Friday, November 30, 2007

Packer Backer?

There are times when you just realize how gay you are. This morning I had one of those moments. I was getting on the elevator and there were 2 guys in there with me. As we were going up they kept going on and on about the Packers game from the previous night. I am from WI and I know who the Green Bay Packers are...but that's about it. They were talking about scores, and this and that. I just kinda stared blankly and thought to myself...THANK GOD I DON'T GIVE A CRAP!!! Give me America's Next Top Model anyday!!! Now I know there are some gay men that like sports, and that's totally cool, but it's not for me.

Apart from my teen crush (hell I still think he's hot) on Mark Chmura not much else to say on the subject. So let's drool over Mark again, LOL!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Ponte atento

God bless early 90s cheese en español...

Now back to our regular scheduled blog post:

The holiday weekend is over. Turkey day was yummy yummy courtesy of Bistro Margot. Holy delicious!!! I'd like to go back for a regular meal when time permits. I did a little bit of shopping this weekend but nothing major. It was just a good lazy weekend.

Nothing new folks. Just chugging along until the weekend. I'm really really looking forward to Nacoteque this Friday as I mentioned in my previous post.

The year is coming to a close faster than we think. I'm enjoying it because it has been beautiful outside, the leaves falling, the cool winds, I just love it.

I did get to finally see the following movie which I'd been wanting to see for weeks:

I absolutely adored Lars And The Real Girl!!! It was a funny & quirky, two things I adore. Not to mention there is something about Ryan Gosling. He's just kinda goofy, and that makes him oh so adorable. But seriously, check this movie out if it's playing somewhere near you.

Monday, November 19, 2007


Before I forget, everyone Nacoteque is making their way to Chicago on Friday, November 30 @ Spot 6!!! I'm super geeked ever since I heard about their parties they throw regulary in NYC. Check out their website @ I'm really looking forward to them playing, as they tend to focus on current pop/electronic in spanish and lots of 80s kitsch thrown in for a good mix. Plus I've chatted w/ Marcelo Cunning a few times on myspace and he just seems like a cool guy, not to mention he has good bad taste like me! LOL. We'll be there and you should too.

It's a sad day in music

Look @ what the ladies of Avenue D just posted the following via a myspace bulletin:

Dearest family, friends, and fans,

We have some bad news and some good news to announce:

First, the bad news: as you may have already guessed: AVENUE D IS BREAKING UP. It's been a great six years, (thanks to all of you) and we are ready to move on to new things.

Now the good news: We are going to have TWO FINAL SHOWS!!!!

Dec. 1st - Brooklyn, NY @ Area 51 which is also our BIRTHDAY PARTY!
Dec. 28/29- Miami, FL @ Studio A (one of those days)

Even more good news: we will be releasing 3 CDs and a DVD along with our breakup.

"Grade D Beef" - a collection of our earliest (and raunchiest) songs including our first hit, "Hey Boy" which will also include a bonus CD:
"D Sides"- including our farewell "Landslide" cover

"Totally Magic" the album we made with Phiiliip, which includes such favorites as "Totally in Love" and "Pants Down" (featuring Tigra from L'Trimm)

Also, we will soon be releasing the "Avenue DVD" - a collection of our music videos, show videos, webisodes and more!!! Including videos by Grant Worth

Check the website for updates on the upcoming shows and albums

also our current albums are now available on the iTunes store... and the new ones will be as well!


we would be nothing without our friends!!!

Debbie D. and Daphne D.

Avenue D 4-EVA!!!!

To say I am sad is an understatement. To think I never even got to see them perform :( Their raunchy & funny lyrics have many a drunken night even more enjoyable. At least we're getting some goodies as a parting gift. To say goodbye in style let's check out one of my fave Avenue D moments...

Friday, November 16, 2007

Who is this hottie?

So the other day Rob asked me if I've ever heard of a singer by the name of Fernando González. I said no, who is he? He in turn tells me that he is some hot singer that he saw on Museo del disco's website...

Hot is an understatement...he's smoking!! But who is he??? Can't find any info about him on the net. But you know I have to buy his CD now. LOL. Add it to my cute boy CD collection I posted about awhile back. Yum.


Turns out his name is not Fernando González, rather Fernando Gonzalo. There was a type-o on the museodeldisco website. Rob caught the error and found the guy's webstie. Holy hottie! There are lots more pics. Apparently his one and only CD came out in 2004. He's pretty awful, but who cares!!!!

When you look like this that's all you need for music sales. LOL:

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dannii does it better

While Martika was in limbo for many years, I found myself becoming enamoured of a certain tiny little Aussie named Kylie. Now as a kid I loved her debut single (in the US at least) I Should Be So Lucky. After fading away from the US pop scene it was until I was in college (the late 90s) that I rediscovered the elder Minouge. Before ebay and the internet existed, I used to go to record collector shows to buy my imports, collectibles, etc. I would always see lots of Kylie imports and one day I finally gave in and purchased a greatest hits. Needless to say I was in lurve and the next show I bought whatever else they had.

