Monday, July 19, 2004

madonna. live. loved it.

the last time i saw madonna live i was 10 years old and it was for the Who's That Girl tour. once upon a time i used to be a mega madonna fan. so last wed., july 14 we got to see madame m herself @ the united center. she sold out 4 nights, fyi. anyhoo let me just say it was a great show, we had good seats (thank u ebay). there were some lowpoints though, mainly her caberet take on deeper and deeper (i couldn't help but think, geez, didn't kylie do this back in '98 on her intimate and live tour?), the snoozy material that required her to sit down and play the guitar and the corny cover of Imagine. otherwise it was retro madonna all night long! express yourself, vogue, hanky panky, burning up, like a prayer, holiday, crazy for you and my fave of the night, papa don't preach!!! btw i did not take the pic above (i stole it from a madonna site...sorry!).

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