Friday, March 30, 2007

Nancy Drew

As a child in my pre-teen years I used to be obsessed w/ the Nancy Drew character. In particular The Nancy Drew Files line of books, such as this one:

God how gay could I be??? I mean I tried to read the combined Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew books but I would always end up reading these instead. I think I read well up into my early teens. What a homo I was!!!!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Turkish delight

OMG! Guess who released a new single last year??? Why did I not know about this...

So does this mean there is a new album to follow??? I can't seem to find any info. Just the fact that there is a myspace profile out there. Not sure if it's official or just a fan-made one. Who cares it's Nez!

I found the album online!!!

You can purchase it at the following Turkish music store. It's based in the US so don't worry about crazy shipping prices! I can't wait 'til it arrives!!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Chicago Speak

I've lived in Chicago for about 7.5 years. It amazes me that only having grown up one state over (Wisconsin) the local slang can be so different. This post is about the Chicago terms I've learned over the years (and the Milwaukee counterparts I know):

Brazer: I know this term is so un-PC but I can't help but notice how much it's used amongst Mexican-Americans here in Chicago. It's the basterdized English version of the word bracero that is used to refer to [illegal] Mexican immigrants. A "bracero" is a worker, I believe. In Milwaukee I guess we were much more direct and would just say mojados (wetbacks...I know so wrong). It wasn't until I moved here that I noticed how everyone and their mother uses this word. Personally I think it's a pretty offensive word, what's so wrong w/ immigrants?

Cotillon: When I planned my 30th Quinceañera theme some of my coworkers kept calling it my Cotillon. I have never ever in my life heard this term before moving to Chicago. I asked my cousins from Milwaukee and we all agreed it must be a Chicago thing. What's so hard about saying Quiceañera???

ATM: It took me about a year of living her to stop referring to the ATM machine as the Tyme machine or my ATM card as a Tyme card. You see in Milwaukee the company that runs them is called Tyme, hence why the name has stuck w/ so many mootowners.

Those are all I can think of right now. Any others?


How could I forgot one of the most obvious?? As my Sista M already pointed out...

Water/Drinking fountain: So drinking fountain or a water fountain isn't necesarrily slang...but in Milwaukee we call them bubblers. Why? It was invented in Kohler, WI by Kohler Water Works and was originally dubbed "bubbler". As years went by the more popular water fountain became the norm.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


So this weekend we went for my Milwaukee Sister's birthday! We had a blast! Margaritas, "vag", VJ Bobby @ Crew, gallina and drinks galore. He already gave a detailed account of the night so I won't bore you all. Instead enjoy a visual recap!

Last night my boo boo and I finally made our way to Francesca's Forno. My friend and her bf had bought me a gift card for my birthday and we've been meaning to check this place out. Holy delicious!!

I can't stop raving over this place. The food was fabulous, the service excellent. Great location. Jeez, I feel like this guy for gushing over a restaurant on my blog. Hope everyone is having a happy hump day.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

I missed the bus yo

No I didn't, I just wanted something with the word bus in it. So I took the bus yesterday to work. Big mistake. Well it wasn't that awful, it was just über crowded and it took 45 minutes to get downtown. People were just clammoring to get on that bus. I mean I was sitting near the back and at least 4 people got on through the back door w/out paying. I decided to just get over it and keep taking the train. I just have to get my ass out of bed earlier each day. Uff!

Ok so back in January I bought Katharine McPhee's debut album.

I like it. She has a nice voice, the songs are decent. But lately I find myself singing her 1st single Over It to myself all the time...until I went back and revisted one of the album's trashier moments....Open Toes...this song is so awful it's good! LOL! Check it out:

How can you not love it??? Plus she's friggin' gorgeous!

This weekend look to be a drunken good ol' time as we're taking over St. Patty's day for my Milwaukee Sister's birthday. I can't wait! Gotta get something green to wear ASAP!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

CTA Blues

Since moving to Chicago I've lived in at least 3 different areas that required me to use three different train lines. My first apartment was in Uptown and I took the red line. Ghetto as all hell...but it was reliable. While I absolutely loathe the south side of Chicago I must say the one thing I miss are my 15 minute commutes via the Orange Line. For the past 2 years or so I've been taking the blue line. It's always crowded, but it gets to where I need to go. For whatever reason the last few months the service on the blue line has been horrific in the AM. Today it took me an HOUR to get to work when it shouldn't take more than 25 minutes. WTF!!!

