender age of 10, I've been following Tiffany's musical lows and highs. After an amazing breakthrough w/ 2000's s The Color Of Silence and a dance album in 2005, Tiffany came back in 2007 w/ a beautiful album that showcased her amazing and versatile vocals. Combining country, pop, rock and even hints of gospel, Tiffany continues to wow fans old and new alike. Ok so remember when I said I listened to one album more than any other this year? Yeah well you guessed was this one. I could listen to Tiffany sing the phonebook, she's just that good. Everyone song is good, one of the few albums I was able to listen to from start to finish. So no standout track because they all are.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Clark You Suck

I've been living and working in Chicago for just a little over 8 years now. Therefore I've been taking public transportation for that long as well. Well in all my 8+ years never have I had to wait so long for a train and/or bus. So yesterday I worked a half a day. I had to go pick up prescription refills for our dog. So I decided to take the Clark #22 bus from Jackson/Dearborn. By 1pm I started waiting for the bus. It's one of those multiple bus stops. So 10 minutes go by. An Archer bus comes. Then a Broadway bus, and another Archer bus. Before I know it 20 minutes go by. I see another bus, again not mine. This went on for awhile, you can imagine my impatience. Part of me wanted to run to the ATM and hop in a cab, but I'm trying to be thrifty w/ my money this pay period since I barely started xmas shopping. More time goes by, probably 35 minutes. No Clark bus. Finally I'd been waiting 45 minutes! 45??!! 7 Archer buses passed by in that time! 7??? Do that many people really need to come from the South Side?? WTF...finally the lovely #22 came. Of course the bus driver could give me no explanation as to why the bus took that long to come. I finally made to my destination some 25 minutes later (by this point the bus was jam packed because so many people had been waiting for so long). I thought the blue line was bad. After all was said and done I found out I could have taken the Broadway bus, which had I know would have saved me like a half an hour on my wait. Oh well.

Then the CTA wonders why no one has any faith in it. BTW it's super windy out right now and all the windows in our place are rattling like there's no tomorrow. When did it get so windy? More blog entries to follow.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Not so fresh feeling?

I know I'm gay, but how gay am i? Well if what I received in the mail yesterday from our local Jewel Grocery Store is any indication, I may as well be a woman. Photographic evidence for your viewing pleasure:

No that's not a sample of shampoo or body's a sample of FEMININE NAPKINS! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! I could not stop laughing when I opened it up. Last time I checked I still had a penis and no bleeding orfices down there (except when Holly Hemrhoid is visiting). Seriously I thought it was a new body wash. I guess Always won't just refer to a Pebbles song but my feminine call of duty.

In other interesting news our TV died today. Oh lord I've had that thing since I was in high school. So it could very well be 15 years old!!! Oh well. Time to start saving up for a new one.

My annual favorite musical picks will be coming very soon. I'm off starting tomorrow afternoon until after the new year, so I should have lots of time to write. Tootles.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I've been slammed by work. Sorry for lack of updates. I love the month of December, not so much for the Xmas element (I work in retail advertising and I am pretty much OVER xmas before Halloween)...but because of the weather. Is it just me or is this month rushing by?? I guess the one thing I like about the end of the year is that I have all this vacation time to use up before 08 begins. So beginning Friday, Dec 21, I will be off for 11.5 days (including weekends and holidays). Woo hoo!!! I hope to get some work done around the house, party, etc. Anyone have any exciting plans for the upcoming Holidays?? I really don't have many people to buy gifts for, but the ones I's racking my nerves! What to do?

BTW I totally love this song. It's hot. My significant other turned me onto her. It's totally fly.

Monday, December 03, 2007


Friday was the Nacotheque party @ Spot 6. OMG was it a fuckin' blast!!!! It was so nice to be at a latino club/event and there was no reggaetón, merengue or salsa to be heard....yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!!!!!! First of all, let me just say that the venue was rather on the small side. Let's hope next time (there better be a next time...and soon) it's at a bigger venue, because Spot 6 is über small. Aside from that, the crowd was awesome the music was fucking fun as hell. A great time. Marcelo Cunning and Amylu Meneses, the dynamic duo behind Nacotheque, were super cool and the mix of music was just too fun!! I guess the best way to describe their DJ sets are the latest and greatest alternative and/or indie pop/rock en español mixed w/ tons of campy music from the 70s, 80s or 90s. As my friend Paty put it, it was nice to go to a latino club and it not being full of ghetto people. LOL! Here are some pics...

