Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sore loser

The other day I noticed I had what looked like a cold sore on my lip. I hadn't got one in 2 years! It sucks, it's like the size of a dime! Ok not really but it sure as hell feels like it. I'm not vain or anything, it's just more uncomfortable than anything.

Enough w/ that. I have to thank my baby for nurturing my bad taste and purchasing me the following:

And to think he only paid $2.99 for it!!!! What a crappy mid 90s syndicated TV show! I love it!!! It's so awful and girly, 2 things I just love :) Some of you may recall this was based on the popular series of books of the same name, Sweet Valley High. I never actually read the books. I think it was because I was a little embarrassed, yeah that's shocking but even I had to draw the line somewhere! Though I did read a gazillion Nancy Drew books.

So guess what's going on in 13 days???? The Exposé reunion show!!! I'm so looking forward to this. I am so ready to queen out and scream at the top of my lungs!!! Exposé is my favorite girl group of all time! While I love the many knock-offs (The Cover Girls, Sweet Sensation, Seduction, Pajama Party, etc.), they can't hold a candle to these gals. Did I mention it's a midweek show and I even took days off of work to go???!! But the best part is that we get to go to Bryant's afterwards! If there is one thing from Milwaukee that I could bring to Chicago it would be Bryan'ts, my favorite bar ever!!! I'm also looking forward to seeing my cousins, and not to mention the fact that I'm also going to be meeting my childhood best friend up at the show, whom I haven't seen in probably 10+ years.

I'm headed off tonight to look at a few places to see about having my bday bash at. Wish me luck. January is approaching sooner than we think!!!!!


Chicago_Sexbox said...

Well, perhaps I didn't do drag at age 10, but I sure as hell read all of those Sweet Valley High books! I loved them! I was a little disappointed with the series though. The sotries and characters really strayed from the books :(

YoNoTePidoLaLuna said...

My god that picture of Jeanette Jurado is disgusting!!! She looks like a Planet Of The Apes circus freak!

bomitoni said...

Yeah she hasn't aged the best of the 3, that's for sure. Sista M did you read Babysitter's Club Books too? LOL!

espelina said...

I don't think any of them have aged that great, to be honest.
Babysitter's Club! Loved those! I could never get into SVH...

Vertigos said...

I loved SVH books!! I started when it was Sweet Valley Twins and then they went to HS...gol:)

Exposé! Dude, I'm jealous!! Have fun!! Bryant's was the bar u took me in Milwaukee, right? I liked that place.