I have decided starting tomorrow I am going to take the bus to work. This is ridiculous! I for one am a fan of public transportation. Especially living in a large city like I like to take advantage of what my city has to offer. Hopefully my commute won't be as time consuming. I can deal w/ traffic, I can't deal w/ stalled trains.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Gym class

So I picked up the redeye today like I always do. If you don't know, in Chicago we have this free dumbed down version of our newspaper that is usually filled w/ celeb gossip and local stories. Anyhoo on the cover it says Dance Fever. So I immediately think they must be talking about the upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars (did I mention Joey Fatone is gonna be on??? Grrrr)....anyhoo apparently it's some sports reference to March Madness.

Yeah whatever that means. It made me flashback to high school gym class. The most dreaded days of my high school existence probably took place on days on the days we had gym class. Not only am I athletically challanged (I of course was the last person picked for gym class at EVERYTHING)...we also had to take tests about whatever sport we were playing. Like what the terminology was, rules, how to score, etc. I always failed those tests.

Ha ha! I wonder how I even passed that class.

In other exciting news the itunes store has a bunch of rare videos from some of my favorite flop artists for sale! I found the video for Ana's dance song Shy Boys

They even have Keedy's video for Save Some Love!!! Now if I can just figure out how to burn these damn things to a DVD!!! I'm working on it.

Peace out.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I had someone shadowing me all week so it made it a little hard to blog. What was I supposed to say? This is what I do when I should be working..

Can you believe I am still ripping CDs to add to my 80GB ipod I bought last Dec??? It's taking me longer than I thought to wade through everything. But I've been rediscovering some CDs I haven't listened to in awhile. Everyone remember this one? I know my Sista M does...

I actually met Minerva at the Palladium back in the day. She was very pretty in person and sounded a lot better live than on record. A rarity w/ dance artists. Apparently she recorded a new version of Llorando por ti last year. How did this get past us???

Spring seems to be creeping it's way back into Chicago. I for one LOVE the winter and the cold, but it was getting a little ridiculous these past few weeks. With the arrival of Spring comes the inevitable Spring Cleaning. Which I must admit I have to do today. So I promise I will try to write more than once a week. Ciao Ciao.

Sunday, March 04, 2007


Yes I'm alive. I've just been über busy at work and haven't had much time to blog lately. Sorry to the few that actually read this :)

So what have I been doing? Not much really. We attempted to spend a weekend home in Milwaukee last weekend but w/ a pending snowstorm in both IL and WI we only spent one night there. We had a mini reunion w/ some of my cousins:

We went to some new Mexican place in Bay View named Maya Riviera. It was alright. It's nice that they are fixing that area up. When I lived there the only trendy neighborhood if you will was the East Side. Good for them I say. I ran into someone from grade school there which was odd because I met out a friend from grade school who's sister used to date my cousin later on for a drink. Ok that was a mouthful.

Anyhoo though our visit was short it was nice seeing everyone.

I am currently reading Star by Pamela Anderson. Yes the fake boobies Baywatch Pam Anderson. I know I like trashy books but this one is too funny, and not in an on-purpose sort of way. I almost done w/ it. It's about a girl from a small town in FL who ends up becoming an overnight sensation after appearing on the cover of MANN magazine. I'll let you fill in the rest. I guess I can't complain, it keeps me occupied on the train. Speaking of the train, don't get me started on the lackluster service the Blue Line has been having lately. That'll be another post. Back to books...I know I've asked before, but if anyone has any good suggestions on what to read let me know. I love fiction, and biographies if it's someone really trashy. LOL. The last two books I read before this one were Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld which was a great read on the life in boarding school.

I also just read this:

I love me some Janice Dickinson! Too bad she's no long on America's Next Top Model.

Speaking of can we talk about how excited I am that Cycle 8 has started???!! I have to say my favorite thus far is a girl who didn't make the final 12 (or is it 13) from Cycle 7...but she made it back for this one. Even though I think she's a total tranny, her walk is fierce and her picture was amazing! She looks a lot like Janice if I must say. Ladies & Gentlemen, Jaslene:

Knowing my track record, I've never predicted a winner. All the ones I like always end up being in the top 5 but that's as close as I've gotten. I must say I've been happy w/ the last few winners. Danielle and Cari Dee. Love them!

OKies I must head out. Thanks for stopping by.