Thursday, September 29, 2005

blame it on the rain

I am trying to do my best and write more than once a week! This week has been a bit calmer workwise. Earlier this week we took some of our MI coworkers to Café Ibérico. Of course we had fun. I can sangría til the cows come home as they say. Last night we took advantage that Rob had free passes to go see Domino starring Kira Knightley.

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Normally I don't care at all for these type of action flicks, but there is something cool about seeing a bad-ass chick on the big screen. It was good, very entertaining and I loved the photography, the colors were so rich and saturated. Though we almost didn't make it because it was pouring out and Tracy and I hauled ass looking for a cab. After a half an hour, we gave up and took the Red line. We made it (barely) and enjoyed a nice dinner afterward. Oh how I'll miss thee Tracy. Hey that rhymes! Eat your hearts out J.J. Fad!

Not much else is going on. I am excited however for this Saturday as my Milwaukee Sister and I are going shopping to IKEA! Sista M is letting me help decorate his new apartment! I can't wait. As I've mentioned time and time again my inner interior decorator is always ready and willing.

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I have been a CD whore since I got back to Chicago and have ordered countless CDs used online, etc. I am on a huge Shakespear's Sister kick of late. Don't know why. I did find 2 of their CDs @ Flipside in MI and last night bought another import @ the Virgin Megastore. Plus I think it has to do w/ the fact that Sibhan Fahey was and is my favorite Bananarama member (she's pictured on the right) :)

I must get back to work. Ta-ta everyone!


MatadorMexicano said...

omg! howd you see domino already?1 kira knightly is sex on wheels! ive been waiting for this movie for forever!

and ikea?! ugh i hate you. i so want to redecorate my room and get everything from ikea. its way far though.

anyway, welcome back! we missed you dearly!

bomitoni said...

rob had passes to an advance screening! loved it! if u ever move to chicago, we can go shopping for ur place :)

Caress said...

Siobhann was good but do you remember Jacqui O'Sullivan the cross eyed brunette who replaced her? Whatever happened to her?

bomitoni said...

of course I remember Jacqui! she was w/ them on my favorite bananarama album! POP LIFE! what did happen to her???