Tuesday, July 27, 2004


i've been a little behind in my blogging. oops. so what's been going on in my world? first things first. i have decided to start pilates again. have to lose the love weight i've gained! lol. still no new job. i am so sick of mine, i need something new fast...or else! concerts galore are coming up: august 13 alejandra guzmán; august 21 cyndi lauper (again i know...but we got 4th row tickets on ebay!); august 28 gloria estefan. more ebay sales. august is going to be a very busy month. aside from all these concerts, it is also going to be mine and rob's first year anniversary. sigh. the happiest year of my life...

song of the day: kissing the wind nia peeples (1991). i decided i'd add this new feature to my blog. today's song is by singer & actress nia peeples (of fame fame). not her biggest hit, but it's my fave of her's and i've had this song stuck in my head for weeks! "sometimes i feel it's a natural thing, sometimes i feel it's a mystical thing, sometimes i feel like...kissing the wind...".

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Bellyflutters said...

Hola Papichulo -
Te cuento que yo tambien voy a ver a la Guzman el 14 en NY **very excited**
I also got my (and Glenny's) The cure tix on the mail yesterday **very excited**
You need to hype me up to Ebay, so I finally start getting decent seats.
I just put my complete Roma album link on xanga -- you know, the decent pics ;)
Me largo - I"m off to Puerto Rico nene!