Wednesday, January 24, 2007

When co-workers poo

OK so I have a question for y'all. The other day I was in the bathroom at work (and if you know me I am pee shy so I ALWAYS use the stall)...well as I was in there I heard one person leaving and another coming in. As they did so they said hi to one another. So I knew who left and who was coming. So I'm finishing what I came in there to do when all of the sudden I hear my coworker rip some nasty farts. Now is it wrong to laugh? I mean I was trying so hard to stifle my giggles...I hope he didn't hear me. So what is proper bathroom work etiquette? Is ok for you to laugh when your coworker poos or let's an explosion come out of their ass?


Chicago_Sexbox said...

I think it could be considered rude but who cares! LOL I am glad at my work the bathroom is a private unisex one. As for school, I find the most least used bathroom in the basement if I need to go poop!

Rata de dos patas said...

This is so weird!.. I was just thinking about the subject!.. I guess is one of those days... Anyway, I think is a cultural thing, and relates to the fact you're (like me and many others) pee shy. Do people know about things like the courtesy flush?
A couple poo-at-work memories:
1. My boss at my last job used to be very obvious about going to poo. He would go in with his shirt untuked, come out with the shirt tuked in.
2. One of my bosses here walks around with reading material under his arm before he goes in, as if announcing "Look, Im going to poo!"
3. On my first week here I opened the door of one of the stalls and found someone in there seated with his pants around the ankles. That image comes back to me everytime I run into him ever since.


Coco said...

Yes, of course it's rude!
So stiffle your giggles,
and laugh after they've left ;)

Have a wonderful weekend...

Take Care!