Monday, February 28, 2005

I hate my job

Hello out there in bloggerland! I am so sorry my posts are becoming less frequent. Work has been driving me crazy, if you hadn't realized already. My last entry was last Sunday. I had to work, on a Sunday mind you. Sucked. I was here til 6pm. Monday was pure hell. I was at the office til almost midnight! I wanted to cry! I am really sick of advertising. I've been at this place for over 5 years now and I just feel so drained. Career advice anyone?

Since I've been working so much I haven't really done alot this week. Saturday we went to Lola's and had a blast! I had like 3 huge Long Island Ice Teas and smoked too many cigarettes, but it was so much fun! Believe it or not it was our first night out since Rocío got here. She leaves next Sunday so I figured we better get a move on it! Yesterday I woke up w/ a nasty hang over, but we managed to paint the extra bedroom (aka Rob's playroom) and the front vestibule. Looks hot! It's like a purple/magenta. I think I really enjoy decorating. I know that sounds so gay, but hey. What can I say!?

Yesterday the Oscar's were on and honestly I really don't care one way or another, I think I actually only watched the last 20 minutes of it. I was more pissed that Desperate Housewives were not on. Back to the Oscars, I just like to see what people are wearing. But I am pissed I missed my goddess Salma Hayek &

Penélope Cruz presenting together! Check them out. They look stunning!

BTW what the f*ck was Hilary Swank thinking when she chose that dress? It was horrendous!! It looked like she got dressed in the dark? Looks like something an 80-year old ballroom dancing champion would have picked. ¡Guacalá!

Now a lot of you were asking what happened between Martika and I? Well it's a very long story and I am still drafting it up. Needless to say my childhood idol wasn't who I thought she was. Sad really. Hope you are all having a lovely day. It's snowing out. Normally I'd be jumping up and down w/ joy, but I am too tired to care.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Long overdue...

Work has been so hectic. So hectic that it is SUNDAY and I forced myself to take a quick break and write! Have I told you all how I hate my job? This doesn't help it any. To top it off they brought us lunch. Pizza! I had pizza for dinner last night (it was junk food Saturday). Aside from my work fiasco, Rob was sick w/ a very high fever but after some new drugs it is back down to normal and he's feeling better. Yay! Also took Chus for his follow-up and he seems to be doing great in getting back to normal. The Vet was pleased w/ his progress. Yay!

I just stepped away from this to go to a meeting. I feel like the biggest ass right now. Everyone HATED the work I presented. It just sucks because everyone and their mama was in there. Anyhoo I am not gonna vent anymore, I'll just get back to my regular blogging...

So last Tuesday I went w/ 2 co-workers to a taping of OPRAH. I am personally not a fan of Oprah nor of her show. On occasion I'll watch it. I just figured the experience would be cool and when I was told Hilary Duff would be the guest, well I couldn't say no! I just love her to death. But...upon arriving late and finding my coworkers in a room full of women w/ gucci suits and big hair, I found out there were 2 others guests on the show as well. Guest #1...

GWEN STEFANI! She was great! She looks gorgeous in person, is a lot taller than I imagined and was just very genuine and down-to-earth. Guest #2...

ENRIQUE IGLESIAS! My god he is skinny! Super tall. I saw him years ago in concert when I worked at a paper in college and I reviewed his show. Of course they asked him about that tennis bitch, Ana whateverhernameis, he seemed very nice as well. He just looks so much better in photos than in person. Anyhoo...onto Ms. Duff...

She was just so adorable. Very pretty in person and was just so sweet. See one day after work I flipped on the Disney Channel and Lizzie McGuire was on and ever since I've become addicted to it! I can't get enough of it. So I was more excited about her than the other guest. But overall the whole experience seemed so rushed! It was cool seeing how they filmed the show, how they literally hauled us all into the studio (it's A LOT smaller than it looks on TV), filmed flawlessly and got us out of there. No Oprah After The Show as we were the morning show and there was still a taping of an afternoon show. I was pissed that we didn't get anything for free. Not even CDs! Whatever! BTW the show topic was stars making their biggest fan's dreams come true. It is airing this Tuesday (Feb. 22...check your local listings for time).

I'd write more but I have to get back to work. Someone find me a new job...NOW!!!!!!

Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Vday

So it's Valentine's Day. I woke up this morning and didn't even realize it. Mostly because tomorrow is our 1.5 year anniversary. To me that is much more important than another Hallmark Holiday. Everyone have a good weekend? Hope so. Nothing much went on this weekend. My mother came to my financial rescue so I am no longer poor until Friday. Thank God! We caught the mouse!! Technically a mouse trap did, and technically Rocío got rid of it for us. But what are technicalities? We did watch the first 16 episodes from season 1 of Arrested Development. I loved it! What a great show! Can't wait to see more of it. Depserate Housewives was on! Yay! So some of you were asking about why Martika is no longer my fave's a very long story but I will get into it in another post. Only a couple of more days until Oprah. I will post more later. Hope everyone is well :)

Friday, February 11, 2005

Hola soy Bomitoni...