They played such a fun mix from Fangoria, Click, Xuxa, Zoe, Menudo, La Prohibida, Banda El Mexicano, to one of my personal newer faves María Daniela y su Sonido Lasser. I found this clip on youtube that someone posted from Friday, you can feel like you were right there!!!! I was so excited when they played Fiesta de cumpleaños by María Daniela. You can't see us but we're there :)

I think if you looked hard enough you can see my arms flailing up in the air. Fun music, fun people, fun times. Got nice and tipsy...not too drunk. Now Saturday...that was another story. After sleeping in most of the day we later went out to my friend's holiday party. Parties = free you can image how much we drank. I hadn't gone out 2 nights in a row in ages. I was hurting the next day, but it was so worth it. We had a blast at the party and even had a charicature done of us, as it was a party favor provided by the hosts. I'll scan it and post it here later.

Anyhoo I should get going. Work is calling me. Boo. Hope everyone's December is off to a good start. I know mine is. Peace out.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Packer Backer?

There are times when you just realize how gay you are. This morning I had one of those moments. I was getting on the elevator and there were 2 guys in there with me. As we were going up they kept going on and on about the Packers game from the previous night. I am from WI and I know who the Green Bay Packers are...but that's about it. They were talking about scores, and this and that. I just kinda stared blankly and thought to myself...THANK GOD I DON'T GIVE A CRAP!!! Give me America's Next Top Model anyday!!! Now I know there are some gay men that like sports, and that's totally cool, but it's not for me.

Apart from my teen crush (hell I still think he's hot) on Mark Chmura not much else to say on the subject. So let's drool over Mark again, LOL!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Ponte atento

God bless early 90s cheese en español...

Now back to our regular scheduled blog post:

The holiday weekend is over. Turkey day was yummy yummy courtesy of Bistro Margot. Holy delicious!!! I'd like to go back for a regular meal when time permits. I did a little bit of shopping this weekend but nothing major. It was just a good lazy weekend.

Nothing new folks. Just chugging along until the weekend. I'm really really looking forward to Nacoteque this Friday as I mentioned in my previous post.

The year is coming to a close faster than we think. I'm enjoying it because it has been beautiful outside, the leaves falling, the cool winds, I just love it.

I did get to finally see the following movie which I'd been wanting to see for weeks:

I absolutely adored Lars And The Real Girl!!! It was a funny & quirky, two things I adore. Not to mention there is something about Ryan Gosling. He's just kinda goofy, and that makes him oh so adorable. But seriously, check this movie out if it's playing somewhere near you.

Monday, November 19, 2007


Before I forget, everyone Nacoteque is making their way to Chicago on Friday, November 30 @ Spot 6!!! I'm super geeked ever since I heard about their parties they throw regulary in NYC. Check out their website @ I'm really looking forward to them playing, as they tend to focus on current pop/electronic in spanish and lots of 80s kitsch thrown in for a good mix. Plus I've chatted w/ Marcelo Cunning a few times on myspace and he just seems like a cool guy, not to mention he has good bad taste like me! LOL. We'll be there and you should too.

It's a sad day in music

Look @ what the ladies of Avenue D just posted the following via a myspace bulletin:

Dearest family, friends, and fans,

We have some bad news and some good news to announce:

First, the bad news: as you may have already guessed: AVENUE D IS BREAKING UP. It's been a great six years, (thanks to all of you) and we are ready to move on to new things.

Now the good news: We are going to have TWO FINAL SHOWS!!!!

Dec. 1st - Brooklyn, NY @ Area 51 which is also our BIRTHDAY PARTY!
Dec. 28/29- Miami, FL @ Studio A (one of those days)

Even more good news: we will be releasing 3 CDs and a DVD along with our breakup.

