Sunday, November 12, 2006


Friday I went w/ my Milwaukee Sister to watch her man perform w/ his dance troupe, Luna Negra. It was a great show and as usual the Sistas M had a blast. You think we were two 12 year old girls the way we can't stop giggling. As always it was a joy to hang out w/ you my sistah!

So Saturday I finally got around to painting the living room! I found these funky pillows the last time my mom was in town and knew I had to decorate around them. This was the result:

If I must say so, it looks hot! Maybe it's time for a change in careers. It's my inner interior designer...or I'm just that gay. Yeah, like I even have to think about that one! LOL.

We had a nice dinner last night @ Puebla and got tipsy on margaritas. We ended up at Circuit afterwards. It was nice. I'm still working on a locale for my infamous upcoming bday bash. Wish me luck.



T-baggins said...

hello, loving the new home makeover!

espelina said...

Twinny, that is HOTT. Good to know our next dvd watching will be in style! lol

Chicago_Sexbox said...

oh how weird, Jorge painted his room the same color!

Thanks for coming with me Sista M. I am glad you enjoyed the show (and Marky Mark lol). We will have to plan a day soon where i can introduce Jorge more officially. Those 2 seconds in the lobby I am sure hardly left an impression.

Cracked Chancla said...

i LOVE the throw pillows.