Thursday, May 27, 2004


When I was 6 years old I discovered Madonna. Like any other future fag of america I became obsessed. Years passed and she was replaced w/ my current reigning diva, Martika (1989-present). That's not to say I still don't like her. Ever since Justify My Love I've had a love/hate relationship w/ the woman. Her last album American Life has it's moments. Now that it's flopped she's touring. And a greatest hits tour at that! Ticket prices are outrageous and she's sold out 4 nights here in Chicago. Now the Madonna-bug has hit the bf and I. So in our determination to get tickets (she's doing Burning Up for christsakes!!) we are having an ebay sale. I love ebay! Already one of my cd's I deemed junk has garnered $29 in bids! Woo hoo! Madonna tickets are all over Wish us luck in raising money for our cause :)

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