Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lookout weekend

Well we had a really nice weekend. Super busy, ran lots of errands. Went to some new places, etc. Was nice. Friday stopped at Moonshine briefly. Second time there. The drinks are pretty awful and the music is too loud, I could barely hear our server. Also stopped at Stargaze very briefly (my first time ever there...) for a friend's bday. There were closing by the time we got there oh well. At least we made an appearance. Saturday was much more exciting. Ran a bunch of errands all day as Chus was at the groomer :) In the evening we went out for our friend Paty's bday. It was so much fun :) We went to this great BYOB in Wicker Park called Lucia's, from there we ended up at Nacional 27.

As you can see from the pictures a good drunken time was had by all. I am proud of myself for pacing (and drinking water) at the BYOB so I didn't have a repeat of last time! LOL!

I'll be writing more later on, I've been meaning to highlight some of my stranger celeb crushes :P

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