Tuesday, May 08, 2007


So as some you may or may not know, Televisa has begun airing a remake of it's hit 1991 telenovela Muchachitas (which they've slightly renamed Muchachitas como tú). I won't even go into details about how awful this is, check out the opening credits of the new version to see for yourself. Hell while we're at it check out the original intro!

So why all this Muchachitas talk? Not that I haven't talked about it before. I had told my bf before that it was the first novela I ever watched. At the time I was a Freshman in high school and was just embarking on my journey to relearn Spanish. I remember being obsessed w/ it and the stars (except for Kate Del Castillo whom I still can't stand...sorry Chava I just had to rub it in!!)...

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This novela also started my love for Tiaré Scanda might I add. Anyhoo...so I watched it, with my limited Spanish I was able to follow along. I mean it was a soap, pretty basic right? I remember always talking about it w/ the other Mexican girl at my high school. And I remember she said to me "They're cancelling it". I was like "what???!!!???" I did not realize that telenovelas were only on for a short time. I thought they were like American ones that have been on for decades. I remember being so sad when it ended.

Needless to say I've come to grow fond of this trashy genre. I especially love when they release them on DVD in condensed formats. As for my love for my first soap...you know what I loved most? Laura León!!! LOL!!!

Ay yay yay!!!!


Coco said...

oh god...
muchachitas again!!
can't televisa think of something new?
don't get me wrong...i love novelas, but i prefer them to be "new", and not remakes (refritos)

take care!

MatadorMexicano said...

la tesorito will be in the remake as well..... but this time she'll be the teacher at the school. I CANT WAIT FOR THEM TO AIR THIS HERE!!!!

annnnnnnnnnnnnnd kate rocks! so lay off the hate! hahahha besos!

musicbeing said...

Nacas all of you who condone this awful and sacriligious remake of a timeless classic!

It just doesn't stop here. Televisa either remakes their own novelas or South Americans. That new one "Lola, Erase una vez" is Floricienta!!! Not to mention the Betty La Fea and the current Pedro El Escamoso.

Muchachitas was a family bonding thread for us. Me, my mom and sister would religiously sit down every night at 6PM to watch Muchachitas :) Hopefully one day they'll reair the original, especially now

"Quien mato a Federico???"

espelina said...

This is an outrage! Muchachitas was the first novela I watched religiously. I also hope for the day they will re-air the original.

cad said...

OMG they re-released muchachitas!! NO WAY! I LOVED that novela. I use to have these 3 friends at school, and we were all like, "Yeah we're the muchachitas!" bwahahaha. I'll have to catch it. I'm hating the intro already. :( nothing like the original!