"Grade D Beef" - a collection of our earliest (and raunchiest) songs including our first hit, "Hey Boy" which will also include a bonus CD:
"D Sides"- including our farewell "Landslide" cover

"Totally Magic" the album we made with Phiiliip, which includes such favorites as "Totally in Love" and "Pants Down" (featuring Tigra from L'Trimm)

Also, we will soon be releasing the "Avenue DVD" - a collection of our music videos, show videos, webisodes and more!!! Including videos by Grant Worth

Check the website for updates on the upcoming shows and albums

also our current albums are now available on the iTunes store... and the new ones will be as well!


we would be nothing without our friends!!!

Debbie D. and Daphne D.

Avenue D 4-EVA!!!!

To say I am sad is an understatement. To think I never even got to see them perform :( Their raunchy & funny lyrics have many a drunken night even more enjoyable. At least we're getting some goodies as a parting gift. To say goodbye in style let's check out one of my fave Avenue D moments...

Friday, November 16, 2007

Who is this hottie?

So the other day Rob asked me if I've ever heard of a singer by the name of Fernando González. I said no, who is he? He in turn tells me that he is some hot singer that he saw on Museo del disco's website...

Hot is an understatement...he's smoking!! But who is he??? Can't find any info about him on the net. But you know I have to buy his CD now. LOL. Add it to my cute boy CD collection I posted about awhile back. Yum.


Turns out his name is not Fernando González, rather Fernando Gonzalo. There was a type-o on the museodeldisco website. Rob caught the error and found the guy's webstie. Holy hottie! There are lots more pics. Apparently his one and only CD came out in 2004. He's pretty awful, but who cares!!!!

When you look like this that's all you need for music sales. LOL:

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dannii does it better

While Martika was in limbo for many years, I found myself becoming enamoured of a certain tiny little Aussie named Kylie. Now as a kid I loved her debut single (in the US at least) I Should Be So Lucky. After fading away from the US pop scene it was until I was in college (the late 90s) that I rediscovered the elder Minouge. Before ebay and the internet existed, I used to go to record collector shows to buy my imports, collectibles, etc. I would always see lots of Kylie imports and one day I finally gave in and purchased a greatest hits. Needless to say I was in lurve and the next show I bought whatever else they had.

So I was a bonified Kylie fan. Went on and on about how cool Kylie was and that Impossible Princess was the greatest thing since Wonder Bread to anyone who would listen. At the time it had just come out, smack dab in the middle of my Kylie-fever.

Up until about the time Kylie came back to the US w/ Fever I was pretty much a Kylie-holic. Well that was all about to change. I knew Kylie had a sister named Dannii, but I never heard her sing, so obviously did not know any of her material. I happened to hear the following song at a club (thought it was Kylie...only to further find out it was silly of me especially since everyone knows Dannii is the better vocalist of the two):

Needless to say I became very intrigued. Let's just say that my brief flirtation w/ Dannii-dom was about to take on a life of it's own. And it's all because of this song:

This has to be one of the hottest songs ever!! I swear after I heard this song I went...Kylie who??? This song and the album to which it came from, Neon Nights are both electro wet dreams. It has since become my favorite dance album of all time.

So what made me decide to profess my love for Dannii today? Well it's just that last week I spent a CRAPLOAD of $$ ordering all these new imports that have been released in the UK to cash in on her being a judge of the UK's X Factor. Well I couldn't be any happier.

Since we have yet to have a proper follow-up to Nights I guess all these miscellaneous releases will have to do for now. So why not revisit some of my favorite Dannii moments.

Baby Love: Now the original 1986 by Regina remains one of my fave 80s songs of all-time, I can't help but love this early 90s dance take on it that Dannii does oh so well. Plus it's always fun to check out pre-plastic surgery Dannii (when she looked A LOT like Shannen Doherty):

Disremembrence: From her crimanally under-rated Girl album, comes one of my favorite Dannii singles of all time:

I Can't Sleep At Night: This was supposed to be on her follow-up album to Neon Nights but ended up only being included on The Hits & Beyond. Nonetheless, it is fabulous song! She looks stunning in the video:

Touch Me Like That: Jason Nevins and Dannii team up for her latest dance anthem. I love the neon colors, the tacky set, the floating DJ...$ucce$$!!! This will be coming out December 3. It truly is a Dannii xmas:

Just to show I'm not an obnoxious Dannii queen...I too can appreciate when other poke fun of her:

While Kylie is set to "comeback" with her new album and single (which I really really really like); it's hard not to feel upstaged when the prettier, younger Minouge has so many fagtastic musical offerings all at once! ¡Viva Dannii!

