Monday, September 25, 2006

I'm alive

We are currently computer-less, the laptop died....therefore I have not been able able to write (as I only have access at work and we are too busy right now). With that said I took a few secs to write a message to you all. While you wait for me to get back online normally, here's a video for you all by one of my fave bands everl:


Rata de dos patas said...

I LOVE Dee-lite and Lady Miss Kier!!!... She performed here recently but I missed it. Then Dimitri from Paris had a show at metro and I missed it too!!... shit, now its up to Towa tei to come and I promise I won't miss it. Are you familiar with the song "Call me"? I love it!.

Nice to see you posting again!

take care

MatadorMexicano said...

im having panic attacks cause your not online!!!!!