Monday, July 16, 2007

Woo hoo!

My Loco Mía CD/DVD import from Spain just arrived!!! OMG I want to go home right now and watch it! To tide my over, and you guys too...some performances of my favorite LM moments!

This song was from the controversial second formation of what if they weren't the originals, they had the best songs! Why wouldn't they, Mónica Naranjo's producer did these songs for them! Check out Obsesiva:

And what better way to celebrate Loco Mía in all their tackiness...then this interview w/ the queen of all things tacky in Mexico, Verónica Castro:


Coco said...

i remember them!!
well, not their music, but their clothes and those fans!! : )
i wonder what's become of them?

do you recommend miguel bose's latest cd? i would like to purchase it, but only if it's worthwhile...dejame saber, eh.

take care!

bomitoni said...

i like it. some of my faves partook in the collaborations, alaska, sasha sökol, etc. don't get the deluxe edition as all those collaborations were previously available.

Glennys said...

omg! lucky biatch! I am so jealous...I want it too...yes, I am back to blog land, at least commenting for now. I might just revive mine..I'll let you know if I do.