Friday, February 02, 2007

Un rayo de sol

Do any of you remember Sor Inés? Well she was a singing nun who had one hit in 1996 in Mexico. Produced by José Ramón Flores (the man behind Fey's teeny-bopper hits), her single Un rayo de sol became a favorite on the now defunct Siempre en domingo. Seriously, can you get any campier than a nun singing over euro dance beats? It was awful, and I could not pass it up! So here I leave you w/ a chance to download this forgotten EP:

Sor Inés 1996 EP

Get it while you can kiddies!

In other news, it's friggin' freezing outside, but I can't complain...give me -10º over a nasty hot summer heatwave anyday!

Bear fever has overcome the entire Chicago area. I don't think I've felt this gay since...well...ok I've always felt über gay, but it's at times like these that I realize how removed I am from sports and all their hoopla. The only bears I know hang out in boystown. Grrr indeed.


Coco said...

Yes, I remember her!!
But, no I do NOT want the album...
thank you very much : )

Have a wonderful weekend!

Take Care,

Vertigos said...


Where do you find this stuff?!? Gol!

YoNoTePidoLaLuna said...

Juan Ramon (J.R.) Flores has been around forever. Before Fey, he produced the bulk of EMI Mexico's talent, especially Yuri, Mijares and produced the "Mujer De Todos, Mujer De Nadie" album for Daniela Romo and "Lucia Es Luna Morena" for La Mendez :)