Monday, November 12, 2007

My time

Ok so I am beyond overdue for an update. Sorry people. I always have all these ideas that I want to write about but they always seem to come to me when I am nowhere near a computer, and by the time I do remember that there was something I wanted to blog about, I tend to forget what it was in the first place. Oops.

So with that said why not share some Halloween pics since I promised my Milwaukee Sister I'd post these. Let me start off by saying that I LOVE Halloween. It is my favorite Holiday. I love getting dressed up, and I love thinking about what I am going to wear to outdo the previous year's costume. Actually last year we didn't end up doing anything and had gone out w/ some friends. So this year I decided to revive one of my favorite childhood shows...

Yes I decided to go as Vicki from Small Wonder. The costume looks easier than you'd think, but I actually put a lot of work into it, finding that damn apron alone was a nightmare but it came out fabu!!!

We went to our friend Noelia's Golden Bday party and I had a blast. Enjoy the visual recap:

Not to be outdone, I must say my boo's Ugly Betty costume was a hoot! Not just cause i helped pick out the outfit.

I have to say I am beyond ecstatic that it is finally fall. Summer was waaaaaaaaaay too long. I love walking outside when the leaves are falling. Chava how do you live w/out fall? Speaking of thanks again for our calaveras!!!

BTW have any of you ever been to Arkadash Cafe in Andersonville? Holy crap was this place good! We attempted to go to some Cuban/Colombian steak house...but alas it was closed...not just that evening...but for good. So since we were already in the 'hood and had found parking (which really isn't a big deal in this neighborhood...surprising as that may sound) we decided to check this place. Apparently the no smoking rule isn't a bother to this place because the whole restaurant was lit up! Yes! The place was dark, the music loud, but the food was the bomb! I really want to go back to this place again. I'm guessing this place gets busier later in the evening because when we were leaving a few more people started to trickle in.

Ok peeps that's all I got for you. Before I leave to celebrate the re-release of ex-Timbiriche Alix's lone solo album on CD I leave you w/ this lovely ballad called Nos podemos escapar:

Bum bum this one's for you :P

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Take Off...

I'm long overdue for an update. In the meantime check out the video for Jack Rokka vs Betty Boo Take Off!!!! F'n brilliant!!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Odd Crushes 1.0

Ok admit it, you have a celeb crush that to anyone else might seem odd or strange. So I am here today to talk about one of my weird celeb crushes. As you can see from the graphic above, today's strange celeb crush is none other than Bob Saget. Yes the Bob Saget, aka Danny Tanner from TVs corny Full House.

Like any kid growing up in the late 80s I spent many a Friday night w/ the Tanner clan (it was part of ABC's TGIF line-up...god that's so sad I remember that...ha ha ha). And like any good f.f.a (future fag of america) I was in lust w/ John Stamos (still am to this day...Have mercy!).

But as I got older and watch too many reruns of this corny show, I couldn't help but notice an odd attraction to Bob. I don't know what it is, but there is something I find oddly adorable about him. Even now that the show has ended. I can't put my finger on it. Maybe it's how hokey his character was on the show, that I secretly want him to talk to dirty to me while giving me one of those famous Full House hugs.

Hey, the years have been kind to him at least...

Even Jaime Kennedy has a thing for him:

Oh Danny Tanner.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lookout weekend

Well we had a really nice weekend. Super busy, ran lots of errands. Went to some new places, etc. Was nice. Friday stopped at Moonshine briefly. Second time there. The drinks are pretty awful and the music is too loud, I could barely hear our server. Also stopped at Stargaze very briefly (my first time ever there...) for a friend's bday. There were closing by the time we got there oh well. At least we made an appearance. Saturday was much more exciting. Ran a bunch of errands all day as Chus was at the groomer :) In the evening we went out for our friend Paty's bday. It was so much fun :) We went to this great BYOB in Wicker Park called Lucia's, from there we ended up at Nacional 27.

