Thursday, December 21, 2006

When I hear music

Since I am home sick today, I figure I may as well do something constructive, like write on my blog :) It's that time of the year when people compile lists. So here's mine for my fave musical picks of 2006. Now these are in no particular order mind you...

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Nelly Furtado Loose: Now this was a fun album. '06 seemed to be a breakout year for Ms. Furtado. Her debut made a splash, the second one tanked (in the US at least)...but this album was huge, thanks mostly to its infectious lead single Promiscious. A truly electic album that is at many times a throwback to when music was fun (Do It anyone?). I even liked her crappy reggaetón song No hay igual.

Fantasia Fantasia: I am not really a huge fan of current R&B, mostly because it's all so cookie cutter. But there are a few exceptions, and this former AI winner is a HUGE one. Not only do I love her raw voice, but I love this album. The newest release on my list, I can't stop listening to it. She's gut-wrenching on the ballads and she knows how to get down like on my personal favorite Hood Boy. That cover has to be one of the most gorgeous I've seen in a long time.

Fangoria El extraño viaje: Gone is long-time producer Carlos Jean (Thank God!) and for the first time Fangoria tackle producer, and the results are fabulous. In keeping w/ their signature dark electro pop sound, they have also added elements that throw back to their Dinarama days and the results are glorious. If Estés dónde estés is not a single I think Alaska and I need to have a serious conversation.

Pink I'm Not Dead: First off, let me say that I looooooove Pink. I love her quirkiness and her outspokeness. I love her music for that very same reason. While this album is very similar to her previous disc, Try This, it's still a good album w/ some catchy tunes via Pink's kick ass voice. Pink, you rock hard!

Belinda Utopia: Mexico's other teen titan returns w/ one of the most exciting pop albums en español in years. The Spanish language pop market is over saturated w/ wannabe punk rockers or sappy coffee house schmaltz (Reik, Sin Bandera, etc.). While her voice is nothing to write home about, and she kinda looks like a squirel, she's made a hell of an album....who knew?

LeAnn Rimes Whatever We Wanna: Is she country or pop? I'd say a little bit of both. While this was supposed to be a "pop album" geared towards the European market (as it has yet to get a US release), it still very much sounds like a country album as the two genres go hand in hand if you ask me. LeAnn proves why she is one of the greatest vocalists to emerge from her generation (in any genre), and she does so on this flawless album. Get it for It Feels Like alone.

Naty Botero Naty Botero: Colombia's newest pop star is quickly becoming my favorite new act of the year. Fun, fun and more fun on this electic party album via Naty's quirky vocals and tounge in cheek lyrics. Why can't more pop stars be as fun? I hope this gets a worldwide release as it must be heard! NATY...te quiero mucho

Tiga Sexor: Sexy electo beats from a sexy Canadian boy. While nothing special in the vocal department, what Tiga lacks he makes up for and then some w/ his sexy beats and simple lyrics.

Fergie The Dutchess: Oh Stacy, er Fergie, er Stacy...oh I'm so confused.I've been a huge fave since Wild Orchid and it's so nice to finally see her achieve the success they were never able to obtain. The only reason I ever even bought Black Eyed Peas album was because of Stacy, so it's even nicer to finally hear her solo. Fergie made a fun album of infectious 80s influenced pop/r&b and so forth that can be listened to from start to end. This is the album Gwen Stefani should have made.

Dirtie Blonde Dirtie Blonde: Hands down my favorite new act of 2006. Great scratchy vocals and a kick ass band equate a new band to look out for. Seriously this band is a breath of fresh air, here's hoping to an even greater follow up. I hope to see another album, I'd hate for them to fall into the "one album wonder" black hole.

Since 2006 was such a great year for music, there had to have been some bad music...right? Oh yeah. For my worst album of the year I have a 2 way tie. Drumroll please....

Alejandra Guzmán Indeleble: WTF...I am sorry, but this album was B-O-R-I-N-G! It was like one long boring ballad. Where's the fun? Just because Reik and all those sappy groups are hot right now doesn't mean you have to jump on the band wagon.

Paulina Rubio Ananda: Were Alejandra and Paulina in cohorts to see who could make a more boring album??? Paulina, you are a trashy artist who makes trashy music. WTF is up w/ this snooze fest of an album??? I've said it before and I will say it again not since EL TIEMPO ES ORO has Paulina made an album this bad. Here's hoping her forthcoming English album will be trash-tastic!


So after I did my best of list I realized I forgot one of my favorite albums of the year!!!!

María Daniela y su Sonido Lasser!!!! Hands down one of the best albums of the year. She's so awful she's good...and she knows it! That's what I love about her, there is no trying to be an artiste if you will...just fun fun fun! Enjoy her video for Miedo. Trust me if you haven't already you will be enamored of this song!


Chicago_Sexbox said...

Ooh, we both liked Pink :)

But didn't Fantasia like just come out two days ago? lol

bomitoni said...

It did, but I had the leaked CD for a few weeks now :P

YoNoTePidoLaLuna said...

Wow, I'm the one who loves Fantasia more and I haven't even sat down and listened to it yet! Glad u liked it so much!

Didn't you forget one of your faves? Gossip anyone? U went on and on about this for a good part of 2006 :)

bomitoni said...

I was going to add them but it came out in 2005. Maybe I'll add my 2 albums that were released in 2005 but I discovered in 2006...The Gossip & Robyn

Coco said...

I don't recall how I arrived to your blog...but I've enjoyed visiting.

Have a wonderful weekend, and a JOYOUS NEW YEAR!!

Take Care!