Thursday, June 21, 2007


Tomorrow is our move! Woo hoo! I can't wait to get out of current place. I know we struggled for a bit when deciding to leave or not, but I honestly believe w/ all my heart we have made the right decision. Yay! We sign our lease tonight and get our keys. The next two days will be hellish but we'll get through it :) I'll post some pics once we're all settled in.

To tide you over 'til my next post here's a video for you all to enjoy :)


musicbeing said...

Qué joterias son estas!!!??? Faggota! :) I look forward to 2008 when we move again..


Coco said...

YAY for almost being moved in : )
Moving is HORRENDOUS!!
ALL the packing, and unpacking...
If my hubby and I ever move he's got to trash alot of his stuff. He's the "packrat" in our home.

I like your choice in music...
thank you for sharing : )

Que estes bien.

yes, of course i would love to see pics of your new place!!