Thursday, July 06, 2006


A post 2 days in a row! I can't believe it. LOL. I forgot to mention that we finally got an AC. Thanks to RDDP of course. Chus LOVES it. It's so funny how much our dog is like us. He hates summer as well! Well there is one thing he likes about summer.

He loves to eat paletas! Further evidence...

But alas, all good things must come to an end.

The other day my good friend and hermana Robert stopped by (hadn't seen him in eons) and brought over his baby. They had so much fun together, Tattoo didn't want to leave :P

So tonight we are going to see Tiffany if it kills us! I already purchased the tickets for tonight's show. I'm super geeked! This will be my 2nd time seeing her, and technically my 2nd time seeing her w/ Rob. I just found out there will be a meet and greet as well afterwards. Now we can thank her in person for bringing us together. So I leave you all w/ another Tiffany clip...

This is the title track to her second album Hold An Old Friends Hand:

I have loads to do. Take care everyone!

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cindylu said...

I'm glad my dog doesn't seem to like paletas. I don't think I'd like to share.

I want to give Chus a hug.