Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Feliz 2007

Hope everyone had a safe and happy new year. We had a blast. A picture can say a thousand words:

We ended up going to Hydrate w/ Jorgillo & my Milwaukee Sister. It was a blast and am glad I was able to ring in the new year w/ such good friends.

Every year people make resolutions and by Jan 23 they've already broken them. Usually while I don't make them. But this year my goal is to keep my house clean! Contrary to popular belief, not all gay men are clean freaks. I know I sure as hell am not. So far I've been able to keep our house clean since Christmas! Chava our house will be clean for your arrival!

A week from Saturday is my big bash for my 30th birthday! I can't wait! I drank so much on New Years eve and didn't get wasted, so I know I can survive my party! Milwaukee I'll do you proud!



Chicago_Sexbox said...

And yet another picture I do not recall posing for....if "psoing" is what you call that! Thanks for ringing in the New Year with me Sista M!

PS, send me some of the pics please :)

Vertigos said...

Dude, Happy New Year!!!

I haven't been to your place in ages, but it was always clean!! you are always cleaning!! gol!