Sunday, April 29, 2007

Touch Your Toes

Greetings readers. I'm doing my best to get back on a regualr posting schedule :) Not much new here, just trying to live life. The weather is über warm...and I hate it! LOL! I know what a weirdo. What can I say, I am a winter baby.

I feel like I haven't blogged about new music in forever. One of my favorite new releases is from DJ Armand Van Helden.

It's called Ghettoblaster and is described by Armand as being a retro 1985-1989 album! There are hits of old house, freestyle, new wave, etc. I'm in heaven. Check out the vide for Touch Your Toes:

One of my faves of all-time is finally back w/ a new album, Marta Sánchez releases her best album since 1995's Mi Mundo, entitled Miss Sanchez

It's a fagtastic dance album (save a few boring ballads). I have no idea when it's coming out in the US or Mexico for that matter. A friend of mine from Spain is getting me a copy...and I can't wait!!! Check out this mini promo video where Marta talks about the album.

This album was produced by Carlos Jean (I guess there is hope for him after those atrocious Fey albums) and even features a duet w/ Alaska!!! Check out the first single which features a sample of Just Can't Get Enough by Depeche Mode:

And last but not least is Hilary Duff's latest Dignity.

While the electro pop sound is kinda dated, this album is still H-O-T! It's a total throwback to Rachel Steven's Come & Get It, which was a State Of Mind by Holly Valance throwback, which ultimately was what I dubbed years ago Neon Nights's little sister. So it all goes back to Dannii Minogue!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I would like to rant about how much I hate the suburbs! Yesterday we had to take Chus to go see a Kidney specialist (no need for alarm, it was just a follow up from his surgery last fall...and all seems to be well thus far) out in Buffalo Grove, IL. Now we've been here before, and my dumb ass thought I remembered how to get there. Well needless to say, I was off by one tollway stop, and I thought it was closer to the WI border. Wrong! After showing up 45 minutes late for our apt., we finally made it.

I just find the 'burbs to be so ass backwards. Everything looks the same, everythings spread out, etc. It just made for a strenuous experience. Someone shoot me if I ever move to the 'burbs.

So all my car time yesterday made me really appreciate living in the city and not having to be stuck in traffic at all times. I would hate to live in a place like LA (or even Milwaukee for that matter). So that got me thinking about getting my driver's license. I remember turning 16 and not really wanting a driver's license. I think mainly because I was scared I was going to get into a car accident or something. Call it paranoia if you will. So then when I finally did get it, some six months later...I was ecstatic. It felt like such freedom to drive to Target which really was only 5 minutes from my house (but then again you can get anywhere in Milwaukee in 5 minutes...LOL). Now I feel like I'm trapped!!! So I asked my bf if living in Chicago getting a license is such a big deal, I mean since public transportation is so readily available. He said "Only on the South Side". Makes sense. God forbid you walk somewhere on the South Side.

I know I've been lacking in my posts, I just haven't felt like writing lately. When I started this blog I thought it was just gonna be my rants and raves, which it is, but sometimes I feel like I have to write something. Can be a chore at times. So I'm gonna try and bring some fun back into this place.

Late April seems to be a busy birthday time. My boo boo celebrated his bday this past Sat (we had a lovely dinner and some drinks afterwards); my friends Yesenia and Alex both celebrated bdays yesterday; I know Jorgillo's is this week; and Alethya's is next Monday. So Happy Birthday to you all :)

Thursday, April 19, 2007


I just realized I haven't written on here in ages! Sorry! I've just been busy. I have things I've been meaning to write about...but I've been too busy! Will write soon.

p.s. I've been trying to update our Milk Carton Pop Stars blog. Check it out!