Friday, November 04, 2005

El gato y yo

Tonight is the Amanda Miguel concert @ the HOB. My boo boo is soooo excited. Can't wait. It should be a great show. Her husband is playing as well, honestly I only care for her. But oh well, I guess they are a packaged deal. It would rock if their daughter performed as well, Ana Victoria. She was supposed to release an English language album, but it never came out because her label went under, Arista. We actually have a copy of her never released album as promo advances did make the rounds. Thank god for the net! Her site is still up but doesn't work at all :(

Doesn't she look like her mother?? Hopefully her music will see the light of day, she has a really cool voice as well.

So I found another podcast you all have to check out. It's hilarious!!! It's called CPD which stands for Cock, Dick, Penis. He is a crackhead! Too funny! Check it out!!.

Everyone have a great weekend. Before I go, I leave you with my musical recommendation of the moment. She is from Peru and her name is María Matto. I bought her cd because I thought she was pretty, I know how shallow. Am I glad I did! Her voice is awesome! She reminds me a lot of Tracey Chapman vocally. She has a great style. Her album is called Detrás del amor and you can order it here. See something else came out of Peru other than Laura en América!!


Anonymous said...

Meow meow!

YoNoTePidoLaLuna said...

Ana Victoria is fierce! I hope her albums sees the light of day and she makes her own mark on the pop world. She deserves success.

If anyone wants her album, lemme know.