Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Ponte el sombrero

I haven't updated in eons! Sorry. Between work and getting reading for Chava's visit, I had no time to write! For the past week Chava stayed w/ us and let me just say we loved having you! What a sweetie! I think I finally met someone who actually loves going to Target more than I do. Hopefully we didn't bore you to death. At least you got a musical cram session all week :) Always remember....¡PONTE EL SOMBRERO!

Last Sat. we went to Café Ibérico, got drunk, then Circuit (hadn't been there in ages). It was actually packed because there were so many homos in town for the gay games. Sunday we went to Roscoe's for what was to have been a Sista M throwdown but it was so f*ckin' nasty and humid outside that I got this nasty headache and barely drank. To make matters worse it was super packed and it wasn't helping my feeling better. We did tons of shopping all week, with the obligatory trip to la villita so Chava could find some hard to find cds, Target, we even did some shopping in Boystown Sat. afternoon. We also had fun at the listener party that PNS Explosion had at Spin last Friday.

To send Chava away my Milwaukee Siter dragged us out to the burbs to go see Kristine W. (who was in town to perform at the closing ceremonies of the Gay Games) at Hunters. Scary I know. Aside from all the scary trannies and suburban gays, I have to say I had a blast. I'm a casual Kristine W. fan myself, but after seeing her perform I've had a change of heart...gurfren tore it up!!!!

Here are a few pics from her performace that I took:

I even uploaded all my Kristine W. cds to my ipod today! As you can tell from Eddie's gushing recap, Ms. W. really worked it and even played the sax and guitar while belting out her club hits. A highlight was she performed one of my faves, Lovin' You! I thought I was going to shart.

Afterwards there was a meet and greet, and after waiting for what seemed like an eternity, we were able to meet Kristine and pose for pics.

We did manage to pose for some pics ourselves...


Forgot to mention we went to go see The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green.

Normally gay movies are either sad and someone dies of AIDS or they are about coming out. Basically bad and worse. But I have to say I really enjoyed this one. It was fun, and they poked fun at a lot of gay stereotypes. Plus hottie Diego Serrano was it. Grrrr.

So does anyone know when the hell this heat is going to end? I just can't stand summer heat anymore!!!!!!!! Because it's so hot out right now I can no longer write. Ta ta!


Chicago_Sexbox said...

How did you get such fierce pics of Miss W????? mine were so shitty! lol She kept turning away from the camera. Well, i am glad seeing Kristine live has made you rediscover her talents. Hopefully her new single will be out in time for one of our "Sista M Throwdowns". Lord knows that "Walk Away" is a Milwaukee Sister Drunken Anthem waiting to happen!

bomitoni said...

You forget I took photography for 2 years in college :) It's a hobby of mine :) Thanks for the compliments!! I'll send u the rest if u want.

I loved "Walk Away" as well...I forgot to ask her when and where it was coming out. Itunes???

MatadorMexicano said...

you came out REALLY cute in that picture of us! <3

thank you guys for EVERYTHING! it was amazing! and i cant wait to go back!

my mom knew the song ponte el sombrero... but not the mochos one. everyone and their mom covered that song