Monday, July 19, 2004

la virgen de nacaragua...immaculate conception

the following is part of our ode to claudiabla (aka claudia, aka la hielera). claudia is a dear friend who is always going out of her way for everyone. so we decided to throw her a surprise bday. the big surprise was her bday is in dec. (around xmas) so basically she gets screwed every year. so a fake 4th of july bash was planned. it was a blast. claudia was so surprised! so i have to share some moments w/ u all.

first in typical joe fashion, we kidnapped her and made her wear this hideous dress! the theme of the night was her quinceañera (she never had one, plus she's expecting...hence the immaculate conception). so here she is being escorted by her court :)

praying to la virgen de nacaragua (claudia is from nicaragua and sometimes we call her naca when check out how hard she's praying!

there was a "baile del CONDON" set to chayanne's tiempo de vals. we did our best to make sure it was a taqui-taqui naco quinceañera.

there were musical numbers. here is the first one, by yours truly. as many of you know, whenever you attend a quinceañera u always get entertained w/ tacky choreographed routines. so we decided to do our own take. an impromtu drag show! here i am entertaining the crowd to quiero ser santa by alaska y dinarama. had to stick w/ the religious theme.

i don't think you've been to a tacky quinceañera that didn't play timbiriche's hit song. here gigi (aka freestlye sister), juanjoderlola and i do our take on quinceañera

not to be outdone, and in honor of his bday just days before, ryan busted out the skates and did his award winning routine to olivia newton-john's disco hit xanadu inspired by the movie of the same name. so again it was a drunken filled evening, w/ lots of dancing, drinking, and what not. enjoy everyone!


Bellyflutters said...

omg! how tacky!! I love it!!
FYI - I never had a quinceañero ether ;)

bomitoni said...

when i turn 30 i want one!!!