Saturday, December 22, 2007

Clark You Suck

I've been living and working in Chicago for just a little over 8 years now. Therefore I've been taking public transportation for that long as well. Well in all my 8+ years never have I had to wait so long for a train and/or bus. So yesterday I worked a half a day. I had to go pick up prescription refills for our dog. So I decided to take the Clark #22 bus from Jackson/Dearborn. By 1pm I started waiting for the bus. It's one of those multiple bus stops. So 10 minutes go by. An Archer bus comes. Then a Broadway bus, and another Archer bus. Before I know it 20 minutes go by. I see another bus, again not mine. This went on for awhile, you can imagine my impatience. Part of me wanted to run to the ATM and hop in a cab, but I'm trying to be thrifty w/ my money this pay period since I barely started xmas shopping. More time goes by, probably 35 minutes. No Clark bus. Finally I'd been waiting 45 minutes! 45??!! 7 Archer buses passed by in that time! 7??? Do that many people really need to come from the South Side?? WTF...finally the lovely #22 came. Of course the bus driver could give me no explanation as to why the bus took that long to come. I finally made to my destination some 25 minutes later (by this point the bus was jam packed because so many people had been waiting for so long). I thought the blue line was bad. After all was said and done I found out I could have taken the Broadway bus, which had I know would have saved me like a half an hour on my wait. Oh well.

Then the CTA wonders why no one has any faith in it. BTW it's super windy out right now and all the windows in our place are rattling like there's no tomorrow. When did it get so windy? More blog entries to follow.


Chicago_Sexbox said...

That happened to me once. I finally just said fuck it and walked from Division and LSD all the way to my old apartment in the West Loop. The weather was nice at least....

MatadorMexicano said...

THAT was teh thing holding me back from chicago... the winds! our winds are REALLY BAD! (thanks a lot, santa anas!) but there is a reason why its called "the windy city". thanks for reminding me, lol.

i still would move out there in a heart beat.