Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fall cleaning

Everyone knows what spring cleaning is right? Well I decided to do my own version which I'll simply refer to as fall cleaning. Why you ask? Well I had to change my blog template recently because the old one doesn't work anymore, so I figure it was a good time to go through my links and do some cleaning.

I've recently found a few new links that I am obsessed with.

The first is IKEA HACKER. I read about this site in the paper the other day. Basicly people send it their "hacks" on ikea furniture (taking a store bought item and turning it into something else). I am all about Ikea. I know some snobby fags think its tacky, but you know what...FUCK YOU...we can't all afford Crate & Barrel or Pottery Barn. Anyhoo...the reason I am obsessed w/ this site is because as an artist (did you forgot I have a fine arts background...I know sometimes I do) I am intrigued by how people are making Ikea products their own. It really is an artform if you think about it. So since I have sooooo much Ikea crap in my house, I am inspired to try one out myself. I'll let you know the results when and if I decide to do something (however glorious or awful they may be).

The other site was brought to my attention by my other half. It's simply called RETRO MUSIC. It has to be the best music download blogs in Spanish I've seen in a long time, as it mainly focuses on 90s pop music en español. OMG it's like someone raided my cd collection!!!! Plus there's tons of rare and obscure groups who never even got US releases but I know about them from Mexican teen rags like ERES (remember Agua Luna?? Didn't think so...). Anyway I love music blogs like this and I hope pretty soon I'll be ranting about this one as well.

So while I've found a few new blogs that I'm loving, I had to go into the "personal blogs" section and delete a bunch. Mainly because they were never updated anymore (*cough*rddp*cough*). I kept the ones up that I read on a regular basis and I even kept yours up Glennys even though you haven't written in over a year, but simply because you promised to resurrect it. Speaking or resurrections, I'd like to give a big congrats to Meiver for giving new life to her blog!

Well peeps I am going to get going. It's Saturday and I have to clean the house (es que no llegó la chacha hoy...uff). Ciao.

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Hello everyone in blogger-land. Sorry I've been M.I.A. for the last few days. Work is über busy right now so bare with me. I had to post this though. I was out walking my dog like I always do, and noticed that everybody and their mother is having yard sales. I guess it's that time of year. Anyhoo I couldn't help but notice one sign in particular:

I just thought it was too funny. I had to rip it down and take a picture (and yes the yard sale in question already passed, so I didn't do any harm). Tee hee. The "lord's day", that cracks me up. I find it even funnier that it was up in front of the church around the corner from my house. I believe it's a "church of later day saints" or something like that. I am not sure what it is exactly, but there are always dorky guys in short white sleeve dress shirts and black ties on bikes.

Like my bf has already recapped, we went to see Sinead O'Connor this past Sunday. He was able to score 2nd row seats for super cheap on ebay! God bless ebay. Now I've always been a casual Sinead fan and was always curious to see her live. Now she is not what one would call an exciting performer, but my god her voice is just so captivating. I couldn't take my eyes (nor my ears for that matter) off of her. She was truly amazing.

None of my pictures came out that well because the whole front of the stage was white and there was too much light reflecting from the flash. Oh well.

So the other day I was talking w/ my MI bff, Tracy (aka Cherelle) as we were checking out the Russian hottie on Dancing With The Stars. You could eat off his ass...

Check out his website. That was for you Cherelle!

And before I any of you remember this?

It's called Pssst and is dry shampoo. I know it sounds gross but my mom used to use this in the 80s (for all I know she still does). I telling Tracy about it and we couldn't stop laughing about it. I wonder if rat's nest uses it? LOL! So do you think this girl uses it???

Ok peeps I gotta go walk my dog :) Ciao.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


So I don't think I've gotten over my Timbiriche high yet. LOL. But one thing I forgot to mention in my last post, was that while we were at the show I kept thinking to myself the back-up singer looks really familiar to me...

So I look inside the tour book at the credits (mind you I got the last 2 they were selling) and sure enough it was María Urtuzuástegui, the former lead singer of Luna Limón. I wrote a blurb about LL once upon a time and she somehow found my blog and signed my guest book!!!. My 2 friends had backstage passes and I asked him to tell her that she had a fan that wanted to meet her, but alas it didn't happen. Anyhoo I just thought it was a real cool tidbit that I forgot to share.

In other news my boo boo just scored amazing tickets for Sunday's Sinead O'Connor concert!!! I've never seen her in concert, but I think she is an amazing vocalist and can not wait to experience her live. I'm hoping she does this song:

Or I would love to hear her version of this song. Remember how hot she looked in the video?? Don't get me wrong she's beautiful, but when she's all glammed up...wowser!

