Thursday, May 20, 2004

Virgin Blogger...

I AM A BLOG VIRGIN! This is my first post. I've always seen blogs online and wondered what the hell they were. So as the Cranberries once said: "Everybody else is doing it, so why can't we?" Ok so in this case it's just me. But you get the point. So what exactly will I write about? God only knows. To start off let's start w/ my title...QUIERO SER SANTA. For anyone who knows me they know I have several musical obsessions (we'll get to the others in later posts...TRUST ME!) and one of them happens to be the Mexican Acid Queen herself, Alaska.

Alaska was part of Spain's Movida Madrileña during the post-Franco days. She's fronted several groups since the 80's from Pegamoides to Dinarama to her current act Fangoria. I love this woman! She's not much of a singer but she just exudes this fabulousness that I can't explain. Anyhoo, "Quiero ser santa" is a song from Alaska y Dinarama's 1989 FAN FATAL. It's a really funky trashy new wavey song and it fits me to a tee! Thus when deciding what to name my blog, I thought..."Hey why not Alaska!"

Hopefully I will not bore everyone to death w/ my rantings, opinions, suggestions, etc. So I hope you'll join me in upcoming rants via...QUIERO SER SANTA.


bomitoni said...
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Garrota said...

I love the Quiero Ser Santa Blog....I came to know Alaska through this Blog Virgin and she is amazing!!! Thank you for all your musical insight and don't forget...our dance.....dele dele nomas...LOL
Love you!!


La Garrota