Wednesday, July 04, 2007


I absolutely loathe fireworks. So I find it funny that it rained like cats and dogs on the 3rd. Seriously I just think they are boring. What is the point? Anyhoo...that didn't stop people from setting them off in our alley last night. The sad thing is you would have thought it would have been some ghetto mofos but it was all these hipsters. I honestly do not see the point. But I must say nothing is as bad as when I lived in Bridgeport (aka Shitport) on Chicago's South Side. As Rob jokingly told me It was like war!. Seriously there was smoke everywhere you couldn't even see your house it was so bad. Anyoo I am glad this "Holiday" is over, but I am sure people will continue to light their illegal fireworks until summer is gone.

Which btw I hope is soon. I just can't stand the heat!

Anyhoo enough bitching about fireworks. What I wanted to talk about is how much I am in love with ex-Kabah member María José's solo debut! It's such a fun pop album! I highly recommend it!!!

To check out more on here visit her official myspace page. I always liked Kabah, and incidently felt she was the only one w/ a half way decent voice (which when you think about it isn't that big of a feat). Anyhoo I'm just loving the sounds she explored. The songs are really catchy and I can not get enough of it! I am not when this is getting a US release, but I did notice that it's avaialbe on for download on itunes USA. This is my favorite song on the album, it's called Habla menos:

Well peeps I have to get back to work. Be good.

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musicbeing said...

That song has the "Love Cats" beat by the Cure. And yeah, I sing better than that. Equis.