Friday, November 10, 2006


Thanks again to everyone who was concerned for our baby Chus. He had his stitches out last Saturday and seems to be doing fine. Like I said earlier we are just awaiting some final lab results to see what cause the stone, etc. Otherwise he's being super hyper and active as usual. I've even noticed he's being more playful w/ other dogs. Something that he sometimes tends to shy away from. I am so glad my baby is back to normal :) Poor thing's had one too many operations already. Santa needs to bring him something extra special this year :) Even if he's a spoiled brat!!! Any ideas?? Last year he got his very own cabbage patch kid doll (we named her ginger as she's a redhead)...but the poor thing looks like chaka khan now! Miss thing got a fro'!!!!!

So I tittled this post TQM, in honor of my new favorite song. It's called Te quiero mucho and is by a new singer from Columbia named Naty Botero. Rob was like She sounds like a trashy version of Bebé! Hey I love trashy!!! Anyhoo check out her official myspace page. Chava was unable to find it at mixup, maybe next time? I think you'd like her, she's fabulous! While I'm at it thank you so much Chava for getting me my CDs while you were in Mexico. Though they have yet to arrive, I thought I'd publically thank you! I love you hard!!!!! Sorry to veer, enough with my ranting and is the video which is trash-tastic!!!!!

Tonight I am going w/ my Sista M to see his man dance. It's about fucking time I get to meet him. He has to meet the Sista M requirements.

My friend from work took this pic from the Belanovaconcert @ the Green Dolphin. I enjoyed the show, but I agree w/ Eddie on a lot of his complaints, I have to say I did enjoy their performance. My biggest complaint though was the crowd. I don't think half of those people even heard a Belanova song before. What a shame. Pun intended.


MatadorMexicano said...

oh i likey i likey!!!!! ill look extra hard next weekend so i can get that for you!

seriously, i went in and they were all naty who? im suprised how little these poeple know.. they didnt even know who belanova was!!!!

and besides this and ninel conde... anything else you guys might want? im going next weekend to see a drag show.

and im mad it stiull hasnt gotten there! so much for overnight express!!!!

bomitoni said...

you know what they left one of those slips to go pick it up, so i walked over to the post office this was closed for FUCKING VETERAN'S DAY!!!!!! so i now i have to go mon. morning ;(

oh well. oh yes, i knew u would like naty botero. she's fabulous!!! yes please look hard for me and ninel conde's new single :)


YoNoTePidoLaLuna said...

The country is spelled COLOMBIA, not "Columbia".