Un saludo especial para todos aquellos que han llegado aquí a traves del blog de ASTROMPETA. Sí soy yo en la foto a la izquerida. Apenas contaba con 10 años de vida en aquel época. Fue en Halloween y me disfracé de DOLLY PARTON. Ya sé...¡QUE JOTO! Me da igual. Aunq media LOCA por cierto. Para los que todavía están CHICO!!! Bienvenidos. Astrompeta, I LOVE YOU! YOU'RE FIERCE!

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Que honor...

So my NEW FAVORITE BLOG has given me a shoutout! I am so touched. Go visit this page now the words of Jerri Blank...HILAAAAARIOUS.


So yesterday was Ash Wednesday. I wouldn't have even known had I not seen a man w/ a big black smudge on his forehead. It made me realize how far removed I am from my catholic upbringing. Not that that's a bad thing, it's just that it's funny how quickly we forget these things. I guess attending catholic grade school and high school can do that to a person. Explains why I'm such an evil person :) Then again, I've come to find that all products of catholic schools are! Joy!

I had to share this funny story. Well I guess you had to be there, but as we were getting on the train to go to work in the morning Tuesday, the doors open and this woman who looked about as strung out as a crack whore at the free clinic yelled to the gentleman waiting to get on MOOOOOOOOOOVE. It was hilarious. Everyone on the train was like what the fuck was up w/ that psycho biach???. Guess you had to be there.

I am still waiting for my damn security deposit! WTF??? I need that last week!! I just left another message. But in other news, you guys have to check out this new blog that Glennys told me about. It's hilarious and pretty much pokes fun at certain popular Mexican celebs. I can't get enough of it. The graphics this guy comes up w/ are hilarious (check out the Thalía dolls)! Besides any blog that uses a picture of Lynn Maye is fine by me. I think it's become my favorite blog (sorry Trent). Anyway here is the link. Enjoy.

Song of the day: Everybody Tells A Story-by Brigiette Neilsen

Monday, February 07, 2005

Weekend Warrior

The weekend went by very fast. Saturday we had to take Chus back to the vet because there was blood in his urine. They kept him there, took some xrays, etc. He was fine. They just made his medicine stronger. We were freaked out. He's doing much better, back to his normal self :) Only downside is the vet can be very $$. My paycheck is pretty much gone from this and having just paid rent. I should be getting back my deposit from my old place any day. So I hope...otherwise I'm fucked!

In other news our friend Rocío arrived yesterday. We're having fun and she is an amazing cook! Rob and I are in heaven. Chus loves her as well, so all is good :)

I know yesterday was the Super Bowl and what not, but in my über-gay world it really means nothing to me. But it made me remember my old crush, former Packer Mark Chmura. That's him to the left. Grrr. I have absolutely no idea what his role was on the team, but I just remember how hot he was. There was all this hoopla a few years back because he had sex w/ a minor (hello look at hime). I remember I was like, damn I'd go to jail so I could be his cellmate. Anyhoo that was years ago (mid to late 90s). So While I was looking for a pic to post, I found out that he was just recently found NOT GUILTY. His trial just finished! Jesus Christ I thought it was over years ago. Shows how much I pay attention to things.

I'll post a song later...hope everyone is well!

Friday, February 04, 2005


My coworker just got three tickets for the Oprah Winfrey show. She's asked me to go along cause...get this...the guest is HILARY DUFF!!! Lol. I love her!! She's so cute. I've watched every episode of Lizzie McGuire. I'm so excited!!! Just wanted to share w/ everyone. Ta-ta!

Stinkin' Patches

Our baby was sick! We took him in yesterday since we believed he had a urinary tract infection (aka uti). Our suspicions were right. He had to have an antibiotic shot and he is on meds for the next 2 weeks. Poor thing! But doing much better.

So what is on TBS this morning after I come back from walking Chus?? TROOP BEVERLY HILLS!!!! I LOVE this movie. I had to stop myself after a half an hour otherwise I would have stayed on that couch til it was over and would have been late to work. Mental note to self: buy this on DVD already!

Last night my Milwaukee Sister came over and we had our traditional Taco Smell meal. He also gave me my birthday present!! He got me the Sasha remix single from Spain of La cucaracha w/ remixes by Pumpin' Dolls. So to thank him and share the love, here it is. This is from her latest album Por un amor.

Tomorrow Rocío arrives from Mexico. So I'm sure I'll have some crazy stories to share on Monday. Take care everyone and have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Just because

I don't feel like writing much today (too busy). But I wanted to share this pic w/ you all. It's of Ari Borovy (ex-OV7)! God is he hot! He's releasing his first solo album in Mexico and I snagged this from MixUp's website (he's doing an in-store). What I wouldn't do to be there! I must find a moment to myself now...