Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Fourth of July has come and gone. Thank god. The ghetto children of my neighborhood lit fireworks for a week straight it seems. I just don't get it. Fireworks, they do nothing for me, other than annoy me. The funniest part of the 4th of July (and no not the fact that I had to stay at work until 9pm on Monday....or the fact that I had to work Monday) was the infestation of Jehovah's Witnesses in our neighborhood. Flyers for some conference were shoved into my face repeatedly as I was walking Chus. I wanted to say Look lady I'm gay, when through a shitload of Catholic School and I practice Sodomy just to see the look on her face. But alas I didn't.

I couldn't be bothered.

But something I did see on the 4th that disturbed me was a dog got loose and ran out onto the boulevard and got hit by a car :( Luckily it slowed down and the dog was able to get up, but I felt my heart drop as I saw it happen. I don't know if it got loose or someone was just walking him/her w/out a leash, but I'm just glad the dog was ok.

We didn't do much this weekend, as funds were tight. We did however receieve direct from Australia both Season 1 and Season 2 of Degrassi High!!! Lord knows when these are going to get a North American release, so we could not pass these up. Shipping from Australia was über cheap. Twin Blogger are you ready for our marathon??

So the other day I was thinking about a movie that I used to love back in the day. Ever see it?

Book Of Love was a fun teen comedy from 1990 starring Chris Young and Tricia Leigh Fisher (who I know Rob is a fan of). It also features one of my favorite crushes of all-time.

Danny Nucci is such a hottie! Does anyone remember the TV show he was on w/ Jason Bateman, it was based on the movie My Life With Guido. He's so hot! Now I must get myself a DVD copy of Book Of Love and fast!

I just found out that my life partner Weenie, aka Marlene just gave birth to her twins! Oh no! Dookie we're aunties and uncles! Oooooooh! Congrats sweetie!

Tomorrow we are going to attempt to see Tiffany again. She's playing in Beverly, IL at the Beverly Arts Center of Chicago. Hopefully we'll make it as Rob is still getting over a cold.

I should get going. I have lots to do (both work and home). Salvador is coming to visit us a week from Saturday!!! Can't wait to meet him in person :) I am sure I'll have many drunken stories to tell from his visit.

Peace out y'all!


espelina said...

You better believe I'm ready for the marathon. I'll bring the sangria!

MatadorMexicano said...

yay, im excited!!

and i totaly saw that show! i came for some hot batemen, but i stayed for this danny guy. mmmmmmmm danny!

Chicago_Sexbox said...

Holy shit! Marlene looks huge! lol

bomitoni said...

Did I forget to mention she had TWINS!!!!

Cracked Chancla said...

your first paragraph made me smile. fireworks do nothing for me either. i just don't get them either. also, the j.w.'s have been ringing the doorbell every day since monday. we don't open the door but they keep on returning. i was somewhat tempted to invite them in and act like a neurotic and very lonely housewife that wanted them to try all my bad cooking--while diverting their attempts to convert me--but alas i don't have that kind of time.