As you can see from the pictures a good drunken time was had by all. I am proud of myself for pacing (and drinking water) at the BYOB so I didn't have a repeat of last time! LOL!

I'll be writing more later on, I've been meaning to highlight some of my stranger celeb crushes :P

Friday, October 12, 2007

White Wedding

I know it's been eons since I've done a proper post. Forgive me. Sometimes I just get lazy w/ my blogging. What can I say??? As you can see from the pictures in my previous post, I had a blast at my cousin's bday party in Milwaukee. So that was a nice get a way.

I woke up this morning and it was 44º outside!!! OMG I LOVE IT!!! I think fall is finally here. Please please please please don't get any warmer. I can't deal w/ anything about 65º right now.

In other news, I am going to be going to Mexico for a long weekend for my cousin Mirna's wedding next January.

This was taken the last time she was here, which was just this past summer. I'm looking forward, mostly because I haven't seen my dad in almost 2 years! Since I haven't seen the majority of my family in Mexico in a few years, I've forced myself to get off my lazy ass and try and get into an exercise routine. Hopefully by the time the wedding comes around, I'll be looking a whole lot fitter and trimmer. Needless to say I'm in week 2 and Tae Bo has been kicking my ass (in a good way).

So friends, get in your mixup requests early! LOL! Don't worry boo boo, I've already got your requests etched in my brain :)

So I haven't even begun to start putting together my costume. I'm not going to say what I am going as, but let me say it's wonderful.

That's all for today kiddies.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mari's bday

Sorry for the lack of posts. I'll write more. In the meantime check out my pics from my cousin's bday this past Sat in Milwaukee:

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


New single! New album coming soon! Woo hoo!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fall cleaning

Everyone knows what spring cleaning is right? Well I decided to do my own version which I'll simply refer to as fall cleaning. Why you ask? Well I had to change my blog template recently because the old one doesn't work anymore, so I figure it was a good time to go through my links and do some cleaning.

I've recently found a few new links that I am obsessed with.

The first is IKEA HACKER. I read about this site in the paper the other day. Basicly people send it their "hacks" on ikea furniture (taking a store bought item and turning it into something else). I am all about Ikea. I know some snobby fags think its tacky, but you know what...FUCK YOU...we can't all afford Crate & Barrel or Pottery Barn. Anyhoo...the reason I am obsessed w/ this site is because as an artist (did you forgot I have a fine arts background...I know sometimes I do) I am intrigued by how people are making Ikea products their own. It really is an artform if you think about it. So since I have sooooo much Ikea crap in my house, I am inspired to try one out myself. I'll let you know the results when and if I decide to do something (however glorious or awful they may be).

The other site was brought to my attention by my other half. It's simply called RETRO MUSIC. It has to be the best music download blogs in Spanish I've seen in a long time, as it mainly focuses on 90s pop music en español. OMG it's like someone raided my cd collection!!!! Plus there's tons of rare and obscure groups who never even got US releases but I know about them from Mexican teen rags like ERES (remember Agua Luna?? Didn't think so...). Anyway I love music blogs like this and I hope pretty soon I'll be ranting about this one as well.

So while I've found a few new blogs that I'm loving, I had to go into the "personal blogs" section and delete a bunch. Mainly because they were never updated anymore (*cough*rddp*cough*). I kept the ones up that I read on a regular basis and I even kept yours up Glennys even though you haven't written in over a year, but simply because you promised to resurrect it. Speaking or resurrections, I'd like to give a big congrats to Meiver for giving new life to her blog!

Well peeps I am going to get going. It's Saturday and I have to clean the house (es que no llegó la chacha hoy...uff). Ciao.