So I was a bonified Kylie fan. Went on and on about how cool Kylie was and that Impossible Princess was the greatest thing since Wonder Bread to anyone who would listen. At the time it had just come out, smack dab in the middle of my Kylie-fever.

Up until about the time Kylie came back to the US w/ Fever I was pretty much a Kylie-holic. Well that was all about to change. I knew Kylie had a sister named Dannii, but I never heard her sing, so obviously did not know any of her material. I happened to hear the following song at a club (thought it was Kylie...only to further find out it was silly of me especially since everyone knows Dannii is the better vocalist of the two):

Needless to say I became very intrigued. Let's just say that my brief flirtation w/ Dannii-dom was about to take on a life of it's own. And it's all because of this song:

This has to be one of the hottest songs ever!! I swear after I heard this song I went...Kylie who??? This song and the album to which it came from, Neon Nights are both electro wet dreams. It has since become my favorite dance album of all time.

So what made me decide to profess my love for Dannii today? Well it's just that last week I spent a CRAPLOAD of $$ ordering all these new imports that have been released in the UK to cash in on her being a judge of the UK's X Factor. Well I couldn't be any happier.

Since we have yet to have a proper follow-up to Nights I guess all these miscellaneous releases will have to do for now. So why not revisit some of my favorite Dannii moments.

Baby Love: Now the original 1986 by Regina remains one of my fave 80s songs of all-time, I can't help but love this early 90s dance take on it that Dannii does oh so well. Plus it's always fun to check out pre-plastic surgery Dannii (when she looked A LOT like Shannen Doherty):

Disremembrence: From her crimanally under-rated Girl album, comes one of my favorite Dannii singles of all time:

I Can't Sleep At Night: This was supposed to be on her follow-up album to Neon Nights but ended up only being included on The Hits & Beyond. Nonetheless, it is fabulous song! She looks stunning in the video:

Touch Me Like That: Jason Nevins and Dannii team up for her latest dance anthem. I love the neon colors, the tacky set, the floating DJ...$ucce$$!!! This will be coming out December 3. It truly is a Dannii xmas:

Just to show I'm not an obnoxious Dannii queen...I too can appreciate when other poke fun of her:

While Kylie is set to "comeback" with her new album and single (which I really really really like); it's hard not to feel upstaged when the prettier, younger Minouge has so many fagtastic musical offerings all at once! ¡Viva Dannii!

Monday, November 12, 2007

My time

Ok so I am beyond overdue for an update. Sorry people. I always have all these ideas that I want to write about but they always seem to come to me when I am nowhere near a computer, and by the time I do remember that there was something I wanted to blog about, I tend to forget what it was in the first place. Oops.

So with that said why not share some Halloween pics since I promised my Milwaukee Sister I'd post these. Let me start off by saying that I LOVE Halloween. It is my favorite Holiday. I love getting dressed up, and I love thinking about what I am going to wear to outdo the previous year's costume. Actually last year we didn't end up doing anything and had gone out w/ some friends. So this year I decided to revive one of my favorite childhood shows...

Yes I decided to go as Vicki from Small Wonder. The costume looks easier than you'd think, but I actually put a lot of work into it, finding that damn apron alone was a nightmare but it came out fabu!!!

We went to our friend Noelia's Golden Bday party and I had a blast. Enjoy the visual recap:

Not to be outdone, I must say my boo's Ugly Betty costume was a hoot! Not just cause i helped pick out the outfit.

I have to say I am beyond ecstatic that it is finally fall. Summer was waaaaaaaaaay too long. I love walking outside when the leaves are falling. Chava how do you live w/out fall? Speaking of thanks again for our calaveras!!!

BTW have any of you ever been to Arkadash Cafe in Andersonville? Holy crap was this place good! We attempted to go to some Cuban/Colombian steak house...but alas it was closed...not just that evening...but for good. So since we were already in the 'hood and had found parking (which really isn't a big deal in this neighborhood...surprising as that may sound) we decided to check this place. Apparently the no smoking rule isn't a bother to this place because the whole restaurant was lit up! Yes! The place was dark, the music loud, but the food was the bomb! I really want to go back to this place again. I'm guessing this place gets busier later in the evening because when we were leaving a few more people started to trickle in.

Ok peeps that's all I got for you. Before I leave to celebrate the re-release of ex-Timbiriche Alix's lone solo album on CD I leave you w/ this lovely ballad called Nos podemos escapar:

Bum bum this one's for you :P

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Take Off...

I'm long overdue for an update. In the meantime check out the video for Jack Rokka vs Betty Boo Take Off!!!! F'n brilliant!!!!