Friday, February 16, 2007


Wow I haven't posted in over a week. Sorry for that. If anything I've been busy catching up on work as I was out a few days this week feeling under the weather. Not to fret, I am doing much better.

This weekend was quite eventful. My favorite cousin Mari and her friend Paty came to stay w/ us so we ended up at this great BYOB in Wicker Park called Barcello's. It was the bomb and being that it was a BYOB even better. We were a party of 6 and between all of us we practically downed 7 bottles of wine! Here are some moments from the evening.

After that we ended up at El Kallejón, which is basically the old Lola's. OMG was I wasted by the time we got there. After an eventful cab ride, and more drinks, dancing, drag show, etc....wait let me share some pics before I continue:

As you can see we were having a good time. Well let's just say that last Saturday I finally joined the drink & purge club. In my 30 years I have never thrown up from drinking. Well that's not true anymore. LOL! I guess you could say I am a late bloomer and I broke my seal that night. And boy did I!!!! I hear it was rather hilarious. I must say I felt much better after the fact. So sorry I made Paty's cousin Noelia (aka Kelly Ripa) throw up as a result of my puking my guts out at the table! LOL.

I am still cracking up about the whole incident. From what I've been told it pretty much resembled an infamous scene from Stand By Me:

LOL! We were so lucky we weren't kicked out. I think there were too many drag queens running around to even care about us. But what a fun night it was. We must do it again!!!

In other news, I'm still trying to watch Charmed. I'm almost done w/ season 3. This is the season we bid farwell to my dear Shannen Doherty:

Why does everyone hate her??? Yeah she's a bitch but aren't we all? As soon as I'm done w/ this season only 5 more to go! I swear it's going to take me all year to finish. On a good note, one of my other faves replaced her, Rose McGowan.

I found a new blog I wanted to share w/ you all. It's called Electro Queer and I'm loving it! It's just the right mix of current electro pop and retro cheese. I mean Tiffany is his favorite singer of all time, how can you not love it? Check it out!

Ok peeps I must get going. Enjoy yourselves.


Chicago_Sexbox said...

Oooh Sista M! You turned 30 and now you can't even hold your liquor. Oh dear god, I hope you don't do that at MY b-day! LOL

I've only puked once in public. It was at LaCrotch, but that place is so trashy my vomit could added a bit of class if you ask me.

Raj said...

Hey Joe - thanks for your blog about our site. We love ya lots man!

Hugs - Raj from Electroqueer

Vertigos said...


That happened to me! I never puked before 30! gol! Mine was in a cab... Too much rum! It was horrible! I even had to call in to work...and I told my supervisor the truth, I was like: look, I got wasted last nite, and I'm still puking (gol!), she goes: go back to bed, and come in for the afternoon shift! Loved her! :)

YoNoTePidoLaLuna said...

Are you still alive??