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Hello everyone in blogger-land. Sorry I've been M.I.A. for the last few days. Work is über busy right now so bare with me. I had to post this though. I was out walking my dog like I always do, and noticed that everybody and their mother is having yard sales. I guess it's that time of year. Anyhoo I couldn't help but notice one sign in particular:

I just thought it was too funny. I had to rip it down and take a picture (and yes the yard sale in question already passed, so I didn't do any harm). Tee hee. The "lord's day", that cracks me up. I find it even funnier that it was up in front of the church around the corner from my house. I believe it's a "church of later day saints" or something like that. I am not sure what it is exactly, but there are always dorky guys in short white sleeve dress shirts and black ties on bikes.

Like my bf has already recapped, we went to see Sinead O'Connor this past Sunday. He was able to score 2nd row seats for super cheap on ebay! God bless ebay. Now I've always been a casual Sinead fan and was always curious to see her live. Now she is not what one would call an exciting performer, but my god her voice is just so captivating. I couldn't take my eyes (nor my ears for that matter) off of her. She was truly amazing.

None of my pictures came out that well because the whole front of the stage was white and there was too much light reflecting from the flash. Oh well.

So the other day I was talking w/ my MI bff, Tracy (aka Cherelle) as we were checking out the Russian hottie on Dancing With The Stars. You could eat off his ass...

Check out his website. That was for you Cherelle!

And before I any of you remember this?

It's called Pssst and is dry shampoo. I know it sounds gross but my mom used to use this in the 80s (for all I know she still does). I telling Tracy about it and we couldn't stop laughing about it. I wonder if rat's nest uses it? LOL! So do you think this girl uses it???

Ok peeps I gotta go walk my dog :) Ciao.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


So I don't think I've gotten over my Timbiriche high yet. LOL. But one thing I forgot to mention in my last post, was that while we were at the show I kept thinking to myself the back-up singer looks really familiar to me...

So I look inside the tour book at the credits (mind you I got the last 2 they were selling) and sure enough it was María Urtuzuástegui, the former lead singer of Luna Limón. I wrote a blurb about LL once upon a time and she somehow found my blog and signed my guest book!!!. My 2 friends had backstage passes and I asked him to tell her that she had a fan that wanted to meet her, but alas it didn't happen. Anyhoo I just thought it was a real cool tidbit that I forgot to share.

In other news my boo boo just scored amazing tickets for Sunday's Sinead O'Connor concert!!! I've never seen her in concert, but I think she is an amazing vocalist and can not wait to experience her live. I'm hoping she does this song:

Or I would love to hear her version of this song. Remember how hot she looked in the video?? Don't get me wrong she's beautiful, but when she's all glammed up...wowser!

So I can just take a moment and bitch about the weather. Last week it was so nice out, in the 50s and all of the sudden this week it's been like 80 everyday! WTF!!!!! How can you be so cruel Mother Nature????

America's Top Model premiered last night! I love it!!!! I am not going to try and predict a winner (because I am always wrong...except for Jaslene). But I must say I realy really like Heather. She's kinda weird looking, but there is something I like about her.

I also really like Ebony (as does Chava), and Jenah.

But you know what I love most about Top Model coming back??? The recaps that Rich does over at fourfour. In case you have never read his blog and you are a fan of the show, read his recaps of past seasons...they are hilarious!!!! High-larious!!! Ok peeps I gotta Vanessa Williams once said...I got work to do...I got a job baby!.

Monday, September 17, 2007


So for weeks now all I've been talking about was the Timbiriche concert that took place this Sat. at the Rosemont Theatre. I don't even know where to begin. First of all, the show looked sold out, which was great because there really wasn't that much promotion. We had front row seats, in reality we were just behind the orquestra pit as that was reserved for family of the band. Anyhoo...the show was just magical. The energy, the crowd, everything was just perfect. Words can not do it justice. Instead I'll show you via pictures (mind you these are just a few of my faves as I took over 300!!!!)....

During the Vaselina segment

Sasha w/ Benny playing guitar

Erik Rubin and guitar

Sasha & Benny...awwww!

Diego and the infamous pants

Rob and Mariana Garza


Sasha, Benny and Alix

"Ya llegó la banda..."

Benny with the Mexican flag

"¡México! ¡México!...m-e-acento-x-i-c-o"

As you can see from the pics we had great seats and a great time was had by all. By far my favorite concert of 2007. And now I can die because I've finally seen Sasha Sökol in person.