So I can just take a moment and bitch about the weather. Last week it was so nice out, in the 50s and all of the sudden this week it's been like 80 everyday! WTF!!!!! How can you be so cruel Mother Nature????

America's Top Model premiered last night! I love it!!!! I am not going to try and predict a winner (because I am always wrong...except for Jaslene). But I must say I realy really like Heather. She's kinda weird looking, but there is something I like about her.

I also really like Ebony (as does Chava), and Jenah.

But you know what I love most about Top Model coming back??? The recaps that Rich does over at fourfour. In case you have never read his blog and you are a fan of the show, read his recaps of past seasons...they are hilarious!!!! High-larious!!! Ok peeps I gotta Vanessa Williams once said...I got work to do...I got a job baby!.

Monday, September 17, 2007


So for weeks now all I've been talking about was the Timbiriche concert that took place this Sat. at the Rosemont Theatre. I don't even know where to begin. First of all, the show looked sold out, which was great because there really wasn't that much promotion. We had front row seats, in reality we were just behind the orquestra pit as that was reserved for family of the band. Anyhoo...the show was just magical. The energy, the crowd, everything was just perfect. Words can not do it justice. Instead I'll show you via pictures (mind you these are just a few of my faves as I took over 300!!!!)....

During the Vaselina segment

Sasha w/ Benny playing guitar

Erik Rubin and guitar

Sasha & Benny...awwww!

Diego and the infamous pants

Rob and Mariana Garza


Sasha, Benny and Alix

"Ya llegó la banda..."

Benny with the Mexican flag

"¡México! ¡México!...m-e-acento-x-i-c-o"

As you can see from the pics we had great seats and a great time was had by all. By far my favorite concert of 2007. And now I can die because I've finally seen Sasha Sökol in person.

New attitude

Still sorting through my Timbiriche pics (I took over 300)!!! In the meantime I updated the look of my blog, as my old template was no longer working. Hope you enjoy the facelift.

Sunday, September 16, 2007


The Timbiriche concert was f'in amazing!!! I'll post more about it later but look how close I was to Sasha:

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Fall where are you?

I think summer may finally be coming to an end. Yay! It's been cooler and cooler, and best of all it hasn't been muggy hardly at all this week! Next week it'll be in the mid 70s, even going into the high 60s. Thank God! Summer is my least favorite season and for whatever reason it felt like it was never gonna end.

Onto to other more important things...if you haven't heard Timbiriche are doing a reunion tour for their 25th Anniversary (sans Paulina Rubio) and this time there are a few US of which is Chicago! Woo hoo! Long story short we eneded up getting front row tickets for the upcoming show on September 15. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited. I am going to be so close to Sasha Sökol I'll be able to smell her farts! LOL.

After Bibi Gaytán, Sasha is my 2nd favorite ex-Timbiriche. I've dreamt of the day I'd be able to see her in concert and now it's going to happen. Yay!

Well I am going to enjoy the rest of my weekend. Tootles.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Dipity Do'

I feel like my posts are growing more and more apart. Sorry peeps just slammed at work right now. Labor day weekend came and went. I had to come in Saturday to get a project done that had to be at our client first thing Tuesday am, so that was a bummer. I made up for Sat as we went out for my boo boo's brother's 30th bday bash. It was at this new bar downtown called English. While the air was broken, I have to say I had a blast! They had an open bar special for $35 until 12:30am...gurl let me tell you...we got our drink on! I had a very nasty hang over the next day. Many a drunk time was had, like this:

So I think I mentioned that a few weeks ago we went to Milwaukee to visit my family and went out w/ my cousins, got drunk, it was a good time. But...I have to tell you about the most tacky thing I think I've ever seen in my life (and I am from Wisconsin, so you know I've seen lots of tacky). So we're driving and I think we were already past Racine, heading into Milwaukee when I look over at this huge SUV and see this on it's bumper:

WTF!!! I mean I am all for people showing their support for breast cancer, but with a f*cking Packers logo smack dab in the middle??? OMG...I think that sums up Milwaukee for me. Tacky tacky tacky!!!! LOL! I swear they must be from West Allis or Crudahay, the armpits of Milwaukee.

So going back to the holiday weekend....we ended up doing something we never really do, go to the mall! We took a drive out to Skokie to go to Old Orchard mall...because I wanted bourbon chicken:

OMG I love bourbon chicken!!! I worked at a mall briefly when I was in college, and we'd always go get this dish on our meal breaks! Love it!!! So since we were out in the burbs, at the know this was coming...the suburbanites were out in all their glory. Of course. But I can't help but notice all the dippity do' boys were out. You know the ones...they look like the Gotti brothers, severely gelled hair, bad orange tans, they shop at Aramani Xchange. LOL.

Enough of my ramblings...take care everyone!