Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Ice Ice Baby

So the weekend was rather busy, but it was very enjoyable. Friday night some of the gals from work came over and we had a movie/pizza night. We watched Dirty Dancing (insert Nobody puts Baby in a corner!) and one of my all-time films, Shag! We drank tons of wine, played I NEVER and on so much more! Fun!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comSo Saturday evening we went to my friend José's party in our old hood, Shitport (aka Bridgeport). The picture to the left was taken the night we met María Rojo, and our gracious host was nice enough to give us both copies. Anyhoo...the party was sooo much fun. We both got SUPER WASTED and I had so much fun!!! I don't even know who I spoke w/ all evening but I met some really fun people, who enjoyed my drunken obnoxiousness. I hadn't been to a good house party in awhile. Not that it was a house party, that's so high school, it was a housewarming full of homos! The DJ was alright, but he had no freestyle! Hello u are at a house full of latino queens and no Cover Girls?!?! Afterwards we ended up at Huck Finn (what drunkard on the South Side hasn't been there?). I don't remember much, but I do remember seeing some guys from the party and yelling out He looks like Vanilla Ice! Cause this guy did, he had the side carvings in his head and everything. Thanks to Freddy & Mikey for driving us home. Needless to say I had a NASTY hangover the next day. But we ended up going to Maxwell Street where I ate 2 huaraches! 2! It so hit the spot. Sorry to all the people I drunk-dialed. What a night!

I am looking forward to this weekend as my friend Juanga from Milwaukee is having an 80s themed party. He demanded I perform so I am preparing something Truly Outrageous! I'll post pictures.

I know every queen in the land is gushing over the new Madonna album, but I still have to get the new acoustic release from the greatest diva the 80s gave us:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Even though it's not a new album, there are still some great rendition of some of her greatest songs. This woman continues to amaze me. What a voice! Here's hoping that we get a new Cyndi original studio album soon! Hopefully today I will pick it up, as well as the new Madge album. But I've already had it for weeks (gotta love the net) and to be quite honest I think its' OK, not bad, just not that great. Maybe if she were brunette for this release I would say it's the greatest since Like A Prayer?


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Chicago_Sexbox said...

Maybe Mad-doo-doo will dye her hair brown for the next video and partially redeem herself with you!