Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I've been slammed by work. Sorry for lack of updates. I love the month of December, not so much for the Xmas element (I work in retail advertising and I am pretty much OVER xmas before Halloween)...but because of the weather. Is it just me or is this month rushing by?? I guess the one thing I like about the end of the year is that I have all this vacation time to use up before 08 begins. So beginning Friday, Dec 21, I will be off for 11.5 days (including weekends and holidays). Woo hoo!!! I hope to get some work done around the house, party, etc. Anyone have any exciting plans for the upcoming Holidays?? I really don't have many people to buy gifts for, but the ones I's racking my nerves! What to do?

BTW I totally love this song. It's hot. My significant other turned me onto her. It's totally fly.


Chicago_Sexbox said...

OMG, that video totally reminds me of something I would have seen back in the day on The Box! is she by any chance signed to Joey Boy Records? LOL

ooh sista M! We will definitely be having a throwdown before you go back to work!

Meivelous said...

that wassooo dope

Anonymous said...

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Chelsey said...

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