Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Pretty Girl

I have an addiction and it's called TV shows on DVD! Especially soaps! I am currently watching:

Apuesta por un amor. So far it's nothing spectacular but one of my faves broads is in it...Patricia Manterola! She is by far one of my fave floptastic divettes!

From the moment I saw her in Garibaldi she was the one who stood out to me:

When she went solo I was all about it!

But it was w/ her second disco drenched album (that every loca should own fyi) that sealed the deal. Who remembers this one? The title track to her fagalicious 2nd album Niña Bonita. I think I came out to this album! LOL!

So she hasn't had that many hits, well I guess one really. I mean they even did an English version that was popular in Europe...

While she does b-movies in Hollywood and the occasional album, let's hope we get another album soon (that crappy cover album she released independently doesn't count).


Chicago_Sexbox said...

I still remember watching the Nina bonita video on Onda Max in high school trying to recreate the choreography in my bedroom....LOL.

Ewww....and don't remind me about that covers album. Barf.

MatadorMexicano said...

even i didnt like that covers hsit, and you know im all about the covers!

and i was the only one in southern california who liked that maxi single of el ritmo! (we cant call it an actual cd... since it had 10 versions of the same song!)

i think i should go out and buy it again, mine is all scratched uP!