Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I would like to rant about how much I hate the suburbs! Yesterday we had to take Chus to go see a Kidney specialist (no need for alarm, it was just a follow up from his surgery last fall...and all seems to be well thus far) out in Buffalo Grove, IL. Now we've been here before, and my dumb ass thought I remembered how to get there. Well needless to say, I was off by one tollway stop, and I thought it was closer to the WI border. Wrong! After showing up 45 minutes late for our apt., we finally made it.

I just find the 'burbs to be so ass backwards. Everything looks the same, everythings spread out, etc. It just made for a strenuous experience. Someone shoot me if I ever move to the 'burbs.

So all my car time yesterday made me really appreciate living in the city and not having to be stuck in traffic at all times. I would hate to live in a place like LA (or even Milwaukee for that matter). So that got me thinking about getting my driver's license. I remember turning 16 and not really wanting a driver's license. I think mainly because I was scared I was going to get into a car accident or something. Call it paranoia if you will. So then when I finally did get it, some six months later...I was ecstatic. It felt like such freedom to drive to Target which really was only 5 minutes from my house (but then again you can get anywhere in Milwaukee in 5 minutes...LOL). Now I feel like I'm trapped!!! So I asked my bf if living in Chicago getting a license is such a big deal, I mean since public transportation is so readily available. He said "Only on the South Side". Makes sense. God forbid you walk somewhere on the South Side.

I know I've been lacking in my posts, I just haven't felt like writing lately. When I started this blog I thought it was just gonna be my rants and raves, which it is, but sometimes I feel like I have to write something. Can be a chore at times. So I'm gonna try and bring some fun back into this place.

Late April seems to be a busy birthday time. My boo boo celebrated his bday this past Sat (we had a lovely dinner and some drinks afterwards); my friends Yesenia and Alex both celebrated bdays yesterday; I know Jorgillo's is this week; and Alethya's is next Monday. So Happy Birthday to you all :)


Chicago_Sexbox said...

Uh oh, I hope your suburbia hate doesnt stop you from celebrating Jorgillo's b-day........we will miss you otherwise!

bomitoni said...

what outing? this is the first i'm hearing anything about it. i got some cryptic text message that was cut off. let me guess...chemo wigs???

MatadorMexicano said...

omg... i hate hate HATE commuting to la so much! and living in the suburbs is even worse!!!!! i totally am jealous that you dont have to go through that.

oh! email me your address... ii need